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I wanted to relay a true story that happened to us a couple of months ago.

Firstly, let me explain – we are and have been swingers for the past 8 years and have also dabbled in the cuckold scene so this was not all completely new to us although the fact that it was unplanned just made it better.
In November we arranged a weekend away with some friends that we had not seen in sometime. They live in Wales and as we now live in Manchester we decided it would be good to meet up somewhere for a weekend away. These are normal friends and not into swinging lifestyle at all. So we expected a calm and normal weekend.

By coincidence another friend who we had not seen in years was having a 40th birthday party in Kent and it was decided we would all go – good excuse to see him and to have weekend away.

There were 4 couples and we all drove down together in 2 cars. The weather was surprisingly nice with sun shining, even if a little cold. We arrived at about midday and the men went off for a couple of pints whilst the women took a few bottle of wine to one of the rooms to do hair and make-up. The plan was to arrive at the party, which was at their house at around 6pm.

At 6pm we were still in the hotel bar and the women were nowhere to be seen. I went to look for them and found them drinking sparkling wine with just towels giggling like school girls. It was only at that point that I started to get horny and think that maybe we could get more out of the weekend than we planned. So I suggested to Jane that we finish getting ready in our room and let the other women find their men so we could try to get to the party.
When we got to the room it was obvious the wine had made Jane a little d***k and extremely horny. As soon as we got into the room she dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock. Whilst my hard cock was in her mouth she looked up and told me she wanted to have some fun tonight and needed another cock in her or a pussy to lick. Just as quickly as she had started she took my cock out of her mouth and told me that I should shower and get ready. She did not want me to cum yet as she wanted me horny all night so I would allow her anything she wanted.

Whilst I was in the shower we went through the other couples who were with us and if we thought any of them would be interested in our type of fun. Out of the 3 other couples we came to the conclusion that none would be the type to fully swing but one of the couples maybe up for some extra fun – strip poker or just the girls kissing.

When I got out of the shower, I was hard again within seconds. Jane stood there in a very short black dress with high heels. The front of the dress showed off her 34B chest perfectly and the backless dress left no doubt that she had no bra on. I slipped my hand under the dress to find a tiny black thong that was already soaking wet. Her pussy was freshly shaven and I quickly slipped a finger in her whilst I told her how hot she looked.

I forgot to mention, Jane is 34 years old, tall, slim, blond with the greatest legs I have ever seen. She loves showing her body off and she had had a spray tan the night before so was even more adventurous in her choice of outfit. She loves attention from both men and women so always tries to get that attention by both her clothes and the way she behaves.

We all eventually met at 9pm and headed for the party. All the ladies looked hot but everyone commented on how Jane looked. Nothing turns her on more than knowing that people are looking at her and enjoying what they see.

We went to the party, which was a huge disappointment as it was full of older people and k**s. Jane continually flirted with the guys there but especially the couple we had singled out as being the ones we wanted to seduce later.

By 11.30pm we realised that the party was not going to get any better so made our excuses and all headed back to the hotel bar. We found six seats in a smaller bar as the main bar was full of people from a wedding being held at the hotel. Jane continued to flirt with the couple and made sure they both got a flash of her thong and long legs. She sat on my friends lap for while with the lame excuse that her chair was too low and that’s why she kept flashing her knickers.

Although there was a lot of laughing and fun, I started getting the feeling that everyone was a little too d***k and we would after all be headed to our own rooms alone tonight. I mentioned this to Jane during a trip to the bar and she told me that she was too horny not to be naughty tonight. I reminded her that they were all friends and we did not want to cause any problems or embarrassment so to “just be careful”. She looked at me with a sly look on her face and replied “Ok, but that does not mean I can’t be naughty does it ?” She did not wait for a response and walked away.

The bar started to get busier as more of the wedding guests started to use our bar as it was quicker to get served. I noticed Jane looking at a group of guys who were obviously guests from the wedding. There were 3 guys, all in their 20’s and just Jane’s type. They kept looking across at her legs and she smiled whilst letting her dress ride even higher. She was sat on the other side of the table to me and was chatting with the other women at the table whilst continuing to watch the guys from a distance.

The alcohol continued to flow and everyone was having a great night. I went to the gents and when I returned Jane was no longer at our table. I did not think much about it and carried on conversation with everyone else. After 15 minutes someone commented that Jane had been gone sometime and should one of the women go and check on her. At that moment I noticed that the 3 guys had also gone so I had by suspicions that she was doing just fine. I quickly said that I was sure she was just outside getting some fresh air and I would go and check on her.

I had a quick look outside and could not see her so walked through reception with the thought of going up to our room to check. However as I walked past some sofa’s in reception I noticed Jane sat with the 3 guys enjoying a drink together. I walked over and joined them, I introduced myself as Stuart and was quickly interrupted by Jane who explained that I was with her group and was the only other single person with them. They introduced themselves as Adam, Steve and John. She gave me a little smile as I realised what she was planning and had told them. I was happy to play along and see how things developed.

