The Secret Women Gym

My name is Lobelia. I am twenty-five years old, I'm brunette, with big and soft breasts, and an ass that makes every male drool. Unfortunately for them, I prefer having affairs with girls: they are cuter, softer, just... sexier, if you get what I mean.

Today I took a day off from work: I do it every month, it's the day I fully dedicate to myself, to my beauty and to my pleasure. I enter a place that I know really well. It's like a private and very exclusive gym, but I (and the other women who go there) know better. Actually it's a gym focused on sexual pleasure. Let me explain.

There are various rooms, where every usual and boring gym item has been modified for achieving sexual arousal. The first room is the electro-stimulation room, where you can lie on a small bed and have electrodes placed on your sensitive spots while receiving a sexual awakening massage if you like. If you ask for it, in the same room you can also achieve a pussy or breast pumping with a vacuum, and this is exactly what I'm going to do today.

I lie on the bed (completely naked-- everybody performs her "exercises" while naked, since clothes are troublesome and just plain unnecessary). The girl who takes care of me is called Louise, and she's a very sexy blonde. Her little round tits hang deliciously over my head while she places the vacuum suckers on my nipples (I'd like them to grow bigger and firmer, so my lovers will be able to suckle on them as if they were candy), and on my pussy. The suction starts immediately after Louise starts the machine, and I moan while my pussy becomes red and engorged. I love the sensation, it feels so sexy. And I know that it's going to make everything even better lately, since it increases sensitiveness and makes my pussy a little tighter-- as if I was still a virgin (ha ha ha). My nipples also become very extended. I bite my lip when the machine is stopped, since there's a time limit for the suction device, and Louise helps me through the aftershock of my pleasure to reach the second room, the Bikes room.

Here there are many cyclettes and spinning bikes, but the particular thing about them is that there's a dildo or a powerful vibrator attached to the saddle, and it works as a Sybian machine while you ride it and work out. I choose a big, fat dildo shaped like a small ball. I straddle the saddle, and the dildo slowly enters my pulsing and engorged pussy. Oh, I am so wet, I am dripping with my juices as I begin to ride the bike, moving on the toy. Suddenly, I began to moan, as are the other women on the bikes next to mine. It feels so wonderful! I reach a blinding, overwhelming orgasm while trying not to fall, because of the strength of the pleasure.

Then, another assistant leads me to the third room, the pool. Here, you can imagine... it's a luxury pool allowed only to women, and there are plenty of females making out, screwing slowly underwater, or wildly pussy licking. I soak in the warm water and blindly grab the girl next to me, she's a hot brunette with big and luscious breasts and a chubby ass that feels so soft under my hands. I finger her gently, and she lifts me from the water, adjusting me against the edge of the pool, starting to lick my pussy. She even licks vigorously my asscrack, penetrating it with her tongue. I swear she can taste the orgasm from my own flesh.
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2 years ago
lovely place to go .Next time invite me too
3 years ago
nice story. I want one of those bikes
4 years ago
I wish this place existed!! haha
4 years ago
so sexy
4 years ago
nice fantasy, sexy!
4 years ago
Will you tell me where this place is? ;-)

We bought a pump to use on Slave, my husband, but I discovered that putting it on my clit was incredibly hot.
4 years ago
4 years ago
sweet and exciting...