Banging all the friends

Alright this is pretty much going to be three stories wrapped up into one session. Anyone who reads my stories knows that these are actual sexual encounters I have had myself. So the stories are 100% true. And by the way, I had my first threesome. Keep reading my stories to catch that one. Anyway here goes the second part for my other story "Big Dick Small Chick".

If you read my other story you would have remembered the smaller chick that I had sex with who really couldn't handle my dick. Well I kind of enjoyed screwing her and leaving my mark by her telling me I had the biggest dick she has had and how her stomach ached after I was done. Knowing all of that, I called her back up for a round two. Surprisingly though, she had left out of town and her friend was left with her phone. I texted her thinking that it would be her but her friend texted back instead letting me know that she was out of town. Her friend told me that I was still welcomed to come over but she was a little different. Her friend told me that she was taller, a little skinnier, and her ass and tits weren't very big. At that time I didn't care even though im usually an ass and tits man. I texted her back and let her know that I was going to come over. I told her that last time I came the girl I saw the first time couldn't handle my dick. She asked me how big my dick was and I said about 9 inches. Her next text messages just said "!!!!". She then said that she would see when I get there. So I get there and knock on the door, she does the common thing most of them do and open the door while standing behind the door. I got inside and she finally stepped from behind the door. She was a white girl about my height, skinny, and maybe a B cup in bra size. She was wearing yellow panties and a white bra. She told me to follow her upstairs. I went upstairs and we went into her friend's bedroom. She had me sit back on the bed and pull my dick out. My dick was soft so she slid a condom around it and started to suck on it. At first her motions were short and quick. When I saw her motions start to get longer and slower I knew that my dick was getting hard. By then my dick was fully hard. She pulled it out her mouth and started to rub on it. She looked at me and then said "please go easy on me". I then rolled over and put her on her back. I reached down and grabbed my dick and slid it into her. I felt her tense up when my dick went inside of her. I lifted her right leg up on my shoulder and I started to fuck her. I felt the bed rocking with every thrust I did. The bed started to squeak too. I looked at her and she had her eyes closed as if she was in pain. So I slowed down and told her to roll over. She bent over the edge of the bed and looked at me again and said ''now this way you really have to take it easy on me''. I slid my dick into her from behind and grabbed her by the waist. I started to pound her pussy hard from behind. Im use to girls having a lot of ass meat so I don't have as much thrusting room, but with her I could get all the way down to my balls in her. While I was pounding her from behind, I could see her grab the sheets and dig her head into the bed. I kept pounding her and pounding her until I felt the cum start to rush up. So I pounded her even harder to get the last seconds to be good. I finally cummed inside of her. She then just collapsed onto the bed and said "geez I asked u to take it easy on me". She stood up and her legs looked weak. I was satisfied with the job I did. Ever since then though I haven't gone back to see either of those girls........on to my second story.....

I was told about a girl that I should go and visit. From what some people were telling me, she had a nice set of tits and a nice ass. They told me that she was a young girl that needed to be pounded out (yes she is of legal age). I thought I was the right guy so I went a paid (yes that kind of ''paid'' too) her a visit. I knock on the door and she opened the door for me. I was surprised when I saw four girls in the room. There was a dark skinned one that kind of looked like a man, a white girl who looked scared to be there, a light skinned short light BBW with huge tits (in the triple ds) with tattoos going all down her cleavage, and the girl I was there to see, a black girl with a nice set of tits, probably in the high ds or low double ds and a nice ass. Not huge but it had some meat to it. So all of her friends leave the room for me and her. I was ready to fuck so I got in there and just dropped my pants. She sat down on the bed and asked me if I wanted her to suck my dick. I told her yeah and she slid a condom on to my half hard dick and started to suck on it. The head wasn't the greatest so I pulled my dick out of her mouth and told her to bend over. She bent over and I pulled her titties out from behind her and started to rub on her nipples. I then slid my dick into her and started to fuck her while holding her tits. My movements were limited because of the way I was angled. I knew she could feel my dick but not the way I wanted her to. So I straightened up, grabbed her waist and started to fuck her hard. She started to moan real loud then and grab the sheets. She kept on saying ''the dick is so good''. I could see her tits swinging under her while I was pounding her from behind. I kept pounding her and then she started to scream out loud. I pushed her head into the bed and kept pounding until I felt myself getting ready to cum. I pulled my dick out of her and she tried to roll over thinking that I was done. I stopped her from rolling over and shot my cum all over her ass. She got up and cleaned off and walked me to the door. On my way out I saw all of her friends standing around the corner. I got a text maybe 5 mins later from the girl I fucked. She wanted me to come back and she wanted for us to go out on a date sometime. I pretended I was interested and asked for her friend's number (the one with the big tits). That's what leads up to my next story........

So after dealing with the girl in the last story, her friend texted me. She told me that she thought I was sexy from the first time she saw me and wanted me to come back to see her. So I went back to see her friend. The other girl in the previous story had left and no one could get in contact with her. I went to the room where her friend was staying. The girl opened the door and when I saw her I was amazed by the size of her tits even though I saw them before. She had on a small white t-shirt with a cut down the middle that could barely hold in her tits and some little shorts on. We sat down for a while and she told me about her friend. come to find out, her friend was pregnant. And I don't get down with pregnant girls like that. So I thanked her for the information and when I was getting ready to leave, she asked me to sit down on the bed for a sec. She then got on her knees between my legs and said ''pull out your dick''. She didn't have to ask me twice so I pulled it out. She put a condom on it and started to give me a good blowjob. She used both her mouth and her hands and she was moaning as she was sucking my dick. I felt like I might have cummed soon so I got her up to the bed. She took her shirt off and her tits were HUGE. The actual breasts were huge and she had nice small brown nipples. She said to me ''i got some huge tits right?'' I played with her nipples for a little the squeezed her tits together. I then bent her over the bed and started to fuck her. She moaned and wiggled a little but never told me to stop. I rolled her over and laid her on her back. She spread her legs open so I stuffed my dick inside of her pussy. I started to fuck her and her tits were just bouncing everywhere. That was working agagainst me and making me want to cum quicker. I couldn't take it anymore of her tits bouncing so I pulled my dick out and start to jack off waiting for the cumshot. I guess she thought I was done but sat up just in time for my dick to shoot out cum. She got hit right on her chin and all across her big tits. She looked surprised to see how much cum shot out onto her. After that one time, I cam back and fucked her one more time. After that, she just up and disappeared too.
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3 years ago
Hahaha to be honest I just think that they get the dick and either are afraid to get more or got what they wanted
3 years ago
why do all ur bitches fall off the planet after u fuck them? haha good stuff