Chance encounter

Hi I'm dave I'm in my mid fifties let me tell about an occasion that happened to me about forty years ago. My name is Dave I was sixteen at the time and was in sixth form college my s....r was at uni about an hour away but used to come home most weekends to see my p.....s she was a typical teenager at the time, to much drinking to much smoking not enough studying. She did Look good though always wore long earrings ,low cut tops showing her cleavage mini skirts showing her long legs and always stilettos, clip clop, clip clop as she walked along the street . Anyway this weekend the sun was out and we went out for a picnic with m.m and we all had a great time but it was soon time for her to go back to her uni. I normally walked with her to the bus stop to get her bus to the railway station. We were about 100metres from the bus stop when the bus suddenly passed us we ran towards the bus stop but as you can imagine in those stilettos she had no chance, and the bus pulled away as we reached it, typical. We checked the timetable and of course being on a Sunday the next bus wasn't due for another half an hour. We chatted for a while then I sayed I needed the toilet I noticed the main ones were closed for renovation but there were temporary ones there they were in like a portacabin gents one side ladies the other I said I'm off to the toilet I won't be long she said I might join you When i got in the portacabin I noticed there were six cubicles in there and i could see to the other end it was a unisex one there were a couple of cubicles occupied but there was three unoccupied in the middle I went in the middle one . A couple of minutes later I heard the familiar clip clop clip clop of a pair of stilettos coming in and they went into the next cubicle I was smiling to myself when I noticed there was a sticking plaster on the wall of the cubicle and what appeared to be a hole in the wall behind it . I knew I shouldn't but I nervously peeled back the plaster and there it was a hole in the wall . I slowly bent down to have a look through and got the surprise of my life , I could see a hand rubbing furiously between their legs , I was fascinated and I was getting turned on my penis was swelling nicely now , I knew it was wrong but I couldn't resist it, I now had my penis in my hands and I was rubbing myself aswell . It was getting huge now and I'm sure it was never as big as it was that day. I peered through the hole and I noticed that they brushed their hair back with their hand and I noticed no earrings , it wasn't who I thought it was , I then had an idea I guided my penis towards the hole and I saw it would fit through it. Nervously I put it through and waited to see if there was any reaction, I heard a small gasp from next door and then I felt a tip of a finger over the top of my penis gently touching it, then caressing it , I was in heaven, I was getting my cock caressed by a complete stranger , I was gasping myself, then I felt something strange , I never exprianced this before I felt some tounge on the tip I felt I was going to explode . I felt a pair of lips envelope my penis I couldn't believe it I was getting a blow job I was absolutely gasping for air I felt the lips on my penis riding up and down and my penis twitched I was cumming I was cumming , I Was CUMMING ii must of spurted about 10 times and I could hear a loud gasping noise front next door I sat there for a moment not wanting it to end and suddenly remembered the BUS it was due in 5minutes I cleaned myself up and went outside, my s....r wasn't there the bus must have come early and she must have got on it, I was just about to walk home when she appeared from the portacabin she seemed a bit flushed, I thought I hope she didn't hear me she then brushed her hair back with her hands and I saw it".............. NO EARINGS "............... I thought no I couldn't have ..... Could I......??????
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