Second Date with Farmer Sam

Friday afternoon I was at work when I recieved a phone call it was SamMy Farmer friend he asked me if I had any plans for the weekend and I said no why what did you have in mind and he said maybe we could hang out this weekend an see what we can get intohe said he would even cook me dinner so I agreed and he told me he would pick me up around seven so after work I went home and showered and changed into something I recently bought that was tight on the skin even for a big girl like meit was short sleved just past the elbow and the skirt came to just above my knees and it hugged my body tight when seven oclock rolled around Sam was at my door waiting on me when i opened the door he was really supprised to see my new outfit and I knew he liked it the way he kept looking at me and stairring at my nipples and it excited me my nipples were getting hard just from him looking at me when he finnally stopped and realized what he was doing he applogized and I told him it was alright and we headed to his truck he was the perfect gentleman he open my door for me and even helped me inside then he weny around and got in drivers side and away we went. As we droved we chatted about things that we have been into since our last time together and he asked I liked pasta for dinner and i said yes he said good cause I fixed home made sauce and noodles with a Bottle of wine chilling in ice I told him that sounded great and what else he had in mind for the weekend I told me he had a few ideas and I would enjoy them and started laughing and I asked anything like last time cause my nipple were sore to the touch for a couple of day and that I liked it he answered me say maybe alittle maybe more if I was up for it I told him sure would love to and we laughed and he turned down the road to his farm and I felt his hand touch my leg and he slid it up my thigh and I opened my legs alittle and he slipped his hand in between my legs and was rubbing my pussy mound and sticking a finger in between my lips and rubbing mt clit as he done this I placed my hand on his crotch and could feel his cock growing in his pants so I unzipped his fly and pulled his tighty whities down to pull his ever growing cock out and began stroking it for him as we drove after a few minutes he pulled over and I took his cock in my mouth and slowly took his cock in and out of my mouth and stroking it as I sucked it for him he was moaning from his enjoyment untill after about yen minutes of me sucking him off he started to grunt and I could feel his cum moving out of his balls to my waiting mouth as he grunte really hard I sucked his cock just as hard and swallowed every last drop of his cum and I was really wet and horny thing about what would happen later and over the weedend as he finally relaxed he put the truck in drive and went finished our drive up the road to his house and parked and went inside.

During dinner we ate and drank and chatted and I asked him if he enjoyed his appitizer and he said Greatly and he poured me some more wine as I drank I started feeling a little tippsy funny and hesaid you feeling ok and I spoke but was not hearing any words and he asked if I was ready and I tried to answer and he said I know you really enjoyed your self last time you were here and I decided to do a few things to get you here and make you more responsive to different things and he said he spiked my wine with horse spanish fly and I would be feeling the affects for a long time and he said I have somethings planned for your big sexy body we are gonna go to the barn again and start you out as a cow and milk your big udders and have our way with you as he kept saying we I was feeling the affects of the spanish fly that I didnt realize he was talking about a few friends of his he helped me up and pulled my dress off over my head and I was standing there like someone who was d***k and staggering he then took me by the armand started walking towards the door and outside we went and I could feel the cold air on my body and my nipples got really hard as we walked to the barn when we entered he led mt to the stall we were in last time but it was different there was a sling hanging from a steel Ibeam and he pushed me up into it and I felt another set of hand helping him they put my leggs through a hole on each side of the sling and my leggs dangled feely an my hand were put in straps to hold them in place my titts were hanging through a hole like it was made for me the sling was tightened up around my body and I felt a piece of ice start rubbing my erect nipples making them really hard and wet from the ice melting theb I felt the milking tubes attach to my nipples and began suctioning and I was really turned onand was getting really horny from the d**g I think and sam came around in front of me and said Wendy you are gonna be our play thing and we are gonna do what ever we want to you he said my friends are even bigger than me and we are gonna