Nurse Debbie

I had been feeling very constipated so when I woke up last Monday I decided to call home health to have a nurse come over and check me out.
About an hour later I opened the door to a very attractive lady that did not look anything like a nurse. She was about 5'5" what I call average build, some might say a few extra pounds are thick but in any case very attractive and sexy. short dark hair, a black satin blouse unbuttoned to show off her very nice medium sized breast, a short black leather skirt and black boots that came up just over the top of her calves showing off a pair of nice legs. She introduced herself as Debbie from home health I,m here to see if I can make you feel better. Little did she know it was already working. I invited her and her black bag in.

I told her I had a stool I could set on while she checked me out. Nurse Debbie very promptly and very assertively said no the bed. Ok this way then I took her to my bedroom, just as we entered the room nurse Debbie ordered shirt off sit on the edge of the bed. I thought to myself not very nice for a nurse just barking orders. I removed my shirt and set on the edge of the bed as ordered. To my surprise we and a very pleasant conversation as she did all the basic checks temp, bl**d pressure, heart, pulse and lungs. As i said we had a nice conversation but each time nurse Debbie need me to do something breath hold my breath it was an order. The next order was lay back spread your legs, I thought spread my legs but did as told. Nurse Debbie stepped between my, that's when I noticed the front of her skirt did not look right but before I got a good look nurse Debbie bend over to feel of my stomach and looking down her blouse took my mind off the skirt. After feeling of my stomach a bit nurse Debbie said you do seem to be very bound up we need to address this right away, I was then ordered to strip and lay back on the just like I was now she graded her bag and ask where is your bathroom I pointed to the door behind her she turned and headed to the bathroom. I couldn't,t help but check her ass out as she walked away she turned her head back and reiterated I said strip and lay on the bed. She entered the bathroom and shut the door I strip and layed back on the bed as ordered my mind and heart racing wondering what was happening here but I was in pain and if this sexy bitch could help I was more than ready. Nurse Debbie came back in the room with a very full enema bag, I started to protest but was cut short as nurse Debbie snapped shut up. I started to get up and protest but was pushed back down and told to shut up grad my legs pull them back and take my medicine like a man. Needless to say I did as I was told. As nurse Debbie stood at the edge of the bed lubing up the nozzle looking down at me laying on the bed with my legs pulled back I noticed her skirt again, there was a funny little bulge in the middle. That's when nurse Debbie shoved the nozzle in my ass I jump and shouted shit take it easy. Nurse Debbie just looked at me with a smirk on her face and opened the valve letting the fluid flow. Already being in pain the enema just added to the pain and had me squirming in no time, again i was told to take it like a man it would be over soon. Less than a minate later nurse Debbie shut the valve off and removed the nozzle from my ass which felt much better coming out than going in. I started to get up and go relieve myself but was ordered to lay back down you have to wait a couple minates before you go are the medicine will not work. after finally getting to go relieve myself, which I must say worked like a charm as soon as I went al discomfort was gone and i felt a 100% better, so I cleaned up and went back into the bedroom to thank nurse Debbie but was ordered back on the bed for the final treatment. I started to say say what but once again was cut short and told to shut up and lay back down and once again since the first treatment worked so well I did as I was told. Nurse Debbie then produce a small enema bottle and again roughly shoved the nozzle up my ass this time I just jumped a bit knowing my protest feel on deaf ears. Nurse Debbie emptied the bottle in my ass removed it and told me to go relieve myself clean up and come back so she could check me over one more time. I did as told but started feeling light headed as I cleaned up. As i started back into the bedroom I had to grad the door frame to keep from falling nurse Debbie came over and helped me to the bed and I past out.

As I started to come too I begain to realize I could not move and was not in my bed.
More too come very soon.
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3 years ago
cant wait for more
3 years ago
a nicely written start, Anna
3 years ago
it is a good start
3 years ago
Nice start but waiting for the rest.......
3 years ago
Yes,I agree,very good and look out.thanks
3 years ago
good so far and can't wait to see where you go with this