Volunteering Reward, The Picnic, Part 3

In the part 2 of Volunteering Reward, The Picnic, I left with,

Suddenly with a high movement upward Julie shifted herself forward and my prick plunged up into her ass. She leaned back on her arms and bounced up and down.

I looked at her, Breasts bouncing in unison to her up and down movement.

Her legs spread wide apart showing her pussy gaping wide with my sperm coming out of it.

Her long hair swaying as she moved about.

I saw her body shake,
She let out a loud OHHHHHHHH,
Which because of where we were at, echoed back OHHHHHH.

She crumpled forward into my Arms, her breasts laying on my chest heaving in and out as Julie caught her breath.

As she lay there she ran her hands around my hairy chest, murmuring so curly,
so fuzzy, so thick.

She then moved her self-up to face me looked me in the eyes,

Said in a soft whispery voice, YOU don’t know how much you have rewarded me….
It’s been so long since I had a man take interest in me.
It’s not easy for a woman as small as me to find a man who will give her attention.

I really thought when you left Thursday I would never hear from you again.
Thank You!

She leaned in and began to kiss me passionately, her hands positioned behind my head so she had complete control. All I could do is respond to her actions in the same way.

She then pulled away, said well, I certainly worked up an appetite, are you hungry baby?

She opened the backpack and pulled out a container, which held a pair of wraps with cheddar cheese, roast beef, lettuce, tomato… Which tasted amazing.
Was accompanied by carrots, celery and pretzel sticks with Blue Cheese, Ranch Dressing Dips.
She certainly knew what a picnic lunch meant. For desert she opened a container of Strawberries, G****s, Raspberries and Blueberries with a container of cream.

She picked up a strawberry, placed it in her mouth and bit down so it was held there. Leaned in and pushed it into mine, together we enjoyed the juiciness it held.

She took a dollop of cream onto her finger and encircled my moth with it, Popped a mixture of berries into her mouth, licked the cream from around mine then pushed berries from her mouth into mine. Mixing the cream and berries together in our mouths.

She then scooped up some berries and pushed them into her pussy, then smeared cream around her pussy, inside and along her inner thighs. She leaned back looked at me and smiled.
Do you want to enjoy my Treat? She asked.
I didn’t hesitate; I pushed her onto her back and began to enjoy her “Treat”.
My tongue probed her tunnel for the berries and then I used my fingers to plunge in deeper to get to what my tongue couldn’t reach. As I licked up the cream some of it gathered on my face and when I sat up, Julie sat up and licked away the cream on my face, while grasping my prick with a hand, which she moved up and down.

When she pulled away, I said lie down, which she did without a response, releasing my prick from her hand.

I moved myself atop her so I was straddling her prick landing between her breasts; pushing them together I began to move between them.

I noticed the nipples now were flat with a quarter circumference. I brushed both nipples together with my thumbs and the center began to grow longer as I did.

I continued my thrusts. I thrust forward and Julie’s head bobbed up; she caught my prick in her mouth and held onto it as long as she could before it moved back out of her mouths reach. She repeated the action several times as I thrust in and out.

I looked down at her nipples and what had been a circular quarter sized nipple was now the inch long cylinder. I was amazed at the transformation and had to stop my breast fucking to again enjoy her spaghetti like nipples in my mouth.

Signs of it becoming dark began to appear and I asked, did you bring a flashlight?

Her reply was no, so I said well I guess we better go then won’t be fun going downhill in the dark. So we got dressed, gathered up the blanket and picnic containers back into the backpack and hiked back to the car.

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