Nurse Debbie chapter 2

As I started to come too I begain to realize I could not move and was not in my bed. I tried too call for help from nurse Debbie but could not due too a ball gag in my mouth, once my eyes begain to focus I could see I was strapped in a sex swing a strap across my chest and adomin, my legs pulled up and back and strap to the chains holding the swing to the frame and my arms pulled under the swing and tied togrther. I tried to move but all I could do was rock the swing. I was still in my room were did this swing come from, how did I get in here and where the hell was nurse Debbie. About that time nurse Debbie came back into the room with her nice perky breast uncovered and that bulg in the front of her skirt was now bigger and holding her skirt up a bit. My mind and heart went too racing again had someone broken in and done this to me and ****d her or did she do this to me and what does she have under her skirt. I begain to try and get loose twisting and jerking nurse Debbie just smiled I knew then it was her who had done this.

Thats right mister Allen the second enema was a d**g to knock you out so I could get my special equipment out for the rest of your treatment. I knew you would never agree to the rest of your treatment. I will remove the gag if you promise not to scream and mind your manners. I shook my head yes and she removed the gag. What do you think your doing there is no way this is part of home health cares treatment. I demand you get me the hell out of this thing. That demand proved to be a mistake. Nurse debbie shoved her thong in my mouth then put the ball gag back in place. It was all I could do to keep from choking muchless breath. I was then informed that she was indeed a nurse but also a mistress.

I saw the way you checked me out when I came in and checking out my ass as I went to prepare your medacation. I was here to help you and all you could think about was undressing me in bed so I decided to teach you a leason. I notice that cock of your does not look like its in the mood to fuck anything right now, lets keep it that way. With that she pulled out a cock cage put it over my cock and balls and locked it into place. I tried to scream and get loose nurse/ mistress Debbie just laughed and pull out pair of nipple clamps with long strings tied to the ends and a straight edge razor. I knew then nurse Debbie had left the room Mistress Debbie was here and true fear set in. Before I could think about what she was going to do she had me covered in shave cream from my neck to my ass hole. Mistress Debbie then picked up the stright edge razor and said dont move I would hate to cut a nipple off or slice your nut sack open. With that she bagain to shave me from my neck down. I have to admitt as she shaved around my nipples and my cock beagin to get hard inside the cock cage untill it pressed into the sharp points all around the cage causeing my hips to jumped from the pain of the sharp points poking my cock head. Oh so you like this if I was you I would learn to control that cock of yours any jumping when I start shaving those jellews as you pigs call them could be very painfull. I did a good job of controling my cock untill Mistress Debbie grabed hold of my caged cock and started moveing it around to shave around it, my balls and ass hole. I just had to indur the pain of the sharp points sticking into my cock as Mistress debbie finished shaving me. When Mistress Debbie moved her hand from my cock I could see smell spots of bl**d from the cage points. Next Mistress Debbie washed the remaining shave cream off and touched up any spots she missed.

Well from the looks of your cock you enjoyed the shaving lets see how you enjoy these nipple clamps, with that Mistress Debbie produced a pair of small nipple pumps. Mitress Debbie walked aroun beside me leand over me licking and bitting both nipples getting them very wet and causing my cock jump. The pain and pleasure at the same time was a very different feeling than I had ever felt. Oh shit the plesure was gone as my nipples were sucked into the glass bulbs and my cock being poked by the cock cage. Why was my cock staying hard thru all this pain what is happening to me.

still more to come
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Is this available on the nhs?