Isabelle, Ludivine and Me Alix

Isabelle My Daughter, Ludivine My Young Girl Friend and Me Alix

§ § § Introduction § § §

My name is Alix, I'm 40, I'm a father of a gorgeous blond Isabelle being now 25 years old. My wife left me and I now have a girl friend of 18, Ludivine, a beautiful brunette.

We all like the cool sporty look and don't mind to wear torn clothes because we are so careless. Being grunge-like excites us a lot. This is one of the many reasons why my former wife quitted me.

This morning I'm on the sofa watching a porn film with Ludivine sitting on my lap. I fondle her breasts. It is pleasant to do it when she has her shiny black polyester socker-supporter track-suit. She often wears it without underwear my little slut. I do have a heavy weight sweat suit with hood put on top of a pink camo cap. This sweat suit is orange fluo. I wear red Nike BW as shoes. Ludivine has Hi Pink Converse.

We hear some noise behind us, it is my daughter Isabelle coming from her shopping errand. She is all smile. She wears a hip hop heavy weight baggy sweat suit with hooded vest. It is white with tagged inscriptions in black. She has white Hi Converse in optical white with coloured tags.

I – Hello there, how are you my beloved?
L – Fine, the film is good and your father's dick is titillating my ass, so everything is OK.
A – Fine too my love, come and sit beside us, we can watch the end of the film together.
I – OK.

Isabelle carelessly throws her Eastpak kaki camo bag on the floor and comes to sit at our side, her eyes riveted to the huge flat screen where a couple of twin lesbs are cumming together.

I – Nice film, I haven't seen it yet.
L – Neither do we, that is very suggesting, Love.
I - Certainly, I would like to do such things!

My daughter that might have all the guys she wants is astonishingly still alone. She is very pretty good looking. She begins rubbing herself between her thighs, as if we weren't there. It arouses me. At the greatest pleasure of Ludivine. She giggles on my cock. She also begins to rub herself on the pussy, but inside her pant! What sluts those girls! Isabelle moans with great pleasure. Her pant begins to be soaked with her juices. The same by Ludivine, but it brightens on her black synthetic pant! The smell of each girl begins to reach my nostrils. I'm very pleased.

Ludivine turns to face me and squeezing her tits on my breast starts to French kiss me. She smells good, all her fragrances are arousing me. Her odour of sweat is very sweet. She poses her hands on my cock. She manages to put my pants down and to free my cock. Isabelle, very eager to see a beautiful cock, turns her head to see the spectacle.

L – Nice dick, isn't it?
I – Yes indeed!
A – Do you want to suck it little slut?
I – Yeah Alix, all my life I wanted to suck your dick! It makes me so horny went I spy you through the key-hole of the bathroom!
A – Come dirty whore and suck it till I cum!

Isabelle, her hands still on her pant, lowers her face and begins to suck my cock with application. She seems to like it and to have done it her whole goddamn life! My pleasure is immense. I rub the back of my girlfriend. I put my hands under the vest to find something that I didn't suspect at first: she has a latex bra. I French kiss her once more. I begin to tear her vest, making big holes, from the little ones she did with the cigarettes she smokes very often. She is aroused by my tearing her vest.

My daughter has managed to make me cum. I suck at the same time the latex bra of Ludivine. It has a great taste. I also like the contact of my tongue on it. I fill-up Isabelle's mouth with my sperm. She drinks it all! She then comes to my face and makes me a kiss. After that, she also sucks Ludivine's tits. Ludivine has closed her eyes. I manage to make her pant fall on the floor and discovers latex panties! What a whore!

Isabelle begins to undress. She first reveals her fishnets and very tiny cut-off jeans shorts! And then her tits that are braless! She lasciviously rubs her pussy. She smiles at us. She then sits on my lap just on my dick, facing Ludivine. She ribs her pussy on my big dick. She kisses my girlfriend! Ludivine doesn't seem to care! She manages to put my dick inside her pussy. It slides very easily because of her wetness and of my hardness and despite that she still has her shorts and fishnets on! Ludivine presses her still latex covered cunt on the part of my dick not yet entered in my daughter's pussy. They kiss each other at my greatest pleasure. I have once more a big shot of cum going out of my sex.

My still hard dick goes out of Isabelle's pussy to enter in Ludivine's, she still having her latex panties. At this moment, I feel some liquid flowing on my thighs. It is Isabelle that pisses on me and on Ludivine! This little slut has no limits!

I – Fuck! It was time for me to empty my bladder!
L – You're a real bitch! I love that, that makes me so horny!

I feel once again the same thing, it is now Ludivine's turn to piss!

I – You see that you love it too!
A – I think that I also have to do it!
L – Yeah, piss in my vagina you pig!

I piss a lot too, at the greatest pleasure of Ludivine! She cums immediately and squirts a lot! The cream leather sofa is all wet, but we don't care at all!

Isabelle stands up and puts her still jeans covered wet pussy just in front of Ludivine's mouth. Ludivine sucks her on the wet fabric. I do the same on Isabelle's buttocks. I tear her fishnets. And then lowers her short. Her shaved pussy comes in its whole glory. Ludivine sucks it full-mouth. Isabelle groans a lot as the tongue covers her wet and hot pussy. She squirts when Ludivine bites her clit with her teeth. Ludivine drinks it all. I lick my daughter's anus. She likes it!

We then seat sloppily on the couch smoking a lot.

I – That was very good!
L - Yes, you're a little whore!
A – I would like to do it once more!
L – At your service!

We all laugh a lot.

§ § § 2 Months Later § § §

We were sloppily sit on the couch when Ludivine said:

L – It is my s****r Laura's birthday tomorrow, it would be nice to have her at home, what do you think?
I – That would be super cool, since you talked a lot about her, I long to meet her!
A – Me too, if she is half what you said about her, we will certainly have a good time with her!
L – Yeah!

