One of Her Fantasies

Laying there, early morning cum still dripping off my swollen lips, "So what do you think about when you masturbate or when we are having sex?" Ugh, Really?? I hated that question, why do I need to share those thoughts out loud, I thought to myself....but then again why not. My fantasy scene was always the same thing, over and over, and it would make any married man smile to know that his wife's hottest fantasy was the two of them with a random hot Black or Latina chic! Especially my husband.....

As the Host leads us through the corridor to the back of the establishment, my mind is racing, my heart is beating faster with each step, and my pussy is wet, really wet. I grab my husbands hand and briefly brush against his crotch, it's rock hard. We stop in front of a velvet red door, the Host smiles slightly and simple whispers "enjoy" as he fades into the hallway we just came through.
The room is dimly lit, and the furnishing is an oversized round sofa, full of pillows. The sign above the mirrored wall says read very simply, "Undress, relax, enjoy, climax" As we begin to undress the music begins, a slow steady, sext beat. The mirrored wall suddenly has light and in the glass we see the silhouette of a woman, butt ass naked. Her hair is jet black, her skin golden brown. Tits large, nipples erect and inviting any set of lips to take them in and suck on them, lick them, roll a tongue around the tip, slowly making her moan softly. She was moving to the slow rhythm of the music and neither of us could stop watching her. As she slowly turns the mirror begins to raise slowly. I realize at that moment that she is about to join us, in the room, on the sofa,'s about to happen, for a split second I am terrified, and then as I feel my husbands finger begin to softly fondle my wet pussy, the terror is replaced by complete sexual desire for my husband and for this beautiful creature who has now joined us in front of the couch. I bend down to softly suck her nipple, and as I do I slip one finger into her warm middle. It is wet, warm and very inviting. I take my husbands free hand and place it where mine had been, and as we stand there he very softly slips his fingers in and out of us, both of us moaning and groping at his huge hard cock. The music changes and she shoves him down into a sitting position on the couch. As I lay across form them and watch she mounts his throbbing dick and begins fucking him to the beat. I walk over and kiss my husband and he plays with my pussy, finger fucking me to the same rhythm he fucks her. As I la down on my back I can feel the soft stabbing of a tongue on my clit, poking and prodding, wanting to come in, I spread my legs wider to allow her easier access, as she bends over I tell my husband to fuck her from behind. As he slams into her over and over, her tongue slides in and out of my wet pussy, sucking gently on my clit. Suddenly we have him on his back arms pinned above his head, she is gently sucking on his nipples as he plays with her wet pussy, I'm sucking his dick and i can feel his climax building, the head of his dick is throbbing in my mouth and his moans are deep and I encourage him to cum and to let us both taste his sweet semen, as we kneel in front of him he takes his dick in one hand and grabs our hair with the other, he jacks it as the cum squirts ands flows all over our faces and into our open mouths......we all collapse on the couch, time for round two......................
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8 months ago
Another hot story!
8 months ago
sexy fantasy very horny:)XXXXXX