Wartime assault, Chapter 1.

The young French girl looked stunned, she just stood there in the street, trembling slightly as I waited for her to comply with my order.
"Whats the matter with you girl," I said impatiently, "didn't you hear me, take off your dress, we want to see your tits."
I looked at Corporal Shultz, who was standing next to me, pistol in his hand, pointing it at the girls chest.
"Come on, you heard the Commandant," He said, "get your clothes off. Hurry up, or they'll be ripped off, and I assure you, you won't enjoy that in the slightest."
The young girl, lowered her hands to the hem of her thin summer dress, and began to lift it too her waist. I smiled as her brief, white, cotton panties came into view, a dark vee of pubic hair clearly visable through the thin material, I felt myself starting to harden inside my pants.
"That's better," I said, as she pulled the dress up further, revealing a perfectly flat tummy, and the underside of two very nice, young breasts, "all the way up now, and off over your head, lets see those beautiful young tits."
She shuddered, but did as she was told, and removed the dress completely, hugging it to her now exposed chest, attempting to maintain her modesty.
"Uncover yourself at once," I yelled, "have I not just told you we want to see your tits, you're just asking for trouble girl, and you're already in enough already for violating curfew"
I stepped forward and snatched the dress away from her, and threw it to the side of the road, and pulling her hands away from her chest, revealing her very well rounded, firm breasts.
"Very nice, very nice indeed, not too big, but big enough to play with." I said. "How old are you, you must be at least twenty, maybe more."
"I'm nineteen," she sobbed, "I'm on my way home to my husband, I just forgot the time."
I grinned and pointed down at her panties.
"For your disobedience you can take your panties off too, bare your cunt and spread your legs, you will do this immediately, and stand with your hands behind your head, or you will be shot." I said.
She started to cry, but complied immediately, lowering her panties to her ankles, stepping out of them and spreading her legs, openly displaying her dark, bushy pubic patch, and prominent pink cunt lips.
"You're going to **** me aren't you?" she sobbed, "Don't hurt me please, I won't resist, but please don't hurt me." She sobbed.
I admired her firm young body, she was very slim, narrow hipped, with lovely long legs, her arse was firm and tight, and she was very, very pretty. My cock was fully erect inside my pants, and was throbbing, she was right, she was going to get well and truly fucked, but not here in the street, it was deserted but I didn't want to be disturbed.
"Handcuff her Shultz," I said, "and help yourself to a feel of her tits, we will take her back to the car, and then somewhere quiet where we can interrogate her at our leisure."
Shultz nodded, put away his pistol, and produced the cuffs, pulling her hands into the small of her back, and restraining her. He then stood in front of her and took hold of her heaving chest in both hands, squeezing and fondling her tits, and pinching her cute little pink nipples.
"Okay Shultz, that's enough for now, plenty of time for more, we've got all night, let's get her back to the car."
The young girl continued to sob, and was beginning to irritate me, so I picked up her discarded panties, screwed them up, and f***ed them into her mouth, gagging her. We then took an arm each, and f***e marched her up the street to where our car was parked, and threw her across the back seat. I got in beside her, and Shultz got in and drove off into the night, our captive in terror of what was to happen next, in fear for her life.

Chapter two to follow ............
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1 year ago
I'd forgotton about this......I will write part 2 soon and post it........anyone like to give me ideas as to the girls fate?
4 years ago
great story can i read more
4 years ago
is there gonna be more?
4 years ago
very good story
4 years ago
Interesting, good story