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[Story] The follow up visit: Part 2 to "Night Out&quo

This story takes up following my encounter at a local club where after a few drinks I ended up in the managers off with his big cock in my mouth until he sprayed a ridiculous amount of cum in my mouth and all over everywhere.

Apparently he enjoyed my short “company” that night in his office because he called me nearly every day after that wondering when we could meet again. I was putting him off, not to be rude but because it was just kind of a spur of the moment thing in the first place. And on top of that I always make guys get to the point of basically begging for that second shot. I ... Continue»
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[Story] The Night Out

One evening, leaving the husband at home, I escaped for a girl’s night out. I ended up at a local club, drinking dancing, drinking more. I was having a good time, enjoying the music, the crowd and talking to the guy that owned the place. Nothing serious, just talking and maybe a little light flirting. I had talked to him on another occasion before as he was friends with other people I knew. Anyway, we talked, had a few drinks and I noticed another guy I “knew” had come into the club. This was the guy from the elevator story who I had been “having fun” with for a while but at this point was mor... Continue»
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[Story] Emma's Third Act with Black Dick

It had been almost a month since Emma’s adventure in the cabin. Her friend Naomi who had converted her had now moved out to spread the word to other friends. Emma’s thoughts and dreams were haunted with the images of black cocks and white cum all over and in her. She would often awake moist and have to finger herself back to sl**p pretending her fingers to be a black lover. Whenever she left the house, she would look longingly at any black man that crossed her path, but never developed the guts to say anything to them. At home she would watch movies with lots of black men and masturbate. Emma... Continue»
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25 reason i want to be a slave.

1-Taking orders from my master.
2- Like doing orders from my master
3- Am not aloud to tell my master no.
4- Am not aloud to ask my master why.
5- Like to me bound
6- Love having no control.
7- Like to clean
8- Like to sl**p necked by my master.
9- Enjoy being collard
10- Enjoy being at my master side.
11. Enjoy having to follow master rules.
12- Enjoy orgasm control
13- Learning new things
14- sitting on laying on my master lap
15-Like to wear chains
16- Free time
17- Obeying my master will.
18- Being my master sex toy
19- Being my master stress relief
20-Keeping my body cl... Continue»
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You woke up, blindfolded, with your wrists above your head, cuffed to the ceiling-your feet were touching the dirt floor-u were nude, it was cold, your nipples

were rock hard. You were trying to remember what happened, how u got here but nothing, u were scared
A door opened and some people came in the room-lights were turned on but u were ignored like u weren't there until someone grabbed a nipple and twisted it hard and u screamed, it hurt like hell
U were told to shut up and a ball gag was placed was placed in your mouth-there were a lot of men in the room from the talk and then a whi... Continue»
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[Story] A walk in the woods.

Myra was a 25 year old beautiful blonde who was living her dream. A health nut with a great body 5 foot 6 125 pounds small but pert tits that she was proud of. She loved her new town. She worked in the city, but, it was a short drive to the country where she loved to hike in the woods. It was secluded and sometimes she could walk among the trees and never see or hear another soul, maybe pass a deer. There were plenty of hiking and walking trails and she loved to climb the rocks and be alone after a week of stress at her job.
Her boss gave her a day off during the week because she'd been worki... Continue»
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[Story] Fun in the Woods

out walking in the woods, wearing my plug and sheath under my spandex when i happen across a couple having sex in the woods i walk on past them, but listen to the sounds of their passion turns me on, so i turn and creep back through the brush to watch them.
now that I'm really turned on, sitting there watching them, i slowly peel off my shirt and tight shorts, and begin to stroke myself through the rubber sheath
they finish up a,d pull their clothes together and leave, as i sit there, unnoticed, pleasuring myself with my hands and my toy unaware that someone else is watching me
i am lost in... Continue»
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Best profile's! 1-5

Number 1 Has to be The excellent mollysquirtsSweet Lip's Sexy body And just amazing The number one profile So far ^_^

