Daddy Daughter FANTASY

Sitting at the breakfast table, staring out the window wondering where the hell the taxi cab was to pick up Mom for the airport. Finally today is the day she leaves for the week. So tired of waiting craving more than humping pillows and using the handle of the ice-cream scooper to penetrate myself. Mind wanders thinking about the bulge in Daddy's pants, so much bigger than my teacher’s, I dream about how Daddy’s dick will feel like inside me, my little mound warms n swells. I wonder how long it will take Daddy to actually take me and fuck me like the guys do on the movies he watches late at night. So many nights hiding in the hall playing with myself and listening as he watches his movies and pleases himself, to afraid to go in and tell him I want him and show him what a good little girl I can be for him. Sneaking in after he goes to bed to see if I can find any of his white cream he missed in hopes of feeling and tasting it. Will my plan work or will Daddy not notice me trying so hard to seduce him. “Megan…..Megan….” mom says ripping me away from my thoughts. “Yeah mom?” I reply rather sharply. “My cab is here,” she says. My little panties instantly wet, finally! “Oh ok mom, I’m gonna miss you so much.” I say with a sad look on my face, but inside Im so happy and smiling. Mom says something now, blah, blah, but I don’t hear it because my mind is back to thinking about getting Daddy's attention, as we walk towards the door, I wonder if he will notice how wet I am for him. Daddy comes to say good bye to mom, in his bathrobe just out of the shower, I stare at the slit of the robe hoping for a peak…the talking stops I look up at both of them, Mom says “You ok Megan?” “Yes mom, I’m just gonna miss you, what will I do without you here?” I say and thinking go mom go already. I give her a hug and then step back and watch as dad does to, again staring intently at his robe in hopes for a peak, as he steps back he catches me staring there again. He doesn’t say anything, and mom is oblivious.

Mom leaves and Daddy heads to his bedroom to get dressed, I run up the stairs to my room and then straight to my closet. My little pussy tingling and moist I pull out the dress I made for this occasion out of the back of my closet. So glad mom didn’t find it, a cute little sundress, with low cut top like the older ladies wear, that I cut very very short. So short I barely have to lean forward and you can see my panties. Gawd I hope Daddy notices me. I put the dress on and turn around and bend over looking back at myself make sure the view is perfect, and I see that the wetness on my panties is visible. Oh yes, I think, dad surely has to notice me now. I spray a bit of the perfume I took from mom. Then head to Daddy's room, I barge right in hoping to find dad naked. As I swing the door open I run right into him, “Whoa k**do” he says, dang he has his boxers on already. "Sorry Daddy" I say. As I hoped, he has his Ipod playing music so I start dancing as he gets dressed. Trying to copy the motions I see the sexy girls do on TV. He continues to get dressed as I try my hardest to get him to notice my wet panties, to see my desire for him. He glances at me often, but keeps getting dressed until he is fully clothed. Let’s head down stairs now he says as he shuts off his ipod. Dang it, that didn’t work now what. We get down stairs and Daddy sits at his computer, ah I got it. I walk past him swinging my little bottom back and forth into the living room. He has a straight view to me as I bend over the arm of a chair and pretend to be watching whatever is on TV. Willing him to look at me as I bend over, my little pussy dripping, oh please see me Daddy. I lean there for a long time swinging my butt covered by my little wet panties. I glance back several times, and Daddy is looking at me every time and looks back to his work when he sees me. Why isn’t he saying anything, or coming over to me. What else can I do? Then Daddy gets a phone call and a light bulb goes off in my head, ooh perfect I can use my phone. As Daddy talks on the phone I walk my little sexy walk right by him back to my room. I grab my cell phone I start taking pictures of myself. I bend over in front of mirror and take a pic of my wet panties and butt. Then turn around and lift up my dress a tiny bit to expose the front of my panties very wet there as well. I text those pics to Daddy and I wait, 10 mins go by and nothing, I sneak out and listen, no he is not on the phone anymore. Why isn't he responding to me. I go back to my room and pull my dress off over my head and stand in front of mirror in only my panties and pose as sexy as I can like the older girls on facebook and snap a pictures and send it to him. I wait, still no response, ok I need to go further. I take off my panties stand in the mirror naked and take a pic of my front and turn to get one of my back side, then I sit on the floor and open my legs, so wet and warms, my pink little pussy glistening in the mirror, I get as close as I can and take a pic and send them all. I wait but he doesn’t come, he doesn't text back. I run to my desk and pull the ice cream scoop out of the back of the bottom drawer. I lay on my bed and I shove the handle into my tight pink wet pussy, oh my clit swells and I gush a little on my bed. I take several pics and send them to Daddy. If this doesn’t work I don’t know what will. So I lay there in bed waiting, hoping, dreaming that Daddy will come in and pump my little pussy like in the movies he watches. I lay there so long I fall asl**p…..

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26 days ago
Now, Daddy Knocks on the Door & Say's , " Sorry I never responded, my batteries died and I had to charge my phone." I just saw the pictures you sent me...........

I loved to be your Daddy and give your fantasy cum true.....
( I know I'm not a Daddy age, but I sure can be the Horny Uncle ‼
2 months ago
great to read one when rocky lost
3 months ago
nice story
3 months ago
Awww. I promise, Daddy will pay special attention to you from now on sweetie.
3 months ago
...waiting with a hard cock in my boxers now... GREAT story. Really looking forward to an update, when you get a chance.
4 months ago
Daddy must be mad not to want to fuck his hot little daughter, I know I would
5 months ago
Im sure Daddy is in his room stroking his fat cock off to your pics ;)
7 months ago
9 months ago
9 months ago
very nice
10 months ago
Still waiting cant wait to hear the next part x x
10 months ago
mmm soo fucking good babyy
10 months ago
This is a little dirty girl. ;-)
10 months ago
More please
10 months ago
love it!
11 months ago
Nice hun truly a lovely start, I cant wait to see what happens, definitely quite arousing indeed :)
11 months ago
great story :D keep it up...
12 months ago
very hot megs cant wait to read the rest
12 months ago
cant wait to read what happens next!
12 months ago
Yes there will be more :)
12 months ago
we hope there is more that was a hot start