Nurse Debbie chapter 3

Well from the looks of your cock you enjoyed the shaving lets see how you enjoy these nipple clamps, with that Mistress Debbie produced a pair of small nipple pumps. Mistress Debbie walked around beside me leaned over me licking and biting both nipples getting them very wet and causing my cock to jump. The pain and pleasure at the same time was a very different feeling than I had ever felt. Oh shit the pleasure was gone as my nipples were sucked into the glass bulbs and my cock being poked by the cock cage. Why was my cock staying hard thru all this pain what is happening to me.

I never knew my nipples could get so big and puffy, that's when i noticed the clamps hanging from the top of the swing. Mistress Debbie must have seen the look on my face, that's right those are for your nipples, they will hurt and every time you move they will pull on your nipples and get tighter. As I looked at Mistress Debbie while she was talking to me the bulge under her skirt caught my eye again, she must have seen me looking at it she just looked at me and started laughing. Just then she reached down jerked the right nipple cup off and snapped the clamp on, not sure if the pain was from the cup being jerked off are the clamp going on but the pain was shooting thru my nipple like I had never felt before. thinking the pain would subside I tried to just lay there breath and wait for it to ease up, I closed my eyes, controlled my breathing and tried to think about something else to help the pain go away and bam the pain hit again my eyes sprang open to see Mistress Debbie pulling the string tight stretching my nipple till I thought she would pull it off my chest. Mistress Debbie tied the string off and left the room. I could not even breath heavy with out it making my nipple hurt worse.

About two minutes later Mistress Debbie walk back in came straight to my left side I knew what was coming I tried to prepare myself for the on-slot on my left nipple. Mistress Debbie looked down at me put her hand on the suction cup on my left nipple and said I know your right nipple hurts and this is going to hurt but rest assured you will feel more pain than this, with that she jerked the left suction cup off snapped the clamp on and pulled it tight. I scream to no avail with her thong and the ball gage in my mouth not a sound came out. Mistress Debbie then reached over and and pulled on the string, putting both nipples in extreme pain. Again she left the room she seemed to be enjoying putting me into extreme pain waiting for it to subside a bit then starting again.

Not sure how much time had past, my arms and legs were numb from being tied in the same position for so long, pain in my nipples was getting better think they were numb also and my cock was now soft and not being poked by the points in the cock gage. I closed my eyes tring to make since of all that had happened to me today and how things I thought would never turn me were making my cock hard even with it in a gage full of Sharp points. Where had this nurse or Mistress as she called herself come from and how did she plan on getting away with this. That's when I felt the cage being removed finally this is over I thought till I opened my eyes. there standing beside was Mistress Debbie in a black leather bra her tits poking thru the holes in each side making her nipples hard, looking down her body the skirt was gone revealing a 6 to 8 inch rubber cock strapped to her and her black boots. I'm sure my eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw that cock strapped to her it was not all that big But I was sure I knew what she was going to do with it and I knew it would rip me apart. I started to jump and jerk for all I was worth but all it got me was pain in my nipples. Mistress Debbie just leaned over me licked around my nipples and said be still it will all be over soon. With that she moved between my legs lubed mine and her cock up and started stroking both. My cock came back to life very quick she lined her cock up with my ass telling me after she opened me up with her cock I would never have trouble with constipation again. I tightened my ass as tight as I could tring to keep her out. Mistress Debbie telling me I might as well relax she was going to take my ass one way or another. Mistress Debbie keep a steady pressure on my ass hole with her cock while stroking my cock. I was tring to keep my mind on keeping my ass shut but my cock was feeling so good my mind keep going to that feeling. Mistress Debbie then leaned over took my cock in her mouth and started sucking her expert mouth had me about to cum in no time, just as I was about to cum I relaxed my ass just enough, Mistress Debbie being the expert she was felt it and with one push was balls deep in my ass. I screamed as loud as I could thru the gag. Once Mistress Debbie was in my ass she stopped the blow job and my cock went limp from the pain in my ass. Mistress Debbie grabbed my legs and started to fuck my ass hard and fast, every time she pulled and pushed me off her cock the clamps would pull on my nipples. I have never felt such pain before and been so helpless to do anything about yet so turned on my cock was now back to rock hard and the pain in my ass was starting to feel good. Mistress Debbie looked down at me smiled,that's right your ass is now mine. Mistress Debbie then started stroking my cock again as she rammed her cock in my ass. To my surprise I was ready to come in no time, just as the first shot of cum left my cock I felt a small stick in my left ass cheek, the second blast of cum and again I was out.
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