Fist visit to my sexy new female doctor

Yesterday I went to the doctor because i felt like i was peeing too much, i'm sitting in the waiting room and the doctor calls me, and she is the hottest woman i have ever seen. Late 20s/early 30s, gorgeous middle-eastern face, nice curvy lips, big dark eyes. She's very friendly with a thick Persian accent which i find very sexy. i explained to her my situation, and then she asked if i was sexually active, and i said no a bit too quickly, and she looked surprised for a second. She got me to pee in a jar, dipped the testing strip, and came over to show me the results. She got me to hold one end of the strip while she held the other, and her face was very close to mine. we sat there waiting for the results to appear long enough for the sexual tension to build and started getting a little hard. After the results showed up fine, she asked if i wanted her to look at my penis to check if everything was fine. I went red and said 'yeah'. As I stood up and stripped down, she saw my developing hard-on and stifled a smile. She got off her seat, went to her knees, and started touching my penis with her delicate hands, gently moving it around to get a better look. As this went on, i got harder and harder, i couldn't help it. She was smiling and her touches became more and more sensual, rubbing and caressing, feeling my balls. She looked up and smiled at me while she wrapped a hand around my now fully erect cock and stroked it. "You like that?", she asked. I couldn't believe what was happening, i could only nod. She started licking and kissing my balls, then she slowly moved her lick up the underside of my cock, until she reached the tip. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes as her juicy red lips closed around the tip of my cock. i was gasping for air as she sucked, swirling her tongue around the tip and locking eyes with me. her fingers were ticking and squeezing my balls, and i grabbed her thick black hair, her expert doctor's hands could feel me wanting to cum, and she slowed down. She stood up and told me to sit on the patient's bench and take of my shirt. As I was taking mine off, she took off hers and undid her bra, revealing firm round breasts and beautiful brown nipples. She pulled down her pants over her wide ass and hips, and finally her underwear to reveal her neat, hairy pussy. "Have you seen a woman naked before?", she asked. I shook my head, not in real life I hadn't. "Well now you have", she smiled. She walked over to me and positioned herself between my legs, my erect cock, pressing against her soft belly. "These are my breasts", she said, placing my hand on her breast, "the nipples are very sensitive." Placing my other hand she asked "can you feel a hard little lump?" I nodded "That's the clitoris, you rub it to make me wet and feel pleasure". I start rubbing and she presses her body hard against mine and moans while I bury my face in her breasts. "Lie on the table", she moans. I lie back and she climbs on top, straddling me and grabbing my cock. "Now your penis can enter my vagina", and she slowly lowers herself onto my cock. She gasps and smiles. "So big!" she says, and starts riding me, and I play with her nipples and we're both gasping and moaning. She lowers her body so her face almost touches mine and we can feel each other's breath on our faces. Her face contorts and she gasps "Cum now!" She bucks wildly, barely containing a scream, while i shoot my sperm deep into her vagina for what feels like eternity. Eventually, she collapses on top of me, breathing heavily into my shoulder. She climbs off me, stands up, and slides two fingers into her vagina. She pulls them out and her fingers are covered in my semen. "You might have made me pregnant if I weren't on birth-control pills", she smiles, and licks off her fingers. We get dressed, and she makes me another appointment. She gives me her card and smiles, saying "visit me anytime at work or home if you want to learn more about sex".
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11 months ago
does she give classes on oral sex