Sasha's Neighbor Throws a Party II

Sexual activity of all types were being enjoyed. A full figured middle age lady was getting drilled hard. I stopped to watch as she was on her back with one guy in her mouth, another guy of huge proportion stretching her pussy to it's limits. Her moan with each thrust was magnified, as the guy in her pussy, was getting it in the ass, and the guy in his ass, had another man screwing his ass. So I wondered if she was getting credit for taking on four guys. While I was thinking that over, a firm hand gripped my cock and started stoking it. A tongue worked it's way into my anus, then another began licking my scrotum. The hand disappeared, only to be replaced by a mouth. The three of them worked my lower region into a frenzy. After an open mouth tongue wrestling kiss from a large breasted woman, she offered her tits to my greedy mouth. Something hard and round was slid into my butt, then a buzz, and vibration, sent my load into the mouth pleasuring me. The lady left, and the three servicing me followed suit. As i recovered my senses, The four guys and the lady all came within seconds of one another. I stepped into another room where A red headed woman was on all fours, A guy, and a lady were lavishing her breast with attention, they lie across the chest of a man fucking the redheads pussy. A chick with a dick was reaming the redheads butt with long, powerful strokes. The ass fucker came in a large convulsive spasm. Pulled out and was replaced by a lady with a strap-on. My eyes tried to sort out the cluster of people in the next group. Milan was sucking the transvestite's cock, while another cock purged her cunt as a well built lady licked her pussy. I recognized the other lady as Sasha, and found a way to place my face into her creamy snatch. I love the taste of my sexy neighbor, and was soon rewarded with a rush of fresh Sasha sauce which I lapped up eagerly. I then buried my rejuvenated cock into this hot nymphomaniac of a neighbor, she bucked her hips to meet my every thrust. I heard her voice, Yuhesss, FUCK ME. damn I need it, Fuck me good, OHHhh what a party. I'm CUMMING again. I felt my nut sack being lifted, then an object being placed in Sasha's ass, Again the Buzz and vibration, and her pussy, flooded my thighs with lady CUM just as I added my fuck juice to hers. I pulled out after a moment of enjoying the sexual rush. And a gorgeous, woman took my cock in her mouth, as she said, must thank the host properly. I laid back and let her do her thing as I watched an muscular young black guy fill the hole I just vacated. His long, large cock, pushed cum out the sides of Sasha's love box with each thrust, soon he had whipped the residue into a frothy foam, and just as she started to tremble in climax, he pushed in deep and his butt flexed as he emptied himself deep inside her. The guy who had been fucking Milan was pulled away, and the big black guy pushed his still had rod into her. He leaned back pulling her onto him. He looked at Sasha, pointed at Milan's quim and said continue licking this bitch. His massive hands squeezed Milan's tits f***efully as she moaned with pleasure and pain. Another well built black guy approached Sasha's elevated butt, and buried his shaft, balls deep in one thrust, making her choke as her mouth was crammed into the combination of cock and pussy in front of her. He slapped her ass repeatedly as he drove his dick into her hard and fast. Both her butt cheeks turned crimson from the slaps. I think this fucking white whore is ready for for my dick in her ass. That's what you want isn't it bitch? YES, Give it to me. He pulled back, rested his huge cockhead at her brown star, and POP he pushed his head into her, a combined groan and growl came from her as he f***ed more into her. He repeatedly drove into her as hard and fast as he had her pussy. He stiffened and emptied his seed into her. Asked what this Property of the Swedish Hell's Angels Tattoo was supposed to mean. "Nothing, he said, Cause now you belong to the legion of Black owned white women." And should have a big Q with a black spade tattoo just above the crack of your ass. He laughed as he wiped his dick across her face and walked away.
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