My first time with my biology teacher

It has great memories you know when I was at school it was a different era back in the seventies flared trousers kipper ties and wide collers and a teacher called mrs thurston, she was my biology teacher age about 35 about 5ft 6 and legs to die for , I was in 5th form at the time so every female was a conquest waiting to happen but of course most of them don't they are things you dream about , and this dream was about to become a reality. She would come over to my desk in her top with just a hint of cleavage and bend over me to look at my work whist I study her cleavage ,she he'd lovely breasts must be about 36c or there abouts . I sure she knew she seemed to stand for ages there and when I looked at her she gave a knowing smile , but it was always in the class with all the other pupils , I had to come up with a plan to get her on her own. This is what I did, I told her I was playing sports that afternoon and could I pick up my text books at the end of the day, she of course she would look forward to it ( not as much as me I bet) I played my sports had a terrible game if truth be known probably because I was in a state of permanent arousal had to be careful and not let it show in my socks . Any finally it finished I rushed over still in my shirt and shorts there she was sitting in the ste stock room behind the desk the desk had an open front and you could see her legs just slightly parted , my heart was racing my penis was stiffening I was feeling a little awkward, suppose I was wrong I might be making a fool of myself, she said have a look for your text books down there Ive been having a sort out , they were in front of her desk on the floor, I was in heaven I knelt down and I had an unobstructive view right up her skirt .there was gently movement of her legs so I got glimpses of her bulging pussy , I was down there an age just looking up there when she said have you found what your looking for , and with that she gently parted her legs a little more my penis was now standing to attension I jumped up without realising and she had the broadest grin there I was standing in front of my teacher with the biggest hardon imaginable , she said I think you've found it and with that she stood up approached me and kissed me her tongue probing the back of the throat , my penis was now straining to pop out over my shorts , she started to unbutton her top and her breasts popped into view, she grabbed hol of my penis and started gently stroking it we slipped our clothes off and he'd ourselves close together for what seemed an age then she knelt down and took my penis and started to lick the end of it , that was it I lurched forward and with one trust she took the whole of it into her mouth , I couldn't hold it anymore and I said I'm cumming and she gargled not yet she then spread herself on the table with her legs apart her pussy was so inviting i was in such a rush to mount her I didn't even put my tongue down there I slid my penis into her vagina it was so slippery and wet I pushed harder and harder and I had a shattering orgasm I seemed to be pumping my seed into her for ages . She got up and said this must be our secret and no-one must know and no-one has until now......
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