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I live in San Diego with my husband who works for an Oil Company in Houston, so he commutes every week.
This leaves me with four lonely nights, which in the last few years, I've occupied by being fucked by

virile young guys.
Black, white it doesn't matter to me as long as they're young and their cocks are hard then they're

welcome in my pussy.
I've even been introduced recently to threesomes and the joys of spit roasting.
The tale I'm about to regale happened last weekend.
My Husband does a bit of part time helping with our local scout troop.
He was scheduled to take them to the forest camp just outside the city.
They would meet up on the Friday evening and sl**p in the dormitory and on the Saturday they would

pitch tents and get some serious camping done, Hunting, Fishing and everything else Scout troops get up

This particular event was the last jamboree before the guys went off to college, so they must all have

been around eighteen years old.
My Husband called me at 4.30 and asked would I drive up to camp and chaperone the boys as his flight

was cancelled until Saturday lunchtime and he wouldn't be able to make it tonight and it was too late

to cancel as most of the guys were in transit to the camp.
I moaned somewhat in having to drive out to the forest and babysit a bunch of k**s, he said they were

young men but the law required that adult supervision was required and he'd make it up to me if I

stayed the night with them.
As he would not be home that night, I reluctantly agreed and thought to myself I could have a little

fun teasing them.
I'd only just finished work and still had on my office attire, thigh high stockings, garter belt, lace

thong, push up bra, Stiletto shoes, tight skirt and silk blouse all in sexy black.
I thought I'd not change as I could change once I got to the camp.
I grabbed a sports bag and put in some toiletries and some casual clothes to change into.
I threw the bag into the back of my Station Wagon and headed to the campsite.
It was only a short drive and I arrived at the dorms as six of the scheduled eight were sitting on the

steps awaiting the arrival of my husband.
I was delightfully surprised that these weren't boys as I expected but young virile handsome men.
I climbed out of my station wagon revealing just a hint of stockinged thigh. Looking over at the guys I

"Sorry guys but my husband has been delayed and won’t be here until lunchtime tomorrow!"
"Damn!" came the reply from one of them
"What’s the problem?"I asked
"He was going to let us drink beer and watch some porn tonight before we went adventure scouting

tomorrow!" He said disappointingly.
"Shut up you asshole!" The troop scolded him.
Looking at the slightly embarrassed troop I said.
"Well if you guys want to do that, please don't let me stop you!" I re-assured
"You'd let us watch porn?" He enquired
"Hell I'll watch it with you!" I teased.
My black silk blouse was shimmering in the twilight as I noticed my buttons were open to bra level,

giving these young men a glimpse of my firm ample breasts.
The blouse was fitted at the waist enhancing my hour glass figure, which seemed to please the

"Help me in with my stuff guys!" as the six guys leapt to pick up my bag and overnight bag.
The dorm building was open and we made our way inside.
The building consisted of a kitchen, a six communal showers bathroom with two urinals and two toilets,

a large recreational seated area and a ten bunk bedroom.
"Where will I sl**p?" I quizzed
One of the guys was so full of confidence; he smiled at me and said.
"I can think of somewhere, but the end bed should be ok!" He smirked.
"Is that your bed?" I teased.
"If you want it to be!" he tossed back at me with a huge grin.
I walked over toward him slowly, my high heels clip clopping on the hard wooden floor.
As I stood in front of him I pulled him by the collar towards me.
Kissing him fully on the mouth, I placed my hand on his growing prick and whispered
"Yes that will be where we sl**p but I'll need fucking first!"
The place went silent. I’d called his bluff but being able to be so dominant in front of these young

strong virile specimens had my pussy squelching almost with desire.
I was going to be fucked and I’d decided all of them would do me before the night was out.
“Right here’s the deal. Put your bags away and bring the beer and porn into the other room and we’ll

have some fun, but no one must know of this!”
“Scouts Honour!” One of them said as everyone giggled.
The bags were in their place as the beer and porn was taken through to the other room.
Tops were flying off beer bottles as one the guys placed a Porno in the DVD. The TV screen came to life

as a brunette girl appeared on screen kissing and rubbing herself up against two men.
The guys on screen were topless, showing their toned muscles as the female rubbed their crotches.
“You guys should be watching dressed like that!” I giggled
As it was a balmy summer evening, all of the guys almost in unison removed their shirts and sat back

with a beer in hand and continued watching.
The girl in the DVD stood before the two guys and removed her dress revealing her Stockings, Garter

Belt, Lace Thong, push up bra and high heels.
One of the guys paused the movie and said.
“If we should sit like this then you should dress like her!”
I stood up in front of the boys, took a step back so they all could see and slowly unzipped my skirt. I

undid my blouse buttons at the wrists then unbuttoned the blouse from the bottom up.
With both garments loosened, I gyrated my hips as the skirt fell to the floor revealing my stockings

and thong.
My blouse flew open with my movement giving the guys a good view of my firm tits in the sexy bra.