We chatted for a bit about the wedding and why we were away for the weekend when all of sudden Jane leaned across to Steve and started to kiss him. They kissed passionately for a few minutes and his hand went higher and higher on her leg. When they finally broke for air she turned to Adam and kissed him in the same way, this time moving his hand onto her other leg. My cock was hardening and knew that Jane was at her horniest now – loving the attention she was getting whilst teasing me. They stopped kissing and she told the guy to swap with John so she could “test his kissing” too. As everyone moved Jane turned to me and said “Stu, you should probably head back to the others, as you can see, I am on the pull and one of these lucky guys may get lucky. See you in the morning”.
I obediently got up and went back to join the others. They all asked where Jane was and if she was OK, to which I simply said she was chatting to some people in reception and would join us in a bit.

Over the next hour Jane did not return and each time I went to the toilets I popped my head into reception and could see her either kissing one of the guys or being touched up by them. The receptionist seemed to be watching them carefully and I was not sure if this was concern of their behaviour or that she was getting turned on watching.

As the night started to draw to an end I started to worry about our friends heading to their rooms, which would mean going through reception and seeing Jane. I knew that she was feeling so horny right now she did not care who saw her and would just carry on regardless. I could tell that these drinks would be the last of the evening so told the others I was going to find Jane and then we would head off to bed.

As I walked into reception I could clearly see Jane and one of the guys kissing. His hand was between her legs and was openly fingering her bald pussy. As I approached slowly, one of the other guys said something and they pulled apart and he quickly removed his hand. I told Jane that we were all heading for bed in minute and I would see her “at breakfast”. She luckily took my hint and suggested to the guys that they went outside for some air whilst I headed to our room.
As I was walking to the room I got a text from Jane that simply said, “go to bed my cuck and do not cum until I allow you”.

For the next hour I laid on the bed naked with my hard cock desperate to cum. I tried not to touch it as I knew I would cum very quickly and Jane wanted the pleasure of watching me cum. Eventually I fell asl**p but was woken several hours later by Jane climbing on the bed naked. I looked up and immediately felt my cock harden. I asked her what had happened to which she imply replied by saying, “I will tell you as you taste what I have been doing”. She straddled my face and sank her pussy onto my mouth. Immediately I could taste the saltiness of cum mixed with her own juices.

She was full of cum and it literally poured out of her pussy into my open mouth which I happily swallowed. She then started telling me how she had following the guys outside when one of them wanted a cigarette and started chatting to them. She had told them that she had come away with friends but as I was the only single guy and as she was the only single girl I had been trying to get into her knickers all night but she was not interested.

She asked if she could join them so I would get the message and if I should come out she wanted to get it across that she was not interested. This worked perfectly as when I joined them earlier she had been able to kick start the night by kissing them all in front of me and then sent me away.

When I had left the guys were a little in shock but were still asking her if they could gangbang her together. She told the no but one would get to fuck her tonight. She would choose by who kissed the best and made her the horniest. In truth she had already decided as she had felt their cocks through their trousers and noticed adam was very large, just as she likes them.

The 3 guys then competed to be the lucky guy. Taking it in turns kissing her and playing with her tits and pussy. Jane commented that the receptionist had been watching the whole time and seemed to be getting turned on by it.

When I interrupted them on way to bed and they went outside, Jane asked them to get their cocks out so she could check the alcohol was not having a negative. They all pulled out semi hard cock so Jane dropped to her knees and stroked each in turn. She said Steve and John’s were of “average” size but the third guy had a large, thick cock. His cock and balls were shaved and as I licked his cum from her pussy she told me how heavy his cock felt in her hand.

They realised that there were other people outside the hotel went back into the reception to finish their drinks. The receptionist watched them as they walked to their table and Jane wondered if she had seen them on the CCTV cameras. The flushed look on her face made Jane think she had.

The 3 guys were trying to convince Jane that she should take on all 3 of them again, which is something she has experienced before and was tempted to do again. They asked her to take them to her room and see what happens. She realised at that point that they were only guests at the wedding and were not staying the night, this caused additional problems as she could not explain why she was sharing a room with me – with only a double bed !!

Jane did not want to give up on the idea of taking that big cock she had only stroked so far and told the guys that she was not interested in all 3 together but if Adam wanted to get a room she would like to spend some time “alone” with him and spend the night with him. She told them that she did not want to use her room as it was in between her friend’s rooms and did not want them getting the wrong impression.

Adam went to reception to enquire about a room for the night whilst Steve and John headed back to the wedding party. The receptionist blushed and checked the room availability but due to the wedding, there were no rooms available.

As Jane told me the story, I knew that she had been fucked as I could taste the result whilst she grinded her well used pussy on my mouth. This just made me hornier as I tried to fast forward the story in my mind as to where she had been fucked. Jane knows that her recounting in detail what she has been up to is always a huge turn on for me so never rushes the story or misses any detail.

