Husband's fun night with wife and a sub.

She knocks at the door! I'm feeling nervous and excited to have this hot Puerto Rican mami that my wife and I found off this online website add we posted. I can feel my heart beating with each step toward the door, my chest puffed up, my stare serious I am ready to dominate and take control. The energy of power and strength but yet passion and pleasure rushed thru my veins. I opened the door stood behind it as it opened wider, I said nothing but point. She is 22 her name is Rosa 5'2 with big firm tits with curvaceous hips to go with that round ass. She walks thru the hallway into the leaving room, to find my wife on her knees with spit all around her mouth. Her head turned to see me with a big hard throbbing dick, with my wife's saliva shining on it. I ordered her to her knees and smacked on both cheeks with my dick three times. I said you are now in training with a smirk!

She smiled at me with those beautiful lips and pearly teeth, I smiled back with a smack to her face! then I said open your mouth wide now! and stuff a gag ball in there tighten it. turned her around hand cuffed her hands. I pulled down her skirt as I looked at my wife as she lick her lips and playing with her pussy twirling her fingers around her clit,like I ordered. I can smell her pussy on my fingers as I pull Rosas skirt down. Then with open hand smacked her ass hard! then felt that tight ass. I smacked her ass then the other cheek then the other! told her to go sit next to my wife. they sat a few feet in front of me, I grabbed two egg remote control vibrator out my bag cleaned it and lubed it then stuffed it in both there pussies. Now both are on there knees siting on there legs, both are gaged and cuffed facing each other with blindfolds on.

I sat down in my chair light up a joint cross my legs and I blow out I set the remote on low and watch them as they start to moan I left it on for a few minutes as they start to get into it I turned it off. I sat in my chair and said nothing as they sat waiting not knowing when or what I am going to do. My dick was rock hard so I stroke while I toke and just blew smoke on there faces, daddy can I have a puff, please! I said nothing just sat back. I got done then I got up put my dick between there face and shook it right and left hitting there foreheads as I untangle my whip, now I have the vibrators on high I hear them moan and with out warning I whipped my wife's ass then Rosa's, I went back and forth fast but not to hard. Like jumping in a pool of cold water they where shocked and let out this grunt with every lash. I have them change position with ass up face down, I rub both there asses then smack! smack! smack1 smack! smack! smack! with a nice rub. I continued this along with using my whip for the next seven-ten minutes. I took the blindfolds and hand cuffs off, stood them up and lead them to the bedroom.

The vibrator is causing them to walk funny and it took a while to get there, I would whip their bottoms as they walk then I said now bitches crawl once we got up on the stairs, I thought to myself how the feminist movement would view this and laughed as I whip the asses and they crawl. Now I have them on the bed vibrator still going strong. I told them to kiss each other, and touch each other as I watch. I ordered them to stand up and hug and kiss each other in the middle of the room. I had my wife cuffed for a reason, I walk around them as I whip their asses, thighs and backs. Circling none stop whipping my whip left, right, butt, thigh, leg, butt, back, soft, hard. They are good girls they don't stop kissing only to moan and whimper. Rosa went to play with my wife's pussy and broke away from the hug she went down on my wife. I stopped her, turn off her vibrator, and lay her on the bed. took my hand and smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! hard and told her to sit in the corner, she said sorry, I said shut the fuck up u need to be trained. She was a bad girl that did not follow daddies orders. so she is punish by being gagged hand cuffed and blindfolded in the corner of the room facing the wall on her knees. All she can do is listen.

I proceeded to un-cuff my wife's hands tongue kissed her for a few minutes, I pulled off looked her in those beautiful brown eyes and said SUCK MY DICK NOW! She was on her knees ASAP. She put my dick in her mouth It was rock hard again from kissing her soft lips. It felt so good to have her warm mouth, wet and soft tongue. Sloping on the head of my dick working it with her tongue as she pull on my balls. I turned her over on the bed had her ass up, I spanked and kissed her cheeks as I squeeze that booty, then I line my big hard dick with her slit, I rub the head up and down and around her clit while squeezing her ass. I slid in the pussy and started doing my thing, going in and out gridding and moving my hips around and around. Going deeper faster and harder pumping and sweating, grabbing her hair and pulling it. After ten minutes of "fuck her right in the pussy" I start on a mission and fucked her hard and fast, my balls swinging us breathing heavily, meat smacking, pussy wet. this was not love making this was a fuck session where our goal was to nut.

As I pump harder and harder faster and faster I feel the rush of semen busting through the tip of dick like a volcano. I rush to the corner grab Rosas face pulled the blindfold off and cum all over her eyes, nose, forehead and hair. As I stand in my manly stance with her in between my leg with me breathing heavy, I looked at her and said you leave the cum on your face don't wipe anything. I went to my pants grab a fifty dollar bill with daddy written on it and said make sure you walk home, and when you get there I want you to take a picture with this fifty dollar bill and send it to me. An hour later she texted me with dry cum on her face with a smile saying I will be a good girl from now on, I promise!
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