Breasts Obsession

Here is another 100% true story coming from me. Hope my stories is keeping someone entertained. Here is goes....

I had just graduated from high school and just got out of a relationship and was looking for a girl. This one girl out of the blue contacted me on the internet. From what her picture looked like, she looked like a sexy brunette. Well we ended up setting up a movie date. She came to pick me up the day of our date and i noticed she looked nothing like the pics i saw of her. she was a pretty big/thick girl but she made herself look good. Manicured nails and peticured feet, hair done, and a whole lot of cleavage. We got to the movies and within like 5 mins of the movie we started making out. I slid my hand down the top of her shirt and felt her giant boobs. We decided to stop because people were around but as soon as we got out the movies we pulled over in a empty parking lot. She pulled my dick out and started to jack me off. She did it for a while but then said her arm was getting tired. I asked her what her bra size was and she said 32DDD. i dont know why but i have a big titty obsession. I pulled those jugs out and put my dick right between them. I titty fucked them long and hard then sprayed my cum all over her tits. After that we hooked up and dated for 3 months but in that 3 month period we had sex like 35 times. I fell in love with those giant tits but then she started to try and get pregnant on purpose so i had to let her go.
80% (11/3)
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7 months ago
kick the sluts out when they go down that road
4 years ago
that is the time to kick them to the curb
4 years ago
Well that happens its happened to me mor than once but if your careful you can protest yourself good story
4 years ago
Yo lol good call towards the end
5 years ago
im glad to know that im not the only big breast lover around here! thanks for the comment