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[Story] Country cowgirl interracial

Wow, I haven't put up a story on here in forever. I have gone through some sexcapades in the meantime just every time i got on here, I ended up watching porn instead of putting up one of my stories. Well here is one of my newest ones. It involves me and this country girl that I met through a site. Enjoy!

Well i met this one girl through a website. It wasn't a sex site but a legit dating site. Any dating site can be a sex site really. I spoke to this girl for about a month before going to meet her. She told me that she was going to be embarrassed around me because she has a strong country ac... Continue»
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[Story] Big Dick, Small Chick

Everybody who reads my stories knows they are 100% true because they are actually the times I have had sex, blah blah blah u know the drill

I met this chick one day while she was walking down the street. She was a cute skinny white girl about 5"3 with brown hair and a nice set of legs on her. Usually I wouldn't go for her type because she didn't have big tits and her ass didn't look big. It looked nice but not big. So anyway I happened to bag her number and call her. We started to talk and come to find out, she has been looking for basically a sex partner. She said she hasn't had sex in a w... Continue»
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[Story] California Virgin

Im back again everyone. After doing some thinking I remembered that I left one story out from my previous sex experiences. Hope everyone enjoys it. Remember, my stories are real because I went through all these experiences.

There was this guy I knew that I played basketball with. He had a real hot girlfriend that was really sweet and always trying to make friends. She sent me a friend request one day and I accepted it. On her top friends she had this really cute white girl so I sent her a friend request. I sent her a message and she replied. Come to find out, it was the other girl's &qu... Continue»
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[Story] Workplace Lesbians

Well everyone im finally back! I havent written a story in a while because I havent had any out of the ordinary sexual experiences besides the usual sex with my fiancee. If you have been keeping up with my stories then you know my stories are 100% true and based off of personal expriences. so here it goes...

My fiancee is bisexual and oh yeah it is great. I get to look at other women with her and talk about their tits etc. My fiancee got a job at this mall. While at the working there she found out one of her co-workers is bisexual too. She told me about it and told me how she had a dream abou... Continue»
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[Story] I banged a MILF

For everyone who has been following my stories, sorry to say but this is going to be my LAST story. For now at least. I have ran out of my previous sex experiences! Anyone who wants to volunteer and be in one of my stories send me a message!

This all happened when I was 18. My b*****r had a webpage which he was friends with this older white lady. She was 23. I sent her a friend request and we started talking. After a week she invited me over to her house. When i finally got to see her in person she was alright. Maybe a C size in bra and a nice little ass on her. When i first got out the car ... Continue»
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[Story] Future Porn Star Chick

If you have been following my stories then you know that they are 100% true because they are sexual encounters I have had before. So here it goes...

When I was in high school I use to try and get girls every which way I could. I knew this hispanic guy at the school that all the hispanic girls were in love with. So I told him to tell his girl to get me some girl to hook up with. Like two days later his girlfriend called me with one of her friend's numbers so i could text her. I texted her the same day and we started talking. We talked for about 2 months when she finally called me over to... Continue»
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[Story] Movie Theater Love

Here goes another 100% true story from me. Got to say a couple of things before i start. First im not a complete asshole. Many of the girls that I have these stories about i didnt use for just sex. Hard to believe but some of them (not all) actually used me for sex because word around town is that i have a big dick and i give good sex. Second thing is that i am running out of stories! I have gone through almost all women that i have slept with. I need some more women. So any women interested just send me a message or anyone who wants a girl they known taken care of, send me a message. Anyway, ... Continue»
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[Story] Fucking the Other Boss

Another 100% true story coming from me. By the way thank you for all the people leaving me comments. Keep them coming and I will try to get some more girls to sl**p with and bring u my true stories. Well here it goes....

I worked at a park which offered a whole lot of different things like food and other attractions. I worked at one of the restaurants at the park. Each section and restaurant of the park had a different manager. There was this one manager who i thought was cute in her face but as everyone knows wearing uniforms isnt the sexiest thing to wear. One day while I was at work the o... Continue»
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[Story] Breasts Obsession

Here is another 100% true story coming from me. Hope my stories is keeping someone entertained. Here is goes....

I had just graduated from high school and just got out of a relationship and was looking for a girl. This one girl out of the blue contacted me on the internet. From what her picture looked like, she looked like a sexy brunette. Well we ended up setting up a movie date. She came to pick me up the day of our date and i noticed she looked nothing like the pics i saw of her. she was a pretty big/thick girl but she made herself look good. Manicured nails and peticured feet, hair done, ... Continue»
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[Story] High School Whore

Another 100% true story coming from me. Hope that everyone has been enjoying them. Here it goes.....

Every school has one of them. The school whore. The girl that is seems like everyone in the school has gotten something from. We fortunately for me that school whore at my high school had a crush on me. She was not the prettiest girl at all. far from it. she had nice size tits, nothing big but a flat ass. She had braces and glasses. basically a nerd. She worked at one of the local store right next to where i lived at. Everytime i went into the store she would stare me down like i was a piece o... Continue»
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[Story] The Lesbian's Girlfriend

100% true stories from me as you can tell from my other stories. Well here is goes....

This is a story of sweet revenge. Back in high school there was this one girl i had a super crush on. I tried dating her for like a year and it never worked out. She kept on rejecting me time after time. I finally found out that she was gay and was dating this other lesbian girl at my school. I was pissed because she led me on like she wanted to actually date me sometimes. So I ended up asking around and getting her girlfriend's phone number. I started texting her and after using some reverse psycholog... Continue»
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[Story] Virgin College Girl

If you have been reading my stories, you know that I only tell 100% true stories. If you want a fantasy go read a book. Here goes my story.....

When I was a freshman in high school I went to prom with this senior. She went with a group of 12 girls and I was the only guy in the limo. I met one of her friends who went with us and the first thing i noticed was her tits. They were somewhere in the DDD range.She had on a dress that barely covered them but showed nothing but cleavage. She was kind of a big girl so she tits went with her body. I ended up breaking up with the senior but meeting her f... Continue»
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[Story] First time Anal

Once again, my stories are 100% true. These are all past experiences that I have and have no problem sharing with everyone. Here goes my story....

There was this girl who went to school with me and lived in the next set of apartments behind mine that had a super crush on me. She was ugly though. Braces and a little bit of acne. She really didnt have a body. She would always come to my apartment and ask for me. I finally decided to be her friend but I tried to crush her hopes of dating me. Guess it didnt work. She still kept chasing after me so I figured I might as well use her for a quick bl... Continue»
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[Story] High School Threesome

Before I start my story I want everyone to know that my sex stories are 100% real. I dont use big words or try to make some fancy story. I give the details straight. With that said, here it goes...

Well this started back in high school. It was like my junior year and I was dating this sophmore. I played football and she was a cheerleader. Yeah sounds like the dream couple but not really. I think I dated her because her tits were a size 36DDD. Yeah that huge for high school. Anyway I had her wrapped around my finger. She would do anything I asked her to do. So I kept hinting to her about havin... Continue»
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