Behind my back,she becomes a totally different wom

With the situations presented me I needed to know a lot more about the Who, What, When, Where and Why of her tryst.A guy in my national guard unit did some PI work on the side. I talked to him about my concerns, He said he'd do some nosing around at little or no cost. I told him where she worked, her hours, make, model and color of her car, cell phone number, and he said he'd get back to me.
10 days later he confirmed she was meeting a well dressed black man twice a week. Be told me where they met, left her car and in his went to two different club locations. The next week a rented a car and waited where they parked her car. Sure enough, she was there soon. Parked and waited until he showed up. She almost flew to his car, leaned in his window and passionately kissed him as he fondled her ass. He whispered something to her and she reached under her dress and tugged off her panties and handed them to him. As she walked around and got in his car, he held them to his face, inhaled deeply, and tossed them in the parking lot. I let them get a good lead as I now knew his car, and had an idea of two places they might go. I found his car at the first club on the list, waited until five guys got out of a car and followed them in. I went to a dark corner of the place to watch what was going to happen. It didn't take long for things to start. She crawled under the table and by his movements and expressions i knew she was giving him a blow job. While she was under the table two more black guys joined him. They too received her gifted mouth. Then four guys entered the bar and headed for that table. a couple of nods were exchanged and the guy she came with lifted the table cloth and called her out. The 8 of them went down a hallway. I had been generous with my waitress, and when she came by again, I said softly that if she could get me in the room the people from that table went, I'd give her $40. She looked around and said the room was impossible, but if I just wanted to watch, that could be arranged. I said sure that'd work. She told me to go to the mensroom, wait until four quick knocks and be ready to move fast. I did as I was told and she did as she said. She unlocked what appeared to be a storage room, told me to be quiet, climb the ladder and if I jerked off, clean it up. I climbed the ladder, and was surprised to look down into the room. Six of the guys were passing her around copping feels and removing her clothes. Once she was naked, her e****t stepped forward. Bent her over a dingy old couch arm and roughly fucked her. Telling her what a slut she was. How the six guys were going to pleasure themselves with her. And what her unsuspecting husband would think of his pure little wife servicing seven black studs in one afternoon. He slapped her ass and said you know what I want, DO IT! Yes oh YES Fuck me, fuck me hard with your huge black cock and cum in my little white pussy. Fuck me use me then turn me over to these horny MOTHERFUCKERS, so they can use me for their pleasure. Ugh Oh shit your going so fucking deep. Give it to me, Fill my cunt with your big fucking cock. FUCK ME! Cum in me, fill your white slave bitch with your hot load, OH AHHHHH, I feel it, Thank You for Cumming in me. He pulled out and she turn around quickly got on her knees and cleaned off his shaft, spending extra time on the head of it. He said "Enjoy the Bitch boys,collecting money from each as he walked away, slut you know where I'll be when they are done with you." Before he was out the door, one guy had his dick in her pussy, another pull his against her lips as she eagerly opened her mouth and took as much as she could in. Two other guys fondled, kissed and sucked on her tits. The other two stood there stroking their cocks and encouraging those in on the action on. Her moans filled the room. From what I could see, three were about my size, two a good ten inches, one of those the size of a beer can in girth. The other one easily a foot long, but only average in thickness. Fuck dat white bitch and pop a nut b*o, there's a line here ya know. The guy in her mouth erupted, the guy in her pussy soon followed. The guy with the foot long grabbed her hips and put her over the couches arm again. He slowly inched his way in as Rhonda screamed for him to go easy. Two guys lay on the couch, sucking and biting her breast. When they bit she yipped and that set off a roar of laughter. The one fucking her had managed to get it all in and was pounding her hard. Her head was rolling from side to side and she was was a continuous rant of Fuck, oh Fuck, Fuck me with that black monster, OH Fuck, you got so much in me, God that feels good, Fuck me. One guy said suck my dick an' shut the fuck up you white slut bitch. With two guys working her tits, one guy pounding her pussy, one guy fucking her face, and the first two revived and stroking their cocks.
I was too much in awe of the sight before me to realize my throbbing cock was in bad need of a release.The first two sprayed her back with cum, arranged their clothes and left. Foot long buried it deep, and howled as he deposited his load deep inside my wife. This set off the guy in her mouth and she was swallowing in gulps. One of the guys working her boobs was on his back and pulled her on top of him. Sperm oozed out of her cunt like lava out of a volcano.She held his cock and eased herself onto it. In an odd way she never looked better. The other tit sucker, gave her something to suck, while she bounced on the lucky guys cock. Get that black cock wet and hard you fucking white whore, it be in yo ass in a minute. That increased the bl**d flow to my cock as that was something we had only tried, and without much success. He walked around behind her and was saying, I gonna stretch that tight white ass out good, you gonna feel two big black cocks rubbing together inside you white fucking whore. He slapped her as hard for emphasis and and poured some kind of lube in the crack of her ass. He then pushed about three inches in in his first stab. She let out a shrill screech, followed by a hissing YEE-ESSSS. Both you motherfuckers are filling me up. As she was talking the guy in her ass was easing the rest of his long thick cock into her. FUCK ME, Oh FUCK ME! Son of a bitch, Fuck my pussy, FUCK MY white whore ASS. Give me the ultimate black cock orgasm. Foot long positioned himself at her mouth and dragged the tip of it over her lips. Her mouth snapped open and 4 to 5 inches disappeared into her, the fourth guy took her hand and placed it on his stiff cock, she gripped it and started stroking with the rhythm she was getting plowed. I was stroking my cock rapidly and as I thought of her with Big black cocks filling all 3 of her holes and a hand full of black cock sent me over the edge as spurt after spurt of my load splattered against the half wall that allowed me to view this. The guy she was jerking shot a load to the side of her face. Both the guys fucking her plunged in deep and and trembled in their orgasmic release. Foot long pushed the two still in her away to the side and slammed his entire length in her sopping cunt with one f***eful thrust. Then he bellowed as his hips flew in and out of her. Amazingly she was taking him balls deep, and bucking back to meet his thrusts. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Oh Fuck ME, you motherfucking horse cock bastard. Split my pussy wide with your Fucking black meat you big cocked NIGGER. He rammed his hips forward and flexed his ass repeatedly as his nuts emptied deep into her well worn white fuckhole.
When he was done and dismounting, his three friends clapped their approval. That's one well fucked white bitch, see you next week whore. I was ready to get down, figuring that had to be the end. but foot steps had me turning back. The girl who showed me here, washed and toweled down her entire body. Then lapped out as much cum as she could get to sending Rhonda into a convulsing climax. She's ready now boss, a white guy in a suit removed his clothes,now those boys stretched you out nice, so I can give you a real fucking. His cock was a little longer than footlong, and much wider than a beer can. He was hard and ready and eased that massive cock into her. Those blacks think they filled your pussy, but they only loosened you up for old Wilbur. Now what would my little b*****r say it he knew how you spent your afternoons? 8 guys in less than 3 hours.Move your ass and fuck me or I'll see he gets a copy of this after noons video. Oh yes Wilbur, take me to the level only you can. Holy Fucking shit you're so damn big. Fuck me, Fuck your b*****r's Wife, Fuck the white whore, make me cum even more. AHHHhhhh Yuh, YUH, YEEEE ESSsssss

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9 months ago
This was great, I will be waiting to read part 3. Great work.
9 months ago
Guess my writing appeals to you. there will be a part3 with a little shorter title.
If you have any fantasies you'd like me to write about send a story line, names, location, I'll customize it to suit you,
9 months ago
I came already but I want more