My daughter and my girlfriend are pregnant! I'm the happy father of both their c***dren! If they have girls, Isabelle's will be named Marie and Ludivine's Mathilde.

Ludivine wears today yellow Buffalo shoes. She has a shiny pink unlined polyamide tracksuit and an orange camo cap. Isabelle wears red Osiris shoes and a black baggy sweat suit with hooded vest. I wear a kaki camo army suit with Rangers shoes. We smoke a lot and drink beer after beer. We talk about the gifts we could buy for Laura's birthday.

Then the girls begin to go crazy! Isabelle pisses in her pants and afterwards masturbates herself! She and Ludivine then kiss very wetly and very noisily! Ludivine pisses at her turn! I can't restrain myself and wet them with my piss. They like it! They drink the most of it! They suck and lick my dick while French kissing. I cum a lot and splashes her cute faces.

We make love till noon and then go shopping for the gifts. We then make love till night and sl**p well afterwards.

§ § § The Birthday § § §

The birthday coming, we prepare ourselves. We put diapers on, we like it. The girls make bunches. We put dummies in our mouths, special models allowing the smoking! We then put torn hip hop baggy sweat suits with hooded vest. Grey for me, flashy yellow for Isabelle and flashy violet for Ludivine. We wear funny rubber boots, six different ones! We have now dreadlocks. We also decided to go in the piercing community. We have began with the tongue. It is very pleasant while French kissing to hear the ting ting of the piercings shocking together. Isabelle has gone a step further, because she also has cheek piercings!

We put hip hop music for the atmosphere.

When Laura rings at the front door, we all run to open to her. She is all in black, even her hair that is naturally blond. She is today f******n. She wears shiny black Doc Martens. She has black torn jeans showing fishnets. Her make-up : lips, eyes, nails are all black. She has tattoos on the head and hands. She also has many piercings, the nose, the lips, the ears, even holes in her earlobes. With a black ring in each ear. She has blue eyes that show very well in her blackness. She has a torn black t-shirt partially covered by a black torn jeans jacket. She has painted messages on the jacket: 'Fuck the World!' 'Fuck my parents!' 'Born to be sexy!'. She is flat-breasted. She has a black cap worn the wrong side in front.

U – Hi folks, that is nice to have invited me for my birthday.
A – Make yourself at home!

Isabelle looks at Laura with weird eyes, I think that she is falling in love with her. Laura answers kindly her look. They march towards each other. They seem like in trance. When their heads touch, we can see lightnings. It is love at first sight! They immediately French kiss, my dick is hardening in my diaper. Ludivine also looks very horny to see my daughter beginning to make with her baby s*s.

Laura appears like a rebel, but she is in fact very clever and has always been the first in he class. It makes me much more horny to know that fact.

They French kiss like pros. Ludivine explained to me that, despite her rebel style, Laura is very shy and still a virgin. Their hands go very quickly on their bodies. They began to tear the clothes, aided in that by the many holes already present on the grunge clothes. That confirms the fact that Laura has quite no breasts. She is very boy-looking.

They are now topless. Laura is also tattooed on the upper half of her body. Her nipples are also pierced. It excites me so much that I begin to masturbate in my diaper. Ludivine does the same. The lovemaking girls doesn't seem to care, as they are so much taken by their action.

They then tear the lower part of the clothes. Living Laura in her fishnets and Isabelle in her diaper.

U – You wear diapers! That is so cool!
I – We like the regression feeling of clothing with diapers, and see also our bunches and dummies!
U - I also want that!
I – Wait till you open your gifts, you will have many surprises!
U – Let's continue to unpack my first gift!

The girls continue to discover their bodies. Laura puts her hands in Isabelle's diaper and is beginning to rub her pussy. Isabelle is moaning like a slut. Laura seems very pro despite the fact that she is discovering the art of lovemaking. I guess that she likes looking at videos on xhamster!

U – You dirty slut, you pissed on my hand!
I – I guess that you liked it little whore!
U – Yes, I like to piss in my panties and pants too! Look!

Laura pisses in her pants. Despite the black, it shows very much!

This girl is very crazy! I like her very much! I come to her and kisses her on the mouth. She doesn't seem to be bothered. She responds quickly. She puts her hand in my pant and also discovers my diaper as well as my hard dick!

Isabelle goes to Ludivine to spend some time.

Laura plays with my hard dick so well that she manages to make me cum! She tears my pant and also the diaper leaving me only with my sweatshirt. She rubs my dick to make it become once more hard. She does it very well indeed. She is a real slut Ludivine's baby s*s. I think that we won't regret to have invited her this day. She knees and starts a blowjob! My dick fills her small mouth and is titillated by her tongue piercing. I must state that her mouth is also tattooed! A piece of art that must have cost as much as all the external tattoos put together!

I cum in her juvenile mouth. She swallows the whole load.

U – Not bad!
A – Isabelle and Ludivine agree on that point!

We then go to the dining room to eat. The gifts for Laura are yet on the table. We stay naked after love.

U – Yeah! Latex underwear!
L – So you don't have to steal mine anymore!
U – And a vibro!
L - Same reason!
U – Diapers! What a good idea Isabelle, I from time to time wet my bed!
L – You're a slut Laura!
U – And I assume it!

She then discovers dummies! And also cigarettes from Isabelle too!

U – Super, I had always wanted to smoke!

She opens my gifts: one hip hop baggy sweat suit with hood. She also receives basket shoes, very funny models.

She kisses each of us to thank you.

U – I love you all!
A – I – L – Happy Birthday Laura!

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