Coming into your office, excuse me sir I think I am lost. You smile a dirty little smile, "No this is exactly where you need to be". I am not sure about this I was looking for the coffee. You see I am the temp and don’t know my way around. Walking behind me you lock the door. Panic takes hold of me, what should I do? So you are a temp that’s nice what is your specialty? I can type really fast and answer phones. That isn’t what I am talking about; you reach out and touch my breast over my silk shirt. What are you doing? Testing the help let’s see what your qualifications really are. You unzip your pants. Your cock is so big my lips go dry. Licking them you think that is and invitation so you push me down to the floor and grab my hair. No please this isn’t my job, then you shove your cock into my pretty little mouth and I suck it oh god how I suck it. You use my hair to move my head back and forth making me fuck you with my mouth until.......there is a knock on the door. It’s your boss at the door; you hurry and put away your cock. I stand up reeling not sure how that just happened. He says Jackson what are you doing with the new girl? You say dictation LOL. He opens the door the rest of the way and sees me my hair is a mess. You think you are in trouble, but he smiles and says carry on and closes the door. I am frantic now I try to get past you to the door. You say not so fast we still have some things to work on. You push me down on the desk I am struggling to get away but you slide your hand up my skirt and feel that I am all wet, so you laugh because you know I am enjoying it. I struggle to push you off of me. You say just calm down you will like it. You slide my lace panties off my ass and down my legs I am so embarrassed that I got so wet from sucking you, pushing my skirt up you find the core of my wetness and start rubbing it oh god this is not the job I was hired to do but it feels so good. You pull your cock out again it is hard and pulsating; I think you are going to ram it into me so I open wide you snicker "Thought you wanted out?" instead of ramming it into me you rub my clit with the head until your precum slides all over me I gasp for air it is so thick in here I can’t breathe. You slide your cock from my clit to my ass and say "hmmm I wonder which hole I should take first “I arch my pussy up to you and you shake your head you dip the head in just to get it wet then you ram it into my ass raising both legs for maximum penetration I can feel your balls on my ass, I am paralyzed by pain and pleasure. No one has ever had my ass before. I don’t know what to do so I start rocking back and forth a tear slides down my face. "How long is your contract for?" Just two weeks. You turn your attention to my pussy using your fingers as you fuck my ass. “So wet” You slide one finger inside of me, then two, then three. Oh GOD I’mcummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. You pull out of my ass and slide it into my pussy you drop one of my legs so you can get all the way in using the other one as a balance you pound me so hard it feels like you are going to snap me in half God give it to me please harder faster oh please don’t stop
You laugh out loud because you knew from the way I looked at you when I came in that I was a dirty slut fucking me hard, slamming you balls into me you then look down at me and say "Everyday for the next two weeks you will get lost looking for coffee"
I can’t talk all I can do is nod as you fuck me into submission

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3 years ago
Good story . Looking forward to read more such dicktation . :)
3 years ago
luv tha story n i wanna b ur boss
3 years ago
Not ot bad.. Welcome to the office dear..Now get down for more dick tation