A knight in his arms

He was returning from some adventure after a long, long time. Our village is surrounded by a forest but it's pretty harmless and he knew every part of it. He was keen to reach my home quickly to his wife as we were fighting for the king and was away for so long, he forgot the comfort of the village household.
She had decided to slip away for a cool dip in the bubbling creek that ran through the woods.
And yes that's when he saw her, he didn't recognize her first.
She were looking like a goddess, like nature itself coming out of water with almost nothing water dripping from her body
She was shivering a little in the breeze, lifting her face to the sun as in worship. She closed her eyes feeling the warmth on my face.
As a knight how can he let her shiver like that and she was his first love and he could still remember those days of fun they had had. May be it was destiny which brought them here.
Her face, her breasts showing through her white shift, so fresh, sunlight making them surreal, and those eyes, deep pools of blue where he had lost his way many times before.
Looking at him with her big blue eyes, she smiled just a bit because she knew he had been watching her. That was why she took so long coming out of the water.
He took her by the hands and kissed her face.
“Mmm oh how I have missed your touch”, she said in a breathy whisper.
The same has crossed his mind too; he had seen her many times in his dreams or were they memories? He kissed her deeply as if he were a thirsty traveler, and wanted to drink all the juices from those juicy lips. A kiss that would steal her breath and make her heart race, their tongues started playing with each other.
She felt him so strong yet gentle and their hands began to reclaim the flesh that they had both long ago let go of.
He brought her closer to him and didn't want to let her go anywhere as they continued kissing
She melted into him, but suddenly it came to his mind what he was doing and this is wrong because she was not his wife.
He wanted to leave but at the same moment he wanted to relive those happy moments they had spent as lovers. He parted little bit as if he was going to leave.
“Please don't go!” she cried.
These words had broken the last barrier that he had. He came back and took her in his arms and embraced her harder like he would never let her go.
“Yes my love yes”
He started kissing her neck with so much lust that it was almost painful but she didn’t care. She wanted to be his.
“Oh god it’s so f***eful yet I want it so badly” then his hands explored upper part of her body, without almost any cloth, He had no trouble conquering what she freely gave him.
He started pressing her firm creamy breasts slowly while kissing her.
He was excited and her moaning told him to take the lead now, as a young couple they used to play a lot. He used to blindfold her and had fun (their first time was like this too - that's in a different day). He whispered in her ear, “Do you want to relive those initial days?” He knew the answer already
Her adventurous nature had not changed.
“Oh yes”
So he took a piece of cloth and blindfolded her and whispered to her that now she just enjoy the whole experience.
“Always with you love” She trusted him fully.
After blind folding her, he planted few kisses to her earlobe, and neck before going down and take one of her beautiful breasts in his mouth. He was making circles around those already hard nipples,
Every so often nibbling it.
Aaaahhhhh feels like heaven. At the same time he was pressing them hard as if he wanted to milk her and he could tell how much she like it. Yes she really did love his hands on her body. He had ignited the fire inside of her that she had thought was long gone. He was kissing almost each inch before reaching the prized piece of land on earth for which all the men are fighting always. He then knelt before her and took her clit fully in his mouth, exploring that lovely valley where men want to live. Therefore he took his time becoming reacquainted with his very own piece of heaven.
Her mind has gone blank nothing but the feeling of pending explosion. The scent of her is driving him crazy. He felt like a virgin again having their first experience. He was that excited.
“We'll have our time too baby he whispers against her right now it's your turn to ecstasy.”
She wanted him so badly it hurt. So he planted a wet kiss to her clit.
No other man has ever touched me the way you do, and she moaned heavily. As if she was waiting for it from the beginning. He could feel the wetness coming from her and smell the heavy scent of her woman’s musk. So he didn't disturb that delicious wetness, he licked from the top of her clit to the opening of her secret loving cave. He could feel that she was enjoying it.
“Yes baby yes!!”
He turned his attention to her prized and excited part of her vagina.
He licked her clit, sometimes very slowly and with a lot of saliva, then applying a lot of pressure, and sometimes nibbling it.
“Oooooooooooo”, she was mewling low
While doing this he took out one hand to take the responsibility of her vagina, while the other took care of her breasts. He made her lick his fingers and push one finger into her vagina while he continued to lick her clit.
“Ohhhh, goodddd” he says surprised. “Your vagina is sooo tight that one finger is having hard time, but the wetness is helping to get it inside.”
“Yes touch that place that has belong only to you”
After the first one he tried with another finger so now two of his fingers are coming in and out while he licked her like crazy. He finger fucked her very slowly, but knew that she wouldn’t be able to resist long. The attention her clit is getting was so intense, so I increased the pressure and pace a little every time she moaned.
She moaned “Oh love please!” She couldn’t take it anymore, so after a few minutes more. She screamed.
“I need you NOW!” She started cumming heavily on his fingers, and his face. He drank all of her juices. He licked it was a river, and I was a thirsty traveler drinking water from it he didn't stop licking.
“Mmm drink all you want” He pushed both of his fingers into her mouth to make her taste her own juices, while he drank the rest. With that he stood up wiped his mouth and walked away, leaving her barely standing there with cum still fresh between her legs. He mounted his horse and rode away. Leaving her alone again, this was how their story always began and ended………

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3 years ago
3 years ago
Hot encounter and good story . :) Hope she was satisfied by the knight , at least to some extent . ;)
3 years ago
Very good sweetie,,just a hot encounter,,luv it