Peeling my blouse off, I stood before the young men wearing only my lingerie.
They all looked at me in a state of shock, as I sat down between them and crossed my silk clad legs.
The porno was resumed as the guys on screen slowly removed the girl’s thong. The guys either side of me

put their hands on the side of my own thong.
I raised my ass off the sofa just enough for the guys to slide my thong down my thighs revealing my

married shaved pussy.
The room dynamic had changed now as the guys clamoured to look at my shaved slot.
I opened my legs wide to give my boys a good look of what they would soon sample.
Smiling I whispered seductively.
“How many of you guys are Virgins?”
To a man all six put their hands up declaring their virginity.
“Well that’s all about to change!” I giggled all of you can get naked right now. I need to see these

virgin cocks!”
The impetuousness of youth had six young virile boys throwing trousers and Boxers all over the dorm

In a blur, all six boys were naked and every one of them proudly sporting a rampant bl**d engorged

erect ion.
Four of these cocks were quite impressive but two of them were sensational.
One of the magnificent cocks was about ten inches long with a smooth purple head, a cock of immense

The other was an absolute b**st! It was at least eleven inches long and as wide as a coke can.
The veins were bulging on this monster as it twitched before my eyes.
Still sitting on the sofa I instructed the guys to line up and I would blow all of their cocks, one at

a time, while they would all take turns in licking my pussy.
Once I’d swallowed all of their loads they could all fuck my pussy and cum inside me one at a time. The

biggest cock knelt beside me as the next biggest began to lick my pussy.
Not really sure what he was doing he just placed his tongue between my pussy lips and lapped away.
His tongue and the situation were arousing me wonderfully.
I sucked as much of the b**st cock into my mouth as possible, rolling my tongue softly around his

enormous glans.
There was no way he was going to last and the situation as it was, my own orgasm would appearing any

I felt his enormous manhood twitch violently as a colossal volume of hot seed gushed down my throat.
My own orgasm flooded my pussy as a torrent of young boy cream deluged my throat. Every drop of his

sexual elixir was now swallowed.
His cock deflated to half size as I instructed my pussy licker to take his position in the cock sucking

domain. He gave my pussy one last lick as he moved up and knelt on the sofa.
My next pussy licker took his place between my stockinged legs and began to lick my pussy furiously,

placing two fingers inside as he lapped away.
I licked my pussy juices of my next victims face then positioned at my lips and softly sucked his

perfect cock.
Nibbling the smooth purple head gently with my teeth, I slithered my tongue all around his virgin

Kissing and licking this beautiful cock I felt my pussy licker twiddle his fingers as he began to chew

my clitoris and pussylips with almost expert deft touches.
An orgasm swept through me as I rode my pussy lickers face.
The cock in my mouth exploded magnificently as spurt after spurt slithered along my undulating tongue

straight down my cum greedy throat.
Taking his cock from my mouth I smiled at him and said to my pussy licker.
“C’mon get up here and let me suck your cock!”
He almost jumped onto the sofa, kneeling in front of me as he fed his hard cock into my hungry slutty

Kissing and licking his beautiful virgin cock I felt my next pussy licker take up position kneeling

between my long stocking clad legs.
He also adopted the two fingers in pussy, lick, lick, lick method.
It was a little bit juvenile but that’s what these guys were. Licking some pussy for the first time.