take our time and but by the time were done you wont wanna leave you will wanna stay as our human cow sex toyas he said that he pulled his pants off and stuck his cock in my mouth and grabbed my head and pull me back and forth on his cock making me suck him and I felt a set of hand on my back they were rubbing my back and between my legs and ass I was getting really horny but unable to do anything except what they pulled me or pushe me into doing but I was getting into it I felt the guy behind me start rubbing my pussy and clit pushing a finger in it then two then three as he started licking my clit he fingered my hole getting it wett quick and the I felt another set of hands on my back these hands drew circles on my ass hole and the he slid beside me and reached around and grabbed my titts and squezzed them I started to oegasm from the assult these guys were doing to me and I heard them say she likes thissnd the guy behind me stood up and I felt the head of his cock enter my sopping wett pussy hid head was hugh and he slid it in slow at first then started to drive it in to the rythm of sam pushing and pulling my head with his cock in my mouth and I was cumming really hard and the third guy said let make it good for here and he reached over and turned up the controls of the milking machine and I could feel my nipples bieng pulled really hard by this machine I felt like I was in heaven and cumming hard moaning I was really into it and and sam said put it in her ass and the guy fuvking my pussy pulled out and I felt it go in my ass and he never lost rythm he started pounding my ass as hard and as deep as he did my poor pussy after a few minutes sam let go of a hugh load in my mouth and stepped back to let the other guy in his place and his cock was much bigger and rounder than sams he started gagging me as the guy behind me pounding away at my ass started pushing it in harder than before and I head him say as I was gagging she has a really tight pussy and ass from the looks she loves what were doing to her the other guy spoke up and said yeah I know and she can really suck a dick and is good at it lets trade he said you sure as big as you are you might stretch her and make her loose the other guy said so that will make her wanna stay and be ours to play with so the guy behind me agreed and pulled out and they switched places and I felt the guy that was gagging now behind me pushing the head of his sloppy wett cock in my extemely wett pussy and he said she is tight I might not be able to go all the way but Im gonna try and both guys laughed and they started pounding away at me mercelessly again as he pumped his hugh cock in and out of my now sore pussy he was sinking deeper and all I could do was moan I was really enjoying it the guys traded a couple of times cummingg in my mouth and my pussy and even in my ass and on my pussy and ass opening finially they stopped and started undoing my hands and leggs and taking my limp abused body out of the sling after detaching the suctioning device and then re-attaching it at full suction sam pulled over a padded bench and they laid me on my back on it and stuck my leggs in the air andand one of the guys strattled my head and stuck his cock in my mouth and told me to suck it so I did as I was told then I felt a stream of water hit my pussy and ass between my keggs where they wer in the air the other guy said I wander how much we can put in her pussy and fuck her her to see i f she squirts any of it as we pound her the guy I was sucking said hold the water in or we will let a bull fuck you next if you dont so they the proceded to fill my pussy with water and I could fill my stomach swell from the waterwhen they finished filling me up I squeezed my cunt muscles together to hold it in and the guy I was sucking pulled his cock out of my mouth and said look bith at you fat cow body now and he grabbed my head and pulled my head up and I seen my stomach it was bigger than ever full of water making me look like I was six to seven hundred pounds and he said Im gonna pound you and you must keep as much as you can in he then let go of my head and went down to between my leggs and stcu his long thick hugh cock in my water filled wett pussy and began pounding away at me I began moaning as I did water gushed out with each thrust I heard his say this cow fucks good and follows directions well he pounded me long and really hard that his buddy slid in over ,my head and stuck his cock in my open moaning mouth and started face fucking me making me gag after about thirty minutes of this I heard the guy fucking me sill say he is about to cum and started pounding harder I was starting to cum as well as he unloaded in my pussy the guy in my mouth did as well as they cummed I did as well and all the water came rushing out of me like a water fall by this time it was midnight and they unattached the milking machine and hepled me back to sams house where they laid me on a bed and let me sl**p.

