My first cock experience

I was a married guy of 15 years, average type of guy, husband, dad, etc. but to be honest I had become fed up with my sex life at home. At 41 I had started to see other women, something I had resisted before. I had also started to watch porn films regularly when my wife was on a night shift. At work the boys had a stack of porn dvd's and anyone could borrow them, I used to get them from there and take them home for a good wanking session. One night I settled down to watch a porn movie, and was suprised to see it was a gay film. I watched two guys kissing, getting naked, and sucking each other. I was aware that my cock was getting very hard at the sight of this. Then another guy joined them, and soon they were roasting the younger guy. Wow! I was amazed how turned on I was! I watched the whole film, slowly wanking until I had a fantastic orgasm, long lasting and loads of spunk.
As days went by, I couldnt get the film out of my mind. I has a real curiosity of what it would be like to feel another mans cock, to wank him off, and even to suck him! I started ringing gay chat lines regularly, and found a few local guys on there too. After about a month, I plucked up courage and arranged to meet a guy, at his house. He had told me on the phone that he was a married guy age 28, and he enjoyed wearing womens underwear and clothes, describing what he would wear when we met. He told me he would be wearing his wifes black stockings and knickers, a short denim skirt and a white t shirt, also make up.
I was REALLY nervous as I arrived at his house. I stopped outside and looked at the house, wondering if I should go in. I decided that I must try it, so I knocked the door. The door opened and he was standing just out of sight, he said come in, and I went into the hallway and he closed the door. I must admit I was pleasantly suprised at how he looked. Andy was tall, slim, with shoulder length hair. He looked very sexy in the stockings, and his make up was well done and he had a femenine face. He took me into the living room and we sat opposite each other, both nervous, although he was experienced. We chatted for a few minutes, and I could feel myself wanting to touch him. I asked him to sit next to me on the sofa, he came over and straight away I rubbed his leg, then my hand went up his skirt and I felt his bulging cock through his lace knickers. We actually started to kiss, not something I had planned but it just happenned, and I loved it. soon he had my cock out, sucking me off. I was desperate to try it too, so we went into a 69 and I had my first taste of cock - he was actually a good 7 inches and very hard. The feeling of sucking his cock was as good as I had dreamed about. WOW i loved it! Then, unexpectedly, he asked me to fuck him. I had no condom, but I couldnt resist. He leaned over the top of the sofa, I could see his bum was small and his hole had been fucked before. I put some gel onto my cock and then slowly pushed it into him, he was gasping and enjoying it. I couldnt believe I had my cock up a guys ass! I pumped him for about 2 minutes, then shot my spunk deep into him, as he had asked me to. It was fantastic.
I saw andy a few times after that, it was my first experience and it made me realise that there was a very strong bisexual side of me that I never even knew. I tend to keep it under control, visiting other married bi guys that I know from time to time for some mutual satisfaction, but not letting it take over my life as I feel it could easily do so.
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1 year ago
Very sexy story - having your first bi experience with a crossdresser must have made it so sexy. Check out my bi experience post - it's a lot shorter and certainly less horny, but always in the back of my mind...
1 year ago
Beautiful story. I'm a fit, 40-something guy who works in Cardiff. I really wish I had been able to join in with you both in this story. :-)
1 year ago
I don't know why you don't want sex with other men to take over your life. I love being bi and would go with men as often as I could
1 year ago
bi guys are hot
1 year ago
1 year ago
love the storie
1 year ago
Hot and nicely done!