Getting a blowjob for the first time and very soon popping their cherries for the first time.
I sucked the remaining guys off, swallowing their loads as promised whilst they all finger fucked and

licked my pussy.
Every guy who licked my cunt gave me an orgasm so they must have been doing something right!
I took a mouthful of beer and said
“You can all fuck me now in any position you want!” I informed “But those two with the huge cocks will

need to fuck me last!”
All of these eighteen year old cocks were rock solid and ready to invade my womanhood. I was drooling

almost looking at these hard bodied young guys lusting after my cunt.
The first guy approached and knelt between my legs.
I held his smooth young cock and guided inside my warm wet hole. My pussy enveloped his cock as it

began to grasp his invading flesh.
He rested his body on mine as he played with my erect nipples and kissed my swollen lips.
His cock began to pound my pussy. Driving his teak hard cock deep inside my convulsing cunt, he began

to twist my nipples gently.
My hips rose to meet his as I rode this magnificent specimen and claimed his virginity. His no longer

virgin cock plunged deeply in my pussy as my orgasm began.
I was panting furiously “Fuck me! Fuck me with your young cock. Give me your seed!” when the scene

became all too much for him and he announced he was going to come.
“Where do you want to come?” I asked
“In your mouth!” he declared as he withdrew his cock just in time for the first splash to hit my lips.

Opening my mouth I shrouded his cock as his sperm flowed down my throat.
His cock was still in mouth when the next cock nudged at my pussy opening, slowly sliding inside me. I

took another swig of beer as my new lover continued to thrust away.
He kept a delightful rhythm going as he brought me to two orgasms.
He finished off inside me as did the next two. I was now left to deflower the huge cocks.
I told Mr Monster cock to sit on the sofa as I straddled his thighs.
The cum deposited inside me began to slide out of my pussy which helped lubricate the Monster Cock.
Holding my pussylips open I lowered myself on the veined b**st and began to ride the freak of nature.
This young cock filled as much as any cock had filled me stretching me almost to my limit, orgasm after

orgasm gushed through my body, heightening my sexual arousal to an all time high.
The monster cock began to twitch and throb as the most powerful cum blast I've ever experienced surged

through my pussy.
My cervix was opened accepting everything this cock gave me.
Clinging tightly to his young taut body I shook violently as my orgasm took me sexually to a place I’d

never been. His cock was empty now as I slowly rode the softening flesh.
His cock slid out of my gaping pussy with most of his young semen joining it.
I moved over to the edge of the sofa and invited Mr. Perfect Cock to fuck me.
The young handsome man placed his cock at my open as he plunged his phallic perfection deep inside my

cum filled cunt.
Holding the straps of my garter belt he banged my pussy like a seasoned pro.
My orgasm became multi orgasmic as I Looked at all the young guys watching me being fucked in my

lingerie while they all stroked their glorious erect cocks.
Mr Perfect cock emptied his young vibrant seed deep inside my pussy as I milked every drop from his

magnificent cock.
The guys were kind enough to let me catch my breath as I stood up and looked at all the cum stains on

my sheer stockings.
I looked like a well fucked slut, which is exactly what I was.
Sipping the remnants of my beer I told the guys that they could all fuck me again one at a time but

this time in the bedroom and we’d be alone.
My intention was to take these hard young cocks and teach them how to fuck a woman properly.
I made my way to the dorm and told them to come through one at a time and they could do me all night.
The first one came through and for the next hour I schooled this young man in how to go down on a woman

and various positions to fuck a woman.
All six guys got the same treatment and I honestly could not tell you how many times I came or how many

times they emptied inside me or on me.
All I can say is it was a substantial amount of body fluid that was swapped.
We all slept well that night and woke up around 8.00
I showered with all of the guys, with me still in my underwear, as I took all of their cocks again, two

at a time.
We dried off, had a hearty breakfast, cleared up all evidence of the previous night and waited for my

husband to arrive.
My husband pulled up to the dorm at 1.30 came inside the dorm lounge where me and the guys were

watching some old John Wayne movie.
He gave me a peck on the cheek and said
“I’ll take it from here babe!”
He turned to the guys as I was about to leave and said.
“I hoped you guys treat my wife well last night and have thanked her coming!”
I smiled.
“They've all treat me wonderful and I've lost count how many times they've thanked me!”
Turning away I smiled, blew them all a kiss and headed to my car.............

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Fantastic.Wish i had been there.
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I always cum back to this one...somewhere down below is my old comment from my old profile. (Sigh) I wish I was in SD for you
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so hot. wish something like that would of happened to me way back when.
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Perche' scrivi in inglese?
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Good story and what a great attitude when it comes to teaching the young guys. Every guy should have that adult women to teach him what he doesn't know how.
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Wow wow wow,,,my scouts would very much treat you like a lady also..we are going to Gettysburg for summer camp..thanks
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Very nice
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Wow. What an amazing story. I wish I had this type of an experience when I was a scout. I hope you write more the your stories. Tahnk you for sharing
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