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theater sex....

well to start off with seeing and being involved in that action is an experience that is a topper. it falls in the catagory of liberty ports in the far east that i visited years ago.

the ones in my favorites i know for a fact were done in tampa florida in a place on north lois ave. it is a book store/theater. awsome action on the weekends.

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this is getting awsome, i have found some interesting folks to chat to and i like what i am finding. people are so facinating and the more open others are the better things are.
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fantastic conversations

i have finally got some friends and i have been messaging them and some others and i have discovered some awsome people and i think what they are into is awsome as well. openess is the way things should be. hide nothing and don't be shy.
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[Story] my friend her mom and me

well this all stared a few years ago when i met a gal and we started a relationship. we would get together at her home and had some great sex. her and her mom shared a house together. her mom at the time was over seventy five y/o.and i would show up and my friend and i would go upstairs and have sex for a couple of hours. her mom would be down stairs alone and she knew what we were doing.

well after about a couple of weeks of this i started saying something to my friend about her mom staying alone down stairs. after a bit of coaching i finally got her to go along with my idea.

so on t... Continue»
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