Wrong Club, but what a night.

I was on a business trip and made arrangements to meet a client at a club near the hotel I was to stay at. My boss told me he loved sexy dressers, so I bought a tight black skirt with slits up both sides. A white thong, that didn't hide the small patch of hair above my pussy. A white blouse that had adjustable straps just below my breasts, and long see through sleeves. Let's just say with no bra, the girls were on full display. I ate in my room and then headed to the club. When I got there, the guy at the door asked if I was sure I wanted to go in there? I said sure, why not. He opened the door and the moment I stepped in I knew this couldn't be the place. It was wall to wall with biker and construction worker types. The first guy I walked by grabbed my ass and said " How much for an hour?" I turned to him and said I am not a whore. Dressed like that, in a place like this, you will be before you leave, unless you walk out right now. But it was too late. Two burly guys hoisted me up on a table, tie wrapped my hands over my head to the legs below the table edge. I heard the click of a switchblade, and my bare boobs were now exposed. Two fingers hooked my thong and roughly pulled it down to my ankles. Two mouths were sucking, biting, and chewing on my nipples. Another was at my cunt his whiskers raking my lips to a burning sensation. I was turned belly down, the tie wraps redone, and my legs strapped at the opposite end with belts. A guy from behind grabbed my hair pulled back hard and nipple clamps were attached to my nipples. They tightened continually, pain, but exciting. My ass cheeks were being repeatedly slapped by many different hands, the sting, burn and expectation of what might be coming brought me to a wonderfully strong orgasm. Someone noticed it, ran his hand along my inner thigh and shouted, the bitch loves it, she's coming. he then shoved his fingers in my pussy and thrust after thrust, while another was twisting the nipple clamps, brought me to a shuddering multiple orgasm. The additional moisture allowed my tormentor to put his entire hand in my cunt, he balled it into a fist and tried to push it forward. I passed out and when I came to, a guy was fucking me so hard I thought the table would buckle underneath us. One hand grabbed my hair, the other slapped my ass, and his cock jack hammered my pussy. He thrust in deep, stiffened and I felt him come. He pulled out only to be replaced by a guy with a larger, thicker cock. I heard some metallic rattling, a few laughs and some chairs being dragged across the floor. When the b**st inside me emptied himself into me, the ties were cut. I was dragged up, Hand cuffs placed on my wrist, a hook and chain attached to them, and I felt myself being pulled toward the ceiling. My feet were at most of their eye level. Lewd comments were made, then two guys grabbed an ankle and walked in different directions. Cum leaked out of me hitting the floor and splattering. A guy lie on the floor, his huge cock pointing straight up, I was lowered onto it and he started bucking up into my pelvis like a machine. my ass and tits were grabbed, pinched, twisted, and licked. A voice said everyone move back. All I felt now were my wrist aching and the cock in my pussy. My feet were grabbed and passed from one to the other quickly in a counter clock-wise movement. What a feeling, suspended and spinning on a hard cock. Now I was being spun the other way, it must have been too much for the guy cause I felt burst after burst of his seed exploding inside of me. A bar stool was brought over, another aroused man sat in the seat. I was hauled up, then lowered onto him. He started thrusting into me and another stuck lubed fingers in my butt, I could feel him massaging the cock in my pussy with his fingers. Next I felt his cock head pushing against my ass, then pop a few inches of him were in me. Oh my god, sex with strangers is a rush.
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