Seeing my sister in law masterbate

Hi this is a true story about my s****r in law called angela I was married to Annette in 92 she is a woman from Jamaica I met online previously in 89 we had 3 c......n it was after the birth of the third one that the encounter took place . Angie came to stay with us for a couple of weeks so that my wife could rest after the birth . She was a stunner about 5 9 150lbs and long legs we didn't have a lot of room in the house so she slept in the sitting room on the sofa . One evening after the c......n went to bed we all were watching TV when my wife said she was tired and went to bed. We continued watching TV for a while and I noticed angie was texting and receiving numerous messages with someone I asked if was missing al her other half she said yes rather nervously . That seemed strange to me but then got up and said she was going to the toilet, whilst she was gone I noticed her phone was left on the sofa I picked it up and scrolled to see the messages I was shocked to see tha t the messages we're from a number I didn't recognise and the content was about her on the doggy position and taking the cock right up her pussy. I now saw her in a different light I heard the bathroom door open quickly I put her phone back on her sofa she sat and quickly picked up her fine I thought of her on all fours getting a pounding it was dark now so I pulled the curtains closed as I was pulling them I struck up an idea I pulled them so that there was an inch gap between them I had to see what she would do on her own. With that I said goodnight and pretended to go upstairs to bed I sneaked out to the back garden and peered through the open window and gap in the curtain my mouth was so dry as I could see her as she relaxed on the sofa she was stroking her thigh gently she had such long legs it was a joy to behold she then rang a number on her mobile I couldn't hear what was said because she seemed to be talking quietly but I could see she was getting turned on by it and believe me so was I , she now had spread her legs open and was stroking her pussy , I was getting turned on myself I had hold of my penis and felt it was hard as rock I started rubbing furiously, she had her fingers inside her pussy now and was master bating I couldn't believe it my s....r in law master bating in my sitting room her nightdress had ridden right up now and she was holding her breasts then she he'd it up and put a nipple into her mouth I gave out a gasp I was worried that she might of heard me she did look up towards the window I held my breath and stood still my cock standing proud out in front of me, she carried on sucking on her nipple only stopping to talk on her lover on her done this went on for about 15mins I suppose when she shuddered and gasped and had an almighty orgasm I could hold back no longer and I spurted my cum all over the window must of been about 10spurts she then got up and went to the bathroom I rushed inside and checked her fine and saw this number that wasn't her husbands I thought I wanted her as we'll there must be a way I could do this and there was I did have her but that's another story ............. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you
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