I have never been attracted to my wife`s s****r,let alone had a desire for a sexual episode,on her part she has made it very clear over the years that she fancied me,and was jealous i married her s****r,she is three years younger than my wife,nice natured,plain lookin girl,well what happened in the day in question was,my wife got a call out of the blue from her s****r,could she come and stay,my wife agreed,i was abit put out,as i had planned some quiet time,for us,anyway i agreed ok,and my wife asked if i would pick her up from the train station,as we live in a small village,the station is 9miles away,well i agreed and went to pick her up,my wife stayed home to cook a nice welcome meal.Her s****r sat in the front of my car,complimenting me on how good i looked,she put her hand on my thigh and said,you know i have always fancied you,i often imagine you pushing that hard cock into me,i was going red in the face,she then said something that nearly made me lose control of the car,she said,are there any off road places we could pull off,and i will suck your cock,it will be our secret,i wont tell my s****r,i just said that its not a good idea,and continued on home.We arrived back home,and after my wife and s****r had finished putting the world to rights,we were sitting having dinner.The meal was fantastic,and the wine was flowing,the two of them chatted away,i seemed to be left alone,only brought in on conversation when needed.The worse of this was the fact that her s****r kept putting her hand under the table,and squeezing my crotch,and my wife was doing the same on other times.Soon we were in the lounge,the s****rs abit d***k,the conversation was gettin heated and steamy,my wife left the room only to return with this posy pouch she had bought me,and insisted i put it on,so being turned on with the idea,i did just that,i returned to them both giggleing,my wife came over to where i was standing,and began to rub her hands all over me,her s****r stared in excitement at the pouch,as my cock grew inside the fabric,my wife then turned to her s****r and said,how about this for a toy,at that my wife took my hard cock out,and began wanking me in front of her s****r,whoose eyes were transfixed at this sight,her s****r turned to my wife and said,do you mind if i come over and give it ago,my wife said,hell come on dont wait for an invite wots mine is yours,her s****r rushed over and took my cock in her hand,my wife was now sucking on my nipples,they pushed me to the floor,and i had two mouths goin to work on my cock and balls,my wife removed her clothes,as did her s****r,my wife sat astride my chest,facing my cock,which was being licked and sucked by her s****r,i began to lick my wife`s clit,whilst she held my rock hard cock for her s****r to lick,her s****r massaging my tight heavy balls.I knew my wife was getting horny to be fucked,her s****r pulled my cock upwards,and held it for my wife to lower herself onto it,my wife gasped as she felt my cock enter her wet hole,her s****r placed herself where my wife had been,and i was licking her wet pussy,well we were at this for hours,them changing over with each other.At the end,they both wanked my cock at the same time,i shot a huge jet of hot white cum,there was a mass of it,i kept cumming,and they licked and sucked every drop like hungry cats,well for the seven days her s****r was with us,we fucked and sucked all of us,sometimes my wife and me,sometimes me and her s****r,i would get wanked off by wife and s****r together,sometimes seperate,i got blowjobs from both,again together and seperate,we still meet together,sometimes if im horny i go visit her s****r for an hour or so,my wife ask`s me if her s****r has given me anything that day,i tell her yes,and she says good now its her turn,i cant say i or any of us have looked back since,her s****r now drives and has just phoned to say she is on her way over,my wife has just said to her,great his balls are heavy and full of cum,we need to milk him,god im a lucky guy.
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9 months ago
my wife did not have sister
2 years ago
2 years ago
very lucky guy
2 years ago
yes you are a lucky guy
2 years ago
Love it