Big Dick Payback

Alright everybody im going to skip the usual little speech I give about my stories being 100% true. If u have been reading my stories than u will know....

I was talking to this girl that one of my friends that is a woman tried to hook me up with. I got the girl's number and we started talking. She described herself as a white woman with big breasts and a big ass and blue eyes. She made herself seem like a model. So I asked her to send some pics to me and when I got them she looked like she said. A thick white woman with big breasts and a big ass. So finally I convinced her to have me over and she wanted to have sex. I got to her place and she opened her door. Surprise, surprise she looked nothing like what she told me she looked like. She was a white female, long brown hair, small tits (maybe a C up, and that is pushing it) and her ass wasn't all that great. She was kind of chubby too. I think she knew I wasn't the happiest person because she acted very nervous around me. I knew exactly how to get my payback though. Fuck her pussy so hard she wouldn't be able to stand up. So after talking for a while, she took her shirt and shorts off. I took my pants off and pulled out my dick. I laid back on the bed and she crawled over my body and started to kiss all down my chest until she got to my cock. I don't think she expected my dick to be as big as it was. She put a condom on my dick and started to suck on it. She was really only sucking on the tip so I shoved the rest of my cock down her throat. She started to gag and I could see the spit rolling down my cock. Her blowjob wasn't that great so I told her I was ready to fuck her. She really got nervous then. She said she was only use to giving blowjobs. So she laid back and opened her legs. I got on top of her and put both of her legs on my shoulders. I started to pound her pussy in hard. Before I knew it, I basically had her knees up by her head and I felt the bed shifting with her time I pounded her pussy in. She kept her eyes closed the whole time and made a face everytime I pounded her pussy. I then got off of her and rolled her over. I bent her over on top of the bed, and slid my dick into her pussy. I grabbed her hair with one hand and her waist with the other and continued pounding her pussy in. I saw her grab the sheets really tight then she told me that she has to go somewhere so I have to finish soon. I know it was an excuse to get me from pounding her pussy in so hard but I didn't care. I kept on going harder and harder until her pussy was turning red. I finally then felt myself cum inside the condom. As soon as I pulled my dick out, she just collapsed onto the bed. I got dressed and left her laying on the bed. Ever since that happened, I have never gotten a text from her.
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4 years ago
i hate lying bitches i woulda put it in her ass! haha