Last Night in Russia

We got in past 2 AM and slept most of the day. About 4 in the afternoon we stirred and started thinking about food and our last night to do list, before our early flight back to Sweden. We had room service bring us cheese, crackers, fruit, bacon and juices. We nibbled on that and talked of evening options. We decided to return to the sex club and view some more shows. Getting there before the crowd, we sat stage side. Attractive women did strip shows to keep us entertained, then the first act appeared. Two women totally m*****ed one young guy, he came three times, and they still sucked and fucked him until a man with a microphone said we had something special for our viewing pleasure. A couple from the state of Virgina in the USA was on vacation. She doesn't know this yet, but her husband has arranged for her to enjoy three black studs. Ann would you join me on the stage?
A petite brunette approached the stage nervously. The announcer asked if this was something she really wanted to do? Oh, yes, back home this would most likely never happen. When they're done with me, Howard wants to come up here and fuck his sloppy used wife. Yeah, I'm ready. Well, when we put out the call for 3 black studs, we got six volunteers, So if another lady.... before he could finish Sasha was on the stage beside him. He looked up at her, down at Ann and said, If three of them like short girls, and three of them like tall girls we're all set.
Six black men of varied shapes and sizes got up on stage, Ann took one by the hand, one of them put an arm around Sasha and gave her a long, deep, passionate kiss. Two guys started undressing Ann. Two others removed Sasha's clothes. 8 people naked and either making out or fondling someone was almost too much to watch. The 3 guys with Ann found it awkward trying to share her tiny body. The three with Sasha didn't have that problem. One was kissing her and caressing her large breast, one was on his knees licking her pussy, the other was behind her rimming her ass with his tongue. She started to tremble in a massive orgasm with all the attention and being on stage in front of a crowd of people. One of Ann's studs had already entered her cunt and was rapidly fucking the shit out of her, She had a hold of the other two cocks stroking and sucking them alternately. A guy, must be her husband was on the railing, shouting encouragement to her and the guys, while stroking himself. Sasha had one guy in her mouth and actually two cocks in her pussy. Talk about stretching it out. She was in extascy, Her nipples hard and aroused, her mouth and cunt full of black cock. And she was meeting each thrust with one of her own. Ann now had one guy under her in her ass, a guy on top fucking her pussy, and the third nut deep in her throat. Howard was now sitting and watching his wife get used, while one of the girls who danced was sucking his cock like a pro. I looked back at Sasha and couldn't believe what I saw. One guy on his back was buried in her ass, while the other two somehow managed to keep their cocks driving her pussy. She was extorting them on in I think Swede, with an occasional Fuck, Oh Fuck, Fuck me thrown in. One guy pulled out of her cunt and stuck his cock in her mouth, in seconds pulled it out and shot his load on her face and tits. Both remaining guys buried it deep and pumped their loads into her as she screamed a yell of pure pleasure and climaxed with them. Ann's partners came second apart, sending her into an orgasmic convulsion. The guy she sucked off didn't loose his erection and when the guy in her pussy pulled out her drove his dick in with one long deep thrust. He by himself had her the way her wanted her, cumming again within four minutes. One of those that danced now was licking cum off Sasha's face and tits. Ann was in the throws of another climax as the guy plunged deep and busted his nut. As he pulled out, Howard was at the ready and shoved his prick into Ann's sloppy stretched out cunt and fucked her fast and hard, adding his sperm to the fuck cocktail in his wife's pussy. He rolled off her and she cleaned him up with her mouth. Sasha grabbed the opportunity and licked the combined juices out of Ann's love box, While one of Ann's revived partners took a shot at Sasha. The crowd was going wild and the dancer that just ate Sasha was now pulling my cock out of my pants. Ann moaned as Sasha got her off, The guy fucking Sasha, grabbed her hips and drove himself in as far as he could go and shuddered in climax. Sasha looked at me, smiled, and winked as I blasted into this strangers throat.
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9 months ago
thanks We Loved it we banged all nite thanking about it & making it cumm True !