The House Warming

After my performance for the neighbours (see Giving The Neighbours an Eyeful) I only caught the odd sight of them naked.

About a week after the event I told my husband Pete all about what I has done. He immediately had a hard on and he fucked me up the ass in the living room whilst I tickled my clit. We both had a very quick and intense orgasm.

Pete then told me that he had had a wank whilst watching the neighbour iron clothes in the bedroo.. He said she looked great and he just had to empty his balls. He could not believe how the neighbour could be so happy to walk around naked knowing that anybody could watch them.

About two weeks after my liitle show the front door bell rang. I was in the kitchen wearing just a dressing gown as I had just come out of the shower.

I opened the door and was amazed to see the new neighbours standing there. They introduced themselves as Dan and Louise (or Lou as she wanted to be calleD. She said that after living here for a month it was about time they invited neighbours to a house warming that weekend. She added we have seen so much of you (a reference to my wank in the window) but have not had the chance to meet and finished by telling me that the house warming would be a BBQ starting at 7pm.

I told Pete and he was all for it. I had a really loose Summer dress that I wanted to wear that would enable me to flash if I had the chance.

Saturday came and in typical Welsh weather fashion it poured with rain. At about mid day Lou called at the house to say the house warming was going ahead but would now take place inside. She smlied and her eyes lit up by adding that it would enable her to wear a really daring little number for her neighbours to enjoy. I wondered what she meant but decided I would also dresso kill.

Pete reaklly encouraged me to wear a really sexy outfit. I put on a black figure hugging dress, wore a pair of black saemed stockings and 6" black heels that made a clear reference to the fcat that I was up for sex and really horny. Pete was rock hard just watching me dress.

We knocked at the neighbours door and Dan answered. He greeted us with a smile and put his arm around me to give me a peck on the cheek and at the same time grabbed a handful of my ass. You look nice he commented and invited us both in.

There were about 6 of our neighbours already there. I asked Dan where Lou was and he said in the kitchen go on through and say hello. I walked into the kitchen and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. Lou was wearing a stunning red figure hugging dress that left little to the imagination. It came to just above her knee but was skin tight. It was obvious that she was wearing stockings as you could clearly see the outline of her suspender belt through the dress and the outfit was topped off by a pair of killer red heels. The dress made her tits look fabulous.

I spluttered hello and asked Lou if she needed any help. Can you get some wine out of the bottom of the fridge she asked. I saw this as an opportunity to give Lou a view of my holdups. I kept my legs straight and opened them slightly and bent over to get the wine knowing that the slit at the back of my dress would give Lou a good view of my holdups and the bottom of my bare bum. Very nice she said and we both went back to the living room.

By now 4 other neighbours had arrived and before long the party was in full swing with graet food and plenty of drink. I am not a big drinker and after 4 or 5 glasses of wine I felt decidely tipsy. I can rtemeber sitting on the arm of the sofa opposite Dan on one occasion with one leg on the floor and the other over the arm of the sofa. dan kept nodding and winking and I could not understand why until it suddenly dawned on me that from where he was sat he could see right up my dress to my shaven pussy that was by now getting very moist.

The evening sped by and by 12.30 there was only me and Pete and Dan an Lou left. I was so tiddly that I had not noticed the other neighbours leave. Pete and I got up to say our goodbyes but Lou insisted we stay to drink the last bottle of wine in the fridge. I wanted to leave but Pete said we may as well stay as 1 bottle of wine is only a glass each. Ok I said but I need to pop upstairs to the toilet. Whilst you go there I'll get the wine from the kitchen Lou said.

As I was coming back down the stairs Lou shouted from the kitchen "Annie can you give me a hand". I walked in and my tongue fell out. Lou was sat on the kitchen work surface with one leg on the work top and the other hanging off the edge. Her legs were wide open and it gave me a fabulous view of her pussy that was shaved apart from a small tuft of hair.

As I walked toward her Lou pushed herself off the work surface, grabbed me and started to kiss me passionately on the lips. I did not know what to do but found myself reciprocating and our tongues met. My pussy was throbbing and got even wetter when I suddenly felt Lous fingers parting my fanny lips. I had never been with a woman but the mixture of drink and excitement was getting me so hot.

I suddely came to my senses when I heard Dan shout "hey Pete come and look at this". He had come to the kitchen to see what the delay was. Instead of pulling away I allowed Lou to push a finger into my pussy so that when Pete arrived I was moaning with ecstacy.

I don't know how but we ended up in the living room. Both me and Lou were naked apart from stockings and Dan and Pete were also naked and sporting great hard ons. Dan had a cock that was a bout an inch longer than Petes and a but thicker. It looked so good.

Lou and I proceeded to 69 on the living room floor whilst the men played with themselves. I had never tasted pussy but Lous was so sweet and her tongue was working wonders on my clit.

No you don't I suddenly heard her say. Tonight is all about me and Annie. Apparently Dan had tried to push his cock up her ass whilsy she licked my pussy. You pair can wank and you may get a BJ later if you behave. She then asked Dan to get The Enf***er. I wondered what this was but about a minute later he came back with a bright purple double dildo. Lou pushed one end into her and slowly slid the other end into my pussy. We both began to fuck the dildo and grind against each other. The feeling in my fanny was like nothing I had experienced before. Lou then called Pete and told him to put his cock in her mouth and she told him to fuck her mouth. Pete jumped at the chance and not wanting Dan to be left out I told him to do the same to me.

Whilst Pete loves a BJ he really enjoys emptying his balls over my face and tits and it wasn't long before he did this to Lou. I told Dan to do the same to me and within seconds I was covered in his hot spunk.

Me and Lou fucked the dildo and ground against each other like there was no tomorrow, The sight of Petes spunk all over her and the smell of Dans spunk on my face quickly brought me to the best orgasm I have ever had and Lou followed just behind me.

I lay there for what seemed like ages with the dildo still up my pussy before Dan handed out some tissues to clean me and Lou up.

We all got dressed and said out good nights.

Back at home in bed Pete and I talked about what had just happened. We could not believe that a couple in their early 30's would find a couple like us in our late 40's attractive but we were glad they did.

I know that this will be the first of many meeting with Dan and Lou and I can't wait for the next one.
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2 years ago
Grerat story
3 years ago
Awesome story only wish i was there too ;)
3 years ago
Great story, only wish I could have been there to watch and jack a load also.
3 years ago
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