Number 2 Is The Sweet And Sexy buttplug Girl (Hehe) BattleAxeGirlShe Is Amazingly Beautiful And Her picture's Are amazing She is always up for a Chat

Number 3 Is Kinkykittyxx I have not talked to her yet But she seem's Like a genuine Person With great pics And a hot profile ^_^ [image]http://ep5.xhcdn.com/000/... Continue»
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Want to Try a women

ok Looking for a women in the DMV area for a threesome with my BF what do you think
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Gail come home after being out all night her hubby is asl**p and so is her 15yrs son and 18yrs daughter Donna. Gail looks into Donna's room and there on the bed is a very pretty young woman the sheets pulled away and her 34D tits in full view her long brown hair in her face, frame her tits maker them seem even bigger then they are. Walking in Gail lightly pulls back the sheets more so Donna's lovely ass can be seen the tiny pink panties do nothing to cover the girls cunt lips clean shaven and slightly damp. Donna wakes to see her mother watching her sl**p saying WHAT'S the matter mom? Oh... Continue»
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[Story] OHGirl: My Turn at Porn

My sore and swollen pussy dripped as I got off of the plane and I couldn’t wait to slide down onto Mikey’s big, white cock. I had departed from Japan, after a month and a half of work, and I had worn no panties under my tight, short, black, sexy dress. It had helped to keep from irritating my already sore and swollen clit and labia, but it had also allowed me to play with myself during the flight. I had been fucking and sucking every day while I was in Japan, horny as hell, from being two months pregnant, and taking care of my contractual obligations as I shot more than 2 dozen gangb... Continue»
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[Story] Me and 2 black men!!!

Hello again this is EvA…I am a 40 year old tranny. I do not consider my self a crossdresser anymore, because I am doing that for so long that I have been transformed to a very sexy and feminine ladyboy. I have been taking also hormones for 4 years, on and off and I already saw many changes…my boobies are growing, becoming poutier and have sensitive nipples. My skin is sooo soft and my hips are getting bigger giving me a pear figure… I also see changes in my feelings, being more sensitive and some times I cry when I watch a romantic movie…haha. One of the biggest changes also is that I am alwa... Continue»
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By Bhuralund@gmail.com

After being laid off from my lucrative job as a wealth manager, I had no luck getting another job. As weeks turned into months, I lost all hope and aspirations. Finally thanks to my wife, I found a job as security supervisor for the building she works in. She also works in a bank but was lucky to have her job despite the recession. The building is actually 50-storyes and I had a nice cosy office in the basement just below the control room on the first level. All the CCtvs monitors were installed in the control room and I had a master screen which allowed me to flick... Continue»
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[Story] Cow Training

Ashley-the Human cow

I stopped the car and stared at the silent stone barn for a few seconds then grabbing the piece of paper reread the directions. Going over them in my mind I realized that indeed this was the place. The big structure stood silent and majestic in the soft moonlight as I drove through the open steel gate and across the empty farmyard. I followed the graveled drive past the abandoned farmhouse and around the large metal, machine shed to discover two other cars already parked in the dusky interior. As instructed I parked my car beside them and taking a deep breath I unfast... Continue»
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[Story] F*rced To Be A Slut (for BBC)

f***ed to be a Slut
Story from the perspective of a mom who is f***ed to become a slut for their neighbors daughter. The mother’s daughter also becomes her mistress and mom gets nigger fucked
Tears ran down my cheeks as the nigger cock rammed my pussy from behind. Jessica watched with a smile on her face as she often did. Here I was, in the back of a van in a mall parking lot, getting my white pussy violated by a nigger buck while the woman who had become my Mistress watched with humor. Here I was submitting to yet another of her wicked desires.

I suppose I should explain a bit of how t... Continue»
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How To Suck Cock

Some would think that to suck a cock its as simple as sticking it in your mouth and pulling it back out. Look, there is an art to sucking cock. You want to be the best, you want those horny boys to line up around the corner just to get their cock sucked by you. So how do you do it?

