Behaind my back, she is sold at a sex slave auctio

I went to her usual Tuesday night spot, and overheard two guys talking about how the big black dealer wasn't coming tonight. He was going to an auction to get some new stock. He was planning to sell or trade the married white bitch he'd been fucking and dealing for 3years, and wanted to dump her and a Latino her hadn't been happy with. One asked the other where the action was, he'd fucked both those whores and wanted more of the Latin bitch. I heard the guy say a warehouse with blue lights on the outside on the west end docks. I finished my drink and found the described warehouse in less than 15minutes. I guy at the door asked me what my business there was? I slipped him a hundred and said I was looking for a new pleasure toy. Her smiled and let me in. Six women were tied to restraints just inside the entrance. Guys were groping them everywhere. fingers where probing pussies and asses. There was my wife, tied spread eagle, standing with a board keeping her ankles wide apart. She was bent over an iron pipe, with her hands tied to a lower pipe about knee high. Her pussy and ass were leaking cum, hers and others. A guy was in front of her, stuffing his cock down her throat and pumping his hips. One guy nudged me and said go for it, free samples of Black Diamonds two whores. I slid in her well lubed pussy for a few strokes, then enjoyed her ass for the second time in a week, the second time in our 29 years of marriage. The guy at her mouth pulled out and splattered her face and tits with his load. That sent me into a spasm, erupting my cum deep into her butt. I found a secluded corner, and waited for the auction. The first of the six was his Latino.An Arab and a big biker dude bid continually, The Arab outlasted the biker and the bid ended at $2,200. I Blonde with large natural breast brought bids from many in the crowd, but in the end the Arab outbid the biker and Black Diamond. The third was a mid eastern looking woman, maybe India - Black Diamond won this bidding war at 3.8K. A curvacious Black girl barely out of her teens went to the Arab at 6 thousand. The 4th to be auctioned was a transvestite, Big tits, huge cock and surprisingly to me, an attractive face, someone I could see and the ArAB pushed the bid beyond 4K, with the Arab making the final bid at 4.6K, Up fifth was a gorgeous brunette, with a pinup figure, The three top bidders went beyond good sense and Black Diamond took command at $7,200. That left My wife, Black Diamond wanted to dump her, The biker had been shut out, and the Arab seemed only partially interested, and had three of the six already. I knew if the Arab got her, I'd never see her again. The biker opened at 2 grand, Black Diamond got up and left, the Arab bid 3, the biker 4, and I said 5. The Arab, flipped me a salute, the biker walked over to me and said, if I pass, will you let me take her to a club party tonight for 3 thousand? I shook his hand and said show me the money, Going, he handed me 3 k, Going, I asked if i could join them , he nodded, Gone for 5 Thousand. The biker untied her hands, grabbed the rod between her legs, and dragged her to a van, and loaded her in. NOOOoo! You can't, I a married woman, That Black son of a bitch told me, I was his for all time. Please just let me go, you fuck me as many times as you like, but please let me go. You're lucky the Arab didn't buy you're ass, you'd be either harem of whorehouse slut in a day or two in another country. He nodded and I followed him to a garage just blocks from our home. Seven guys waited for him and they opened the van, hooting and hollering, lifting her out and carrying her into the garage. She was bent over a table legs tied spread, hands tied to the other side. and cocks were in her mouth and pussy, before you could blink. Those eight guys, came in her mouth, pussy, and ass numerous times each. Some pulling out and squirting loads on her face, boobs, back, and ass. When they were done, one guy whistled and two biker girls came out and licked the sperm off her body, then one licked her pussy, the other her ass, sending her into trashing, spasms of orgasmic release. I told the leader, I wanted her just like she was, blindfolded and put in my car. When that was done. he thanked me, told me I was a good sport, and assured me I was welcome there anytime, and could indulge in whatever they had to offer, anytime I stopped by. I drove around for an hour or so without saying a thing, just listening to her pleading.I carried her into our basement leaving the blindfold on. printed up some pictures from the three nights I had followed her. And hung them all over the basement walls and floor. I dragged my cock across her lips and held her chin until she opened her mouth. I had her suck me until I was good and hard. Then pulled her spread legs up to waist high with a chain fall, tied her hands to a ceiling beam, and rocked her back and forth on my hard shaft until I dumped a load in her pussy. I swung her back to a standing position. Turned the lights up, removed her blindfold from in back of her. And let her take in all the pictures. She started sobbing, she recognized her surroundings. I said, I bought you at very high price, so you wouldn't be taken to some Muslim country, or be initiated into a biker club as a pleasure slut. Now you are MY whore, Stand there and think how bad you had it as my wife. I climbed the stairs, shut off the lights, and went to bed, thinking how nice it was to have my very own, well trained, submissive, sexual pleasure slut, who owes me for saving her from real slavery. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?
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