Other ways to pay the rent ...

I am fortunate to have built up a number of flats and houses that I rent out. Over recent times I have come to realise the advantages of renting flats to young women, girls who need a place but cant afford much. My realisation came purely by chance when collecting rent one day, I called at a flat I had recently rented to carly, a 19 year old single mum. Carly was your average looking girl, about a size 10 with long dark hair. She had a small piercing in her nose and a heart tatoo on her neck. Carly had been living with her parents but had to leave as they werent getting on.
On the day in question I called around mid morning. At first I got no reply. Then Carly opened the door: she looked worried and was still wearing her nightdress, a short red silky one that was quite old.
We went into the living room and she offered me a coffee (which was unusual) so I sat down and shortly carly returned with 2 cups. We chatted about general stuff, when she suddenly said " I cant pay you"... before I could even ask why, she said " but my friend said I may be able to pay you in another way" .....
Although this had never happened to me before, I knew right away what she meant. Her nervous look confirmed it. My heart started racing with anticipation of what was going to happen - its not every day a middle aged man gets such an offer! All I was able to say at that point was "ok".
Carly put down her coffee and stood up, with me quickly doing the same. She walked over and stood close to me, her hand pushed her hair to one side and I could see she was trembling - it was obvious that this was new to her too ...
I put my hand on her waist and kissed her. She responded with her tounge and I slid my hands down and squeezed her ass, it was small and soft. My hand slipped up her nightie and groped her soft cheeks, my fingers feeling inside her lacy kickers, and into her crack. At that point she pulled away and led me to the bedroom. As we undressed little was said ... I saw that her pussy was smooth and her tits were smallish. We both got into her bed and began kissing again, my hands feeling her young tits and pussy, it was amazing. She took hold of my now very hard cock and gently wanked it,her thin fingers felt lovely around my cock.
Within minutes I was on top of her, I pushed my cock into her wet pussy and started to fuck her. She gasped, looked into my eyes, and for the first time, smiled. We kissed as I thrust faster into her, carly wrapped her legs around me and very soon I came deep inside her, squirting every last drop into her young firm body. We caressed for a while and she now seemed more relaxed, I would even say happy and feeling safe.
When I left, we kissed at the door .. I knew this was the start of some good regular sex for me, exiting times ....

Of course I couldn't let her pay nothing at all, my accountant(let alone my wife) would be asking questions! So I agreed to reduce the rent by a third in return for monthly sex, Carly actually said I could call anytime so that told me she was completely happy with it.

Anyway, the experience made me realise the advantages of having young female tenants! So some time later I was renting out a 2 bed flat and I worded the ad "suitable for female students or similar" there was lots of interest, and eventually I arranged to meet 2 girls who wanted to flat share. My first impressions of them was that they were ideal ... around 18, bit scruffy but fashionable, and both were slim . We chatted and they both had a flirty side which was good! They got the flat ....
joanne was a slim redhead with curly hair, a decent pair of tits too. She was about size 12 with a very freckly face. Keyla was something else, a very small girl, pretty face with huge eyes and a great smile. She must have been a size 4, really tiny. Of the two it was keyla who attracted me the most, mainly due to her schoolgirl figure, but joanne interested me too.
First 2 months they paid up in full, however this gave me time to get to know them. It became obvious that joanne fancied me, and I found myself popping in quite often as I enjoyed the attention.
I called in one day and joanne was alone at the flat. She was wearing jogging bottoms and a T shirt. For the first time I responded to her flirting and I put my hand on her waist as we stood chatting in the kitchen. She stopped talking and stepped nearer to me, pressing herself against me. We kissed passionately and I slid my hands down inside the back of her trousers and knickers, groping and feeling her ass, my fingers inside the crack and rubbing her asshole. We stopped kissing and she smiled at me ...we both turned and walked into her bedroom.
On the bed, I undressed her. She had good tits, heavy and slightly drooping but young looking with soft pink nipples. Her pussy had a small patch of dark ginger hair above the slit.
We kissed more and she undressed me. She smiled when she saw my very hard cock, and soon her lips were all over it, licking, sucking .... this girl knew what she was doing despite her young age. We 69'd and she gasped and wimpered as I worked on her pussy and clit with my tongue.
Soon I was up inside her ... her pussy was tight but very wet. She was energetic and enthusiastic, riding my cock, grinding into me and soaking me. I finished her off from behind, ramming my cock into her hard and fast, my hips slapping against her ass until I shot my spunk right up inside her. It was one of the best fucks ive had. We lay in bed for a while after, talking and kissing. Joanne was a great girl with personality. I fucked her again before I left, and we agreed to meet up again in a few days.
Going through my mind was wether or not she would tell kayla ...no doubt she would ...and what would kayla think??
And would I have a chance with keyla now??

to be continued ....
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Excellent read. Hope there's more, sooner rather than later :)
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