Practice makes perfect ,so grab your favorite dildo (or if you have a cock handy ;) ) and let’s do this
Deep Throating
Have you ever gotten into a chugging contest, regardless of what the drink was? If not try it. Take your favorite and drink it as fast as you can, and notice what is happening to your throat.... Continue»
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[Story] used by black guys unexpectedly part 2

Where I last left off I had just been used by3 older bbc's.
They had there way with me and I now lay there covered and filled with cum. The 3 of them were talking and looking at me still as I laid there on the couch. After a few minutes of talking the oldest looking man [50+] came over to me. "That was great for us, hope you enjoyed" I didn't know what to do all I could manage was to look at him and shake my head yes.
"So you did enjoy that huh? I'm glad, because we could use another round." He looked at his buddies and gave them some sort of gesture. One man went over to his phone, the othe... Continue»
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[Story] A visit to an Adult Movie Theater gets out of cont

Last summer my wife and I went back to my hometown for
my 25th year HS reunion. We got to the hotel on Friday
night and my wife was horny and we had a quick fuck
before heading out to meet my old friends. There were 6
couples and my wife was the hottest and didn't mind
dressing to show a little cleavage. On the way back to
the hotel we went by the old theater on the edge of
town and it had turned in to an x-rated movie theater.
I joked with my wife about stopping in and she said
sure but I kept driving.

The next day we played golf with my old friends and
then went to th... Continue»
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[Story] Blackmailed into having his c***dren

I received an email from my husband telling my he would Skype me later that night, as he had just bought himself a new computer and had finally, successfully downloaded Skype.

He was working in Nigeria and had been away from home for 8 days now, and with communication at a low, Skyping would be a pleasant experience from the usual shitty phone calls we had been using.

I was working on the computer that evening when the Skype call cam through, from a guest. I normally don't answer guests, as they could be anyone, so I answered, and not surprisingly, it was a guy wanking himself, 'Hi Love'... Continue»
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[Story] Horse Cock Girl Part 1

Amy awoke, startled by the shrill chiming of her alarm. She settled back into her pillow and looked sideways at her clock. Reading the digital display she sat bolt-upright.

"8:30? Shit, I'm going to be so late!"

Amy jumped out of bed and dressed as quickly as she could in her jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. As soon as she was decent she rushed downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a banana and an apple for breakfast. She'd have to skip the normal coffee and cereal if she was going to get to college on time.

She rushed over the road to her bus stop just as the bus arrived. She sat at... Continue»
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[Story] Horse Cock Girl Part 2

Amy woke up around dusk, based on the amount of light coming through her bedroom window. She'd fallen asl**p, her new horse-cock still hard and inside her best friend, Lucy.

Lucy was awake, watching Amy sl**p, and apparently enjoying the cock that was still inside her and hard again. Lucy was bouncing slowly and gently on Amy's cock and smiled when she noticed her friend had awoken.

"Good evening, sl**ping Beauty," Lucy said, in a slightly strained voice. She couldn't keep her pleasure out of her voice.

Amy smiled and pushed Lucy off of her, rolling on top of her and kissing her nec... Continue»
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fucked raw for a game of cards

I was with hubby on a weekend break this last bank holiday, we were in the local pub and I was I my sexy new outfit, hotpants, holdups and tight top.
well, I got chatted up quite a bit but towards the end of the night these 3 guys on their holidays and me and hubby got to talking quite a lot and we ended up playing cards, hubby lost his watch by the end and I had been touched up by all 3 of them as forfeits. anyway they offered a last deal, hubby wins we get out stuff back, they win I get fucked raw. cut a long story short hubby lost.

We went to their caravan and hubby waited outside,... Continue»
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Paying the Landlord

It was Quite a while back now when me and my hubby rented a house, basically he
lost his job and I was looking after our baby and we had it hard finding the
rent, to cut a long story short, one day the landlord came
around wanting payment, he stood in the doorway and asked for his money, I told
him he would have to wait but he refused, looking me up and down in my shorts
and top he put a hand around my waist and squeezed me, 'I can take payment out
of this' he said over my shoulder to my hubby.

