High School Threesome

Before I start my story I want everyone to know that my sex stories are 100% real. I dont use big words or try to make some fancy story. I give the details straight. With that said, here it goes...

Well this started back in high school. It was like my junior year and I was dating this sophmore. I played football and she was a cheerleader. Yeah sounds like the dream couple but not really. I think I dated her because her tits were a size 36DDD. Yeah that huge for high school. Anyway I had her wrapped around my finger. She would do anything I asked her to do. So I kept hinting to her about having a threesome. She knew this lesbian chick who always talked about messing around with her. So one day she called me and told me to come and pick her up. When i got her she told me directions to the lesbian girl's house. I picked the lesbian chick up but we had no where to have sex because my parents were home and so were both the girls. I use to live in some apartments back then and they had this self car wash place in the back of the neighborhood. I drove down to the carwash and we all got into my back seat. Not very comfortable because I have a small car. My ex-girlfriend told me to pull my dick out and she started to suck it. The lesbian girl kind of just sat there and watched and then finally said "im a lesbian so you cant fuck me but you can touch and kiss me". So while my ex-girlfriend was sucking my dick i started to squeeze on her tits which werent really big. After a while of my ex sucking my dick i pulled her tits out and both me and the lesbian girl started to suck on them. I bent my ex over in the back seat and started to fuck her doggystyle while she made out with the lesbian girl. I ended up cumming inside of her (condom on). When i was done I told them i would pretend to wash my car so no one got suspicious and they could handle their business. I got out and sprayed the car down with water to make the windows harder to see in. I pulled out my cell phone and pretended to be texting but i was really recording them in the car. If my cell phone didnt break the video would be on my profile.
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4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
do you have any upskirting gadget?
4 years ago
Good story i hope you downloaded the videos i will be looking for it thanks
5 years ago
nice, i like big tits