Adam again tried to convince her that they should use her room and promised to be quiet and at that point, with the other two gone she considered telling him that I was infact her boyfriend and would be there also. Most men do not mind this however we have had some that have run a mile and she did not want to risk that know the treat of having that fat cock in her.

She took his hand and led him into the gent’s toilets. Even though there were 2 guys in there already she led him into the stall and closed the door. She lifted her dress over her head and stood there in just her black thong whilst he felt her body all over. She could see the huge bulge in his trousers so sat on the toilet seat in readiness for that huge cock. He dropped his trousers and his 9” cock sprang out at her. She wrapped her small hands around it and realised it was the thickest cock she had ever felt. Her hands barely wrapped around it and his smooth balls hung heavy below this magnificent cock. She slowly started to stroke it and kiss the end, almost in reverence to its size.

At this point of the story I must admit that my cock started twitching as she ground her pussy into my face. I started to cum without even her or myself even touching my cock. Jane turned around and saw the cum over my belly and laughed – “you pathetic cuck, that’s why I look for real men with cocks that can satisfy me”.
Even though I had cum I still felt the need to satisfy her and taste his cum in her. So I resumed licking and sucking her bald pussy.

She carried on telling me how once she had stroked him to full size and hardness she started sucking her cock. Slowly pushing it down her throat, Jane as an amazing ability to deep throat any size cock. She literally looks like a girl from a porn film and takes all the way until your balls slap her chin. She did this to Adam’s cock and he was moaning in pleasure. After 5 minutes he pulled her mouth off his cock as he was worried that he would cum.

He sat on the toilet seat now and she stood so that he could lick her pussy, which was soaking wet. She loves a guy to pull her thong to one side and lick her which he did happily. She said she could feel her first orgasm building in her as his tongue darted around her clit. She could see over the top of the stall and any guy using the toilets could see her head thrown back in ecstasy but at that point she just did not care.

Her first orgasm ripped through her and she splashed his face with her cum whilst he continued to lap away. Once the feelings of ecstasy started to subside she got down and simply sat straight down onto his cock.

Jane said that there were no words between them, just simple and hard sex. She rode him hard until she felt a hot splash of cum empty into her pussy. Even then she did not stop riding and took great pleasure in telling me that he was bigger than me soft than when I am fully hard.
They dressed quickly and left the stall. As she came out she bumped into one of the male friends we had come away with. She simply said “hi” and walked out with Adam one step behind.

At this revelation in the story and stopped licking her pussy and asked “Really ?.... oh shit” Jane got off my face and sat on the bed taking my cock roughly in her hand. She asked “does that worry you ?, I thought you liked me being a slut so surely it does not matter who knows ?”
Although inside I was panicking I answered “that’s ok, too late now anyway”. She responded “good, because the story is not over yet”.

Adam and Jane left the toilets and headed to the reception. She kissed him good night and said she was off to bed. He tried to convince her he should stay the night but she said she just wanted to get some sl**p and headed off. Instead of taking the elevator she started walking up the stairs as it was only a few floors up. As she got to our floor she realised someone was following her so waiting to see who it was. Adam had asked at reception what room number his “friend” was in but the receptionist would not tell him. So he had followed her with the plan of knocking the door and trying to get one last fuck before leaving.

Jane tried to get rid of him by kissing him and saying she was just too tired and needed his bed. Adam had other ideas and was horny so would give up easily. As I mentioned earlier, Jane does not care about her behaviour when d***k and horny so decided it was only fair to let him have his fuck but obviously could not take him to our room. She simply dropped to her knees in the corridor of the hotel and started to suck his cock.

Adam started to panic that this was too public but Jane told him that it was here or nowhere. She got on all fours and told him to fuck her from behind. He slipped his fat cock into her and fucked her hard. Whilst fucking a guy walked past them, a little d***k but amazed by this sight outside his hotel room. Luckily he was not offended and simply stood watching, eventually getting his cock out to wank. He never said a word and when he had cum, spraying Jane’s back and clothes he zipped up and went into his room.

Seconds later Adam started groaning and emptied even more cum into her pussy. Both collapsing in a mess of sweat and cum. Adam was now satisfied so Jane could return to our room to wake me.

Jane was still stroking my cock whilst finishing the story and I asked could I fuck her no. She told me she was too sore from that huge cock but I could wank and cum again if I wanted. My hand replaced her hand on my cock and within a few strokes I had cum again.

In the morning we woke with handovers but still horny. We showered and headed down to meet our friends. The same receptionist was there to check us out and as I was paying the bill, Jane came over and kissed my cheek and said “thanks babe, I had great night”.
I though the receptionist was going to faint but I smiled and whispered “its Ok I know and love her for it”.

The other couples all arrived at the same time and I was grateful as I was sure the my friend would want to tell me what he had seen the night before in the gents. The usual – “what time did you get to bed ?” questions were asked to which I answered that I had been too d***k and gone to bed with Jane but had told her to go back downstairs and have fun as she was not so d***k. This I hope would stop him feeling the need to say anything, which he never did.

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My wife always asked me first...I have never said no....lucky man if true
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ah to have been adam