My story.

Theres a lot off rubbish stories out there about things like this, normally called 'my favourite teacher or something, but there normally bull so im gonna try to keep this short.

i was '18' years old and in my 3rd year of secondary school and i was on a school camping trip to wales. there was a teacher there, i cant say his name for obvious reaseons, but he was about 6'5 tall and had a big beer belly. we all went swimming that day, where i found he was very hairy aswell.

when we were swimming i though he kept coming and swimming near me and watching me but just thought i was imagining it. until afterwards of course. we were making our way to the changing rooms as it was starting to get dark when he called me over. two of my friends came with me but he told them to carry on. he started making small talk which i thought was a little weird, asking me if i was enjoying the trip and stuff. and when everyone had left the changing room he told me to go and get changed. i felt weird when he followed me in because the teachers had their own room to get changed in. i hesitated to take my trunks off because he was staring at me but he told me to hurry up and that he was only there to e****t me back to the camp because it was dark. i took my trunks off and my unimpressive teenage dick flopped about. when i turned around to look in my bag he came and stood behind me but i didnt notice until he touched my back. i knew what was happening.

i tried to scream but he had already covered my mouth. he pulled his trunks down and started to rub his cock on my back and ass. he then said that if i screamed that he'd kick the shit out of me. he spread my ass cheeks with his hands and f***ed his cock inside. he started to build up a rythm. slowly speeding up. it seemed like for ever and it really hurt when suddenly he started groaning and his cumm started to fill my ass. he quickly took his cock out of my ass and left. he ignored me for the rest of the trip and i was too scared to tell anybody, but we did have another go one day in school. but thats a story for a different day.
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3 years ago
not bad, nice start