High School Whore

Another 100% true story coming from me. Hope that everyone has been enjoying them. Here it goes.....

Every school has one of them. The school whore. The girl that is seems like everyone in the school has gotten something from. We fortunately for me that school whore at my high school had a crush on me. She was not the prettiest girl at all. far from it. she had nice size tits, nothing big but a flat ass. She had braces and glasses. basically a nerd. She worked at one of the local store right next to where i lived at. Everytime i went into the store she would stare me down like i was a piece of meat or something. One day one of her friends came up to me and told me that she liked me. I tried to play it off but that same day the girl texted me. I ended up texting her for a while and played with her pride by telling her she couldnt handle me when it came to sex. I drove over to her house one late night and she got into my car. I drove over to a dark spot in her neighborhood just to "talk". After a while of talking she told me that she was d***k and high. Then she told me she heard a rumor that i have a small dick. boy was she wrong. I pulled my dick out and rubbed it so it could get fully hard. She was so out of it i just pushed her head down onto my dick. Before this NO ONE has ever made me cum by giving me a blowjob. But she went to town on my dick. Sucking and slurping and deepthroating and then the next thing i knew, I was squirting all inside of her mouth. She let me finish cumming then just swallowed it and went inside. About two days later she called me back and sucked my dick again. Just this time I got on top of her in my back seat and titty fucked her then cummed on her face. We had a couple of more hook ups after that but then she finally realized that i was just using her for a booty call.
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4 years ago
very good cell phones heck the home computer(apple) was not even a dream then
4 years ago
You were very normal for a kid in high school must be very proud of that cock.
4 years ago
ha!!! hoes
5 years ago
lol they were a whole lot like that
5 years ago
excellent - wish I knew a girl like that when I was in high school, of course things were different then... no cellphones... ah ha