Weekend was a Blurr Need Help PLEASE?

This past weekend went by I barely remember it I went out Friday night with Sam and we met up with a few of his friends at a club we like to go to. we had some drinks and played pool and Danced some of the night but about 11:30 that evening Sam,s friend Roy called him and asked him if he could come and help him fix his Truck and Sam bieng the person he is didnt want to not help his friend and I didnt wanna leave just yet so Sam asked me if I wanted to stay and he would return to get me when he finished fixing roys truck so I agreed and same put some money to his tab and told the Bartender anything I wanted put it on his tab and away he went. While he was gone I had a few more drinks and was dancing on the dance floor when I went to sit back down at my table I noticed there were s couple of older gentlemen sitting there watching the crowd and having a few beers they must have been in there 60,s to 70,s as I approched my table I said excuse me I was sitting here and they appologised and went to get up but when I looked around I noticed all the tables were full so I told the its ok and to please stay and they agreed and said Thank you and we chatted for a while and introduced ourselves I told them my name is Wendy and the one to my left said his name was Tom and the guy across from me was named Bill and we chatted some and they both bought me a few drinks for letting them stay at my table so I excepted as the night went on Bill asked me to dance so I agreed and off we went while Tom got us a few more drinkswe danced for a while then tom came over and took Bills place and danced with me some even a few slow songs and after the dance,s we went back to the table and drank our last drinks because the Bartender called closing time and we went outside in the cool nite air but Sam was no where to be seen and I tried to call him but he didnt answer so Bill and Tom stayed there with me for a while as I was trying to get ahold of Sam but when 3:30 came and no Sam Tom offered to give me a ride home with him and Bill so I agreed after all they were Gentlemen to me in the club.

Tom opened the Door on his Van and helped me inside I doidnt realize I had drank more than usual and the cool nite air was affecting me some what I was a little off balance and tripped and fell face first into Bills lap as I picked myself up I applogized and he said it was ok he didnt mind as I get comfortable we drove off towards Sam house and I was giving him Directions and he said ok he knows where it was and we started chatting about something and some how it ended up about sex I was intoxicated so much that I spilled alot about my likes and desires about sex as I did so I was not realizing I had pulled up my skirt and started rubbing myself in front of the two old men and not saying anything Bill watched and so was Tom from the rear view mirror as I tlod them what I liked and what I have done they asked me if I could demonstrait and I agreed and asked what would they want me to do and Bill looked at Tom and back at me and asked me to srtip and play with myself so I started taking my top off then my Bra and My tits swung free my nipples were hard and T unzipped the back of my skirt to take it off and slid it over my Big hips and Bill said wow you are a Big Beautiful woman and said I had nice Tits and ass I said thank you and squeezed them together for him and started playing with them and my shave clit I leaned my head back and shut my eyes as I played with my clit I was getting excited and didnt realize we had come to a stop as I played with myself I opened my eyes and saw two cocks in my face Bill and Tom had stripped and was stroking there cocks in my face squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples I was really Horny so I just tokk Bill in my mouth and sucked his cock and stroked Toms and traded off back and forth till they were both hard and Tom got on his knees and spread my leggs and stuck his Face in my Pussy and started licking my clit and nibbling on it and I shut my eyes while he did that and Kept sucking Bills cock Bill then pulled his cock out of my mouth and placed them between my 44D Tits andhad me squeeze them together so he could tity fuck them so I did.

After a few minutes of tity fucking and Tom pussy eating Tom stood up andhad me turn around and face him so Bill could get behind me I took Toms cock in my mouth once again and sucked on him as Bill slid between my legsa and stuck his 10incher in my wet sopping pussy and he pumped his cock in and out and started picking up speed and rythm with each thrust in he pushed my furtherdown on Toms cock I was sucking I was in Heaven and they pounded me like this for awhile and traded placesand done the same thing again But Toms cock was about the same as Bills but alittle wider as he pumped his cock in and out of me then they had me lie down on my back and spread my legs and Tom took position between my legs again and pushed his cock Balls deep as he did I let out a deep loud Moan as I did bill stuck his cock in my mouth from over my head and I sucked him as if I were a new baby sucking a passy and Tom began raming his hugh rod in and out like a piston I moaned as he did he felt so good deep in me and I was cumming as he pounded me and squirted on him he loved it and said to Bill we need to keep her for a day so we can have some fun with this young woman and Bill agreed and they both asked me if I would stay with them for a day and he began pounding deep and hard and as I was about to answer I moaned and yes came out of my mouth and he pulled out and traded with Bill and and Tom stuck his cock in my mouth and I tasted my juices mixed with my cum on his cock and Bill slid betwenn my leggsa and stuck his cock in my very wett pussy and began pumping his cock in and out very hard and very fast as he did I heard him say I love her pussy she lovs it Im gonna put it in her ass and I moaned yes again .

Bill said great she is just like she said so he pulled out slowly and Tom grabbed both my ankes and pulled my leggs way back till my ass was exposed and Bill took two of his fingers and stuck them in my pussy and scooped some of my cum and juices out and rubbed it on my asshole and placed his cock head in and started slowly pushing it in me deep he pulled out and pushed againg going deeper each time he went forward after he was all the way in I felt his balls slapp against my ass cheeks as he pounded my assand Tom stuck his cock in my mouth making me deepthroat him as far as I could and I felt four fingres go in my pussy Tom had put them there and started fourfinger fucking me as they went I was so turned on I moaned with each thrust of both cocks and fingers I was in heaven and as I began to orgasm I started squirting every where and tightened my anal muscles around Bills Dick and heard him say Im cumming in her ass god she is hott so To decided to cum down my throat so he began picking up speed and fucking my throat with aggression till I felt his cock swell from him about to cum as he did I swallowed it all till he was empty and he pulled out saying she is good as she claims as we rested Tom offered me a drink I accepted and sat there Hot, Horny, wet, and wanting more as I drank I felt dizzy before I knew it I was out and when I woke up it was Sunday evening I was at my Home on my couch naked and my clothes on the floor by the door and I was covered in dried cum all over my Body with a note that read Thanks WQendy for the Sex filled weekend you are very adventurous and my friends and I loved the show you did for us after we had fun with you Max and corky love you and how you lat the have you any way they wanted! I didnt understand what it mean but my pussy was sore and so was my asshole plus it was gapping so I went up stairs to take a shower as I did I checked my messages and Sam had left me a message appologizing about Friday and he understood that I didnt call him saturday or today but I was lost I didnt remember what had happened from the time I let the bar till now but there was a piece of paper beside my cell phone it had an address and it read Remeber you promised to come here next Friday and saturday again so come dressed sexy, My head was spinning after reading that note so I went to bed and went to work this morning but left early were I was still alittle woozy if anyone know what happened to me this past weekend Please feel free to tell me Please? Thanks Love and Kisses Wendy.
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1 year ago
1 year ago
Sounds like you had fun... Do you need a ride?
1 year ago
Now that's a great weekend would love that great sex.
2 years ago
fucking hot stuff mmmmmmmmm
2 years ago
Great story!!!
2 years ago
Wendy would love to give you a lift anytime....
2 years ago
Damn thats a good one! Keep it up wendy i cant get enough
2 years ago
Are you ok seems like your weekend was a fun one maybe I think I know the two guys that gave you a lift I will check around to see what all happened if it were them ok Hun ?