My hubby at first refused but the landlord insisted, we pay up or he kicks us
out,... Continue»
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[Story] Landlords Dog

Shelly is an average girl with brunette hair and brown eyes who is 30 years old. She works at a bank and lives in an apartment building. Its owned by a fat 50 year old black man with grayish black hair and beard named Mr. Meaner who looks 60. When Shelly first met him she was intimidated but found him to be nice as well as his rottweiler Buck. They were the only two to live down stairs. There was her and the landlords apartment as well as one other that he left open for visiting f****y. Also the lobby and the laundry room that everyone used. Above them were three more floors and each floor wit... Continue»
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[Story] Wife Is Used By A Stranger

My wife is 52 years old and slim. She has a nice figure for her age and still loves sex. She does most things I want – oral sex on demand and she takes it in the mouth and swallows. However one thing I have not been able to do is to have sex with another guy while I watch. I know she would love to be fucked by a young, fit guy but she has some moral hang-ups to do with marriage I guess.

Several weeks ago we took a holiday to a resort in the South West of England and as usual spent a lot of time doing things like walking, eating at decent restaurants and drinking too much alcohol. On one... Continue»
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[Story] Three ugly Africans


Traveling is my favorite thing. I've been all over the world without any problems, until Africa. I had rented a car to explore one of those exotic dictatorships of the dark continent and I was having a really great time. As a gorgeous, blond, single woman, I have come to enjoy men learing at me lustily, undressing me with their eyes. It was a blast, until I tried to leave the country...

Handcuffed behind my back I sat on a wooden chair next to a table in a room with no windows. I must have been there for an hour when a uniforme... Continue»
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I've gone black

For years I was married to a biker. Bikers are notorious for being bigots,each race with their own.
So when I divorced Randy, my biker husband, I didn't think for a minute i'd be dating a black man. I started a job at a manufacturing company where I befriended Larry. A good looking black man. He kept on me constantly to go out with him. What would my grown son think. What would my f****y and friends think if I went out with him. We just didn't date outside our race in my f****y. But Larry had charm and he was so damn good looking. I finally agreed to go out for drinks with him. Of course afte... Continue»
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[Story] Handcuffed in The Sex Shop, Powerless as they did

Went into the city for a days shopping, and over coffee, decided to update my sex toy collection, with something new.

Googled my iPhone and found directions to one shop about 2km away. It was down a down a quiet side street, where else I thought, trust the council to hide a woman's sexual needs down a back alley.

Pushed through the door which sounded a buzzer, alerting the owner, or employee, a desperate woman had entered, looking for something hot to push up her pussy and cum.

True to form a fat guy appeared, why do sex shops have poor specimens of males attending to female's sex nee... Continue»
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[Story] BBW In The Bra Shop

The Bra Shop had been open for just under a year now and things were going well, really well in fact. Business was great and I spending more and more time helping Cathy out. I just loved being in the shop watching all the big breasted ladies walk in and check out all the beautiful bras we have.

During the first year we had lots of fun as well. We hired some amazingly beautiful and hugely endowed girls to work in our store and lucky old me got to fuck them all. Perhaps the best two were Marissa and Chloe both extraordinarily stacked young things that have appeared in most of the Bra Shop sto... Continue»
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[Story] bbw in the chemist

I'd taken my mate to the out patients of a local hospital, they told me to come and collect him in a couple of hours. As I was feeling hungry I decided to go and look for something to eat, there was a parade of shops a mile up the road, as I was looking for a sandwich shop I found a chemist, I went in to see if they had a chocolate bar or something.

A chubby lady of around 60 served me, she said "There isn't anything round here to eat", shame I said in a flirty way, which made her blush. "You could try further into town if you want", I said "It's fine I've only got an hour", she said "I hav... Continue»
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