Good Morning, afternoon, and evening..... Yes, Dob

I'm awakened by Sasha sucking my cock. She is taking me as deep as she can, then strokes my shaft and licks my scrotum. A few minutes of each. I wrestle her hips over my face and dive into her pussy while she continues. In moments my face is washed by a flood of her response. Before she can recover, I push my cock into her lovely cunt and pound away like a dog in heat. Yessss Fuck Me, Oh my god, I want to feel you in my ass. We reposition and it slides in with much resistance, I push an inch or two, left her adjust and repeat the process until my balls slap against her ass. Yuh, OH Yuh, Fuck my Ass, Fuck me hard, Cum in my Fucking ass. I felt her rubbing her clit as I rammed her ass, And when I came it was so f***eful I almost passed out. We showered, dressed and were off to meet Svetlana. The tour started with a walk around the city, with stops for coffee and pastries. Then we boarded a bus, and rode a good 45 minutes to the mansion. The outside was white stone, with ornate iron, brass, and gold decorative fixtures. Then you step inside to lavish carpets, tapestries, and chandeliers. Svetlana explains the history, and origins of the luxurious items, hand carved wall plates of wood and brass. Some decorative leather pieces also hung ceiling to floor in places. Wine and storage areas filled the under rooms. Upstairs were bedroom suites, libraries, studies, and game rooms. As promised wine flowed freely and many cheeses could be sampled. The grounds were immaculately kept, gardens, hedges, orchards and vineyards. Then it was announced that we could wander the grounds as we wished with hardwood fired boar to be served in about 3 hours. Svetlana appeared and asked us to follow. We went below the storage and wine cellars, into what could only be described as a dungeon. Svetlana stripped, placed her legs in iron cuffs on the floor, restrained one hand above her head. It was inviting and quite a turn on. I stepped forward and kissed her, fondling her breast. She moaned and I looked down to see Sasha enjoying her pussy. I moved my mouth to her tits and soon she tensed, then trembled her release. We got the irons off her,and found some standing stocks. Sasha's hands and head were restrained, boards f***ed her legs apart. Sveltlana's tongue now repaid Sasha, and I found getting my cock serviced by a woman in stocks quite a treat. Sasha came at svetlana's manipulations, and then she motioned for me to switch places. I eased my cock into Sasha from behind, and saw Svetlana bring a stool that had her pussy at Sasha's face level. I gasped her hips and Fucked my travel companion with a gusto I'd never experienced. Fucking a restrained woman was such a treat. By balls were boiling for release and it seemed the three of us climaxed in unison. We picked up our clothes, but it seemed our hostess had more treats. This time I was shackled to the wall, which soon reverted to a table. My arms were high above my head, my legs spread wide. She instructed Sasha to straddle my face, while she squeezed my nuts not to gently. Her mouth on my shaft was pleasing, and soon she lowered her hot snatch down over my erection. My own cum oozed out of Sasha's sweet pussy into my mouth, she rode my face back and forth, grinding her labia into my mouth and nose. Our red headed friend was pounding her pelvic bone into mine at a rapid pace. My nuts exploded into her seconds after I'd felt a gush of warmth around my cock. Quickly Sasha, come fuck him. The women switched places and again I was eating my own cum from a second woman's pussy. I felt Sasha mount me reverse cowgirl, and ride me relentlessly. Svetlana ground her well fucked cunt into my face, as my sperm ran down my face, as well as into my throat. The girls both orgasmed and and we got ourselves washed and dressed and back to the feast.
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