Neighbor with benefits

Twice she had come to my place unexpectedly and we had ravaged each other. I saw her husband leave for work hours ago. I knew that if the day was sunny and warm, she loved to sunbathe in the nude. If i just could wait, there she comes. Sits her drink on the table, unties her robe, YES ! look at that body, I've seen it, I've had it, I've enjoyed it, But every time I see it, it is exciting all over again. Huge shapely tits, tight firm abs, to die for pussy, long toned legs, just looking I get hard.
Now she's rubbing lotion over every inch. She spends extra time working it into her breast and cleavage. Fuck this watching. I already had a ladder propped against the 8 foot fence that separates our yards. I climbed the ladder, held on to the top of the fence and lowered myself down the other side, and dropped to the ground in a place she couldn't see. I crept to her patio and watched up close. She goes through this routine often, I believe she hopes I'm watching. her legs are spread wide, one hand plays with her clit, the other sends 2 fingers into her hot wet pussy. Today she'll get a surprise. Her eyes are closed and she's working herself over good. I get on my knees between her legs and my tongue joins her fingers. The first touch of my tongue brings her to a sitting position. You naughty neighbor, couldn't wait for me to finish and come to your place. Ummm, don't stop, EAT ME, lick that pussy, make me cum. I was doing just that when I heard a female voice say What the hell is this? Your husband is one thing, but if you're going to have other lovers, I'm not sure I'm good with that. I reach up and grab her wrist, pulling her down to a pussy that was close to orgasm. I place my hand behind her head and push it close to Saasha's quim. Instinctively this woman inhaled deeply and dove into her warm wet snatch, once she worked her way up to her clit. I went in low, pushing my tongue into her pussy. Sasha stiffens, moans, and squirts her liquid for both of us to enjoy. She and I are licking up pussy juice, when our lips meet. I kiss her deeply and she does not pull away. We both flick our tongues on Sasha's clit and she is quickly into another orgasm. I tug at the new ladies shorts, and she says NO, Sasha pulls her top off, they kiss and Sasha suckles her boobs, her hands undo the shorts, I had tried to undo. She has her friend lie down, and points at her pussy and smiles at me. I have never eaten a pussy of a lady I didn't know before, but it sure looked good and I didn't hesitate. A mouth started working my cock, and I presumed we were in an oral triangle. All three of us came, but none of us stopped our licking, lapping, and kissing. Now a male voice says " What the fuck is going on? Our old man neighbor, and some lezbo chick, Is this how you spend your afternoons? He Pulls Sasha up to her knees with a hand full of her hair. He upzips his fly, says this is the cock you should be sucking, and f***es himself into her mouth. I look at this hot vixen, that I have been licking, and nod at this guy. She looks at me questioningly, and I loop my belt around his ankles, tighten it and loop the excess into a knot. With his ankles together he looses his balance and falls to the patio floor. She came up with some tie wraps and soon his hands were lashed wide to post above his head. Face up, confused, and beginning to whimper, he crys out "Sasha are you going to let them do this to me? I look up and see this lady I still don't know opening a bag, She sticks a dildo in his mouth, Straps on another one and says, One word out of you and we roll you over as she strokes her fake dick. She whispers something in Sasha's ear, and by her smile, she must have agreed. She had me lie down on a table, just above her husband and straddled my cock, taking me inside her pussy. Soon I felt the strap on enter her ass and timed her in as I was doing my out, we got a good rhythm going and Sasha was soon convulsing in the throws of multiple orgasm. her body fell forward onto mine, her tits sliding on my chest with each of her friends in thrust. Feeling her breast moving on my chest, my cock pumping her pussy, and that hard plastic cock reaming her ass had my on the edge. Then she says fill my pussy with your cum, we're going to have my husband clean it out after you fill me up. Just that thought of my neighbor eating my cum out of his wife's pussy. My sperm shot out of my cock in powerful spurts. The strap on moved out and away. Sasha was off me and straddling his face so quick I didn't catch his expression. The girl said, eat this mans cum out of your wife's cunt, and do not miss a drop or I'll cram this thing up your ass. Sasha moaned as her husband started lapping my slop from her pussy. Then she laughed, Ernie, this is Milan, Milan, Ernie's our neighbor, Fuck him will you. I think my husband likes eating his cum out of pussies.
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Very dam good keep it up...