The next morning when I woke up sam was beside me naked alsoI asked him did that really happen last night he said yes baby it did you were really hott and my friends say they would love to fuck you again sometime and he said let me make you breakfast while you shower and dress I said ok but not sure what I should do after hearing what he told me my phone was in my purse in his truck and he locked it when we came in the house last night I had no choice but to do as he asked so I took a shower and dried off and my dress was lying on the bed with a note breakfast is ready so I came down stairs and he was at the table waiting on me he pulled my chair out and slid it under me as I set down He had mad bacon and eggs and potatoes and ham with a glass of Oj after we started eating he said lets go down to the farmers market and see what we can find so I agreed and we finished our meals and drinks and we went outside and got on his four wheeler and we rode down to the edge of his farm that he runs the market when we arrived he said look around if you like and I said ok so I did I went in to one of the green houses and looked around at all the veggies he grew and I felt really warmand I went outside to cool off but it didnt help I was getting reayy hott and a warn sensation in my lower tummy and a tingling in my pussy I sat down and before I knew it a couple of guys had picked me up and took me into one of the green houses in the back where no one could see I felt alot of hand fondeling me and everything was hazy like the night before and then I felt a hand on my pussy and he slipped his fingers in and began pumping them in and out of myI was begining to enjoy the feeling till another set of hand began pincjing my sore nipples and pullung on them I moaned and realized it was happening again and I like it so I gave in after a few minutes of fondling they pulled my dress over my head and off of me one guy stepped up with his cock in hand I greedly took it in my mouth and sucked him till he shot his cum down my throat and another guy took his place after about thirty minutes of sucking guys off they lifted me out of the chair I was in and put me on my knees in the chair where the had access to my now wett pussy I was sucking like a vacumme and felt guys lining up the fuck my pussy one guy after another stood in front of me to suck his cock and then climb between my leggs and strart fucking me I was moaning and enjoying bieng the center of attention and sam cam in and watched me bieng fucked and sucking different cocks he decided to do some more to me while these guys had there way with me he took a rope and tied it around my titts aand pulled them out away from the chair and staked them to the ground and and then clamped my sore enlarged nipples with another rope till they were tight around my nipples and let each guy I was sucking take the ropes and pull them haard as they did the guy fucking me woul pump his cock harder and slapp my ass on both cheeks I orgasmed each thime they did this and sam watche and smiled I heard him ask baby do you like what I have done and I moaned a big Yess and he went back out front and after about thirty minutes the guys were finished and went out side and a few more guys had entered and took there turns but one of the guys I sucked his cock his cock was as fat as his ball sack and really long and he he told me baby Im gonna fuck you deep and hard and then fuck your ass as I pull your nipple really hard and he was a man of his word he drove his fat cock in my pussy and it felt like he bottomed out and all I could do was moan from the joy and he pulled out and took some of my pussy juice and rubbed my ass hole then he slid his cock in me and began to pound my ass for all I was worthas he did he pulled the clamps that were tied to my engorged nipples and pulled the ropes hader than any of the guys has earlier that day I was moaning so loud and so hard P ast out just as I orgasmed and he dhot his hugh load on my back all the way to my hair when I woke sam had me at his house again and all cleaned up and said baby your amazing so how is your weekend going I said baby can we do that again what we did today he said sure baby but tomarrow we will dod it a little different. Thats a story for a later date.

Today I stayed home I could hardly walk and my nipples were engorged really big and very tender to the touch i orgasm just washing them in the shower I will like dating sam he lets me have fun and even told me I can date anyone I wanted to as long as he get to be in there as well I agreed and he told me weekend afternext not to plan anything he had something special in mind so I told him ok but I have to work tomarrow I just hope my co-workers dont notice my nipples cause they are staying hard and very large and and I cant wear a vra if I do I wont get any work done lol. Hope you enjoyed my weekend story as much as I did living it would love to try it again some time lol? xoxoxxoxox
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1 year ago are very lucky to have this xo
1 year ago
Awesome Wendy!!
2 years ago
Wow, this is way to hot.
2 years ago
You will just have to wait till I tell it on here or you can call me sometime and I will tell you ok?
2 years ago
Hey I saw you and Sam the other day anything new happen with the two of you?
2 years ago
2 years ago
Love the avatar too
2 years ago
interesting might be good fun
2 years ago
Thanks He Might be if he keeps me Supprised like that lol
2 years ago
Very hot Wendy,,looks like he is a keeper