I'd like to keep this short and sweet, but that won't happen because I'm a little bitter lol

So here's some background I love head, but most guys are selfish so they don't give good head. I get super wet, most guys can't stand the gallons of juice I make. I gets too messy and there really is no cleaning me up, because the more you lick me, the wetter I get lol As much as dudes claim they wanna drown in my juices, they're all talk smh & If it isn't my juices stopping them from diving in face first, its my clit or elongated labia....My pussy isn't for everyone, I know, but damn wtf do I have to do to get some good head ??

After experiencing what seemed like forever, of frustration, I finally hit the "ORAL JACKPOT" :D
I met a chef named Matt who not only loved, fat, juicy, hairy, pussies, but he had a fetish for big clits. The icing on the cake was, he was submissive, so I could do whatever I wanted to him....can you say amazing?? Not only was really attractive, with a long dick, but he was all mine to do what I wanted to with. He loved cooking and eating, especially pussy. Once he told me it was his favorite meal, my mind began running wild with nasty thoughts of f***eful face rides I would give him. I couldn't wait. He came over and all I could think about was the huge gap in his teeth. As he talked to me about a bunch of crap idgaf about, I kept wondering if my clit would fit perfectly in there lol. I never did get to find that out. What I did find out though, was just how big and hard my clit could actually get.

Now heres the gist of story...Matt didn't mind how big my clit was, or my stretched labia or how crazy wet I got. He craved it and wanted me to feed him my fat pussy for hours. This was a first for me so of course I was happy to oblige :) (but that's another story)

Matt's head game was INCREDIBLE. So good that I would've given him a k**ney if he needed it lmaoooo...Never had I ever experienced anything like that. I used his mouth, tongue, and face at my will and it was sensational. He slurped and sucked every drop of pussy juice out of me. When I couldn't take it anymore, I took a look at his face which was glazed in my wetness and then I looked at my clit and it was huge. He sucked it like it was a lil dick. It was rock hard and standing up and poking out. I never saw it like that before, but it all made sense. The biggest it's ever been!! I was amazed and so overCUM with pleasure that I had to reward him after that marvelous suck session. I figured since he created all the wetness, the least I could do was let him feel it on his dick. So yea, I let him "fuck me." Regretfully I gave him the pussy, smh. He got a few dozen strokes in and nutted so loud and so hard. He moaned like a lil bitch in my pussy lol...he sounded hot, but I was disappointed. My lesson was well learned, tongue slaves are only good at using their tongues, so don't ever give em the pussy.

Tbh I can't even say Matt was the worst sex I ever had because I've actually had worse, which is truly sad lol

I can say that Matt was by far, the best clit sucker I've ever CUM across. It was a pleasure to be in his mouth and after the inexplicable sensations he gave to my clit and pussy in general, I would repay him with a k**ney if he needed it, just not pussy lol

100% (9/0)
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2 months ago
I agree w/ manson down there, you gotta stick in it for a bit then go to town with the tongue.
4 months ago
I beg to differ tho sweety....
4 months ago
It is impossible for a woman to have too big a clit in my opinion. The bigger one is, the more...and longer I'd want to suck on it. Having the deeply sub side that I do, having it crammed in my mouth and face would suit me perfectly. Maybe if I sucked your pussy long and well enough, you could reward me with a super rough handjob and a teasing torturous ruined orgasm. ;-)
5 months ago
Don't be so damn rough on the man! Shit, yourself all worked up and not cumming then you finally get a touch of a long tongue against you're clit ... you'd explode. The poor boy did the same thing. He worked up such a big nut he'd probably have exploded if you just touched his cock's head with your fingernail! Suck him and let him get that first nut off in your mouth (preferably swallowing that load down) then I'll be he'll pound your pussy for a long time. All this time you've been wanting someone to be all about your pussy and you forgot they need some proper attention too.
6 months ago
Good story. I wish it was me. Can't blame him for cumming fast if you are that wet but that's why it's best to eat the girl out between fucking. To give you a reason to hold back
6 months ago
love the story...great love to taste that pussy and suck your huge clit
6 months ago
great story. I'd love to suck on your huge clit and more, Hun.we can chat anytime, just inbox me, love to hear from you
7 months ago
maybe your pussy was just to wet to hold it in !!!
7 months ago
Great story.
7 months ago
lol woww. I disagree with your conclusion but good story.
7 months ago
smh..i can honestly say my tongue action would drive yoo ass crazy..guarantee!!!!
8 months ago
Damn shame.Hate you don't reside in chi-town.All that GOOD PUSSY in NY!!!