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another fantasy I have......... plz....continue it

I lay there fully sthreched, I see how my abnormal swollen breasts are
pusating under my nylon top, the fat veins are pulsating full of bl**d, my
breasts looc uglu and bizarr from all the big fat veins who grow out, like
blue snakes, my
nipples stands like smal penises thru the nylon, even at them there are
comming vains, I start to cry of the thrill, I can see you walk around
that sick big thing with those extreme big bals, looking so heavy and full
of sperm, I can feel how you cares my nylon covered legs with your extreme
cock, sees how the slime from it makes the nylon shiny, ... Continue»
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a fantazy of mine, self writhen.

After the nigths chatting with you my unknown master I go and find my bed
thinking on tomorrovs new life, I woke up early and go in to my younger
roomfriend and ask here to borrow some clothing after I have taken a
shower, I have pushed her into a nylon addict to. I dont know when you will
come or in what way, I have just sendt you my picture and address, since
that is the rules from you, I will not know when you take adventige and
start the "game" The knowlegde that I have given my pic and address to a
sadistic r****t is so overvelming and arousing that I cant help touching my
self du... Continue»
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links I love...........****_Woman/ Continue»
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[Story] weirdo story 2

I love spiders. I see your adorable body in front of me. You are on the table, just the naughty nylon touches your soft skin. I like you, feel the tickling of the nylon on my tongue. Again I start to become hard. Your bald skull, your face – everything makes me horny. The breasts are moving up and down as you breathe. A kind of fear and shame is in your eyes – and a enormous desire and lust. I take a little box and show it to you. You can see three big spiders insides – just like the one I sent you as picture. They are crawling … thick bodies, full of littler spider-eggs. Its time for them to ... Continue»
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I would love to train my nipples like this.
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young girls..............

I would love to chat with other youg girls who loves the feeling of nylon at their skin, or see thrue outfits, please mail me at
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To Douch

Hey Monique, Im sorry I am so late to answer you my dear mistress, yezzzzz...... I love that video, and yes, I would love to be humiliated in a K9 situasion dressed in nylon, I would love to be torn apart by a dom female who have no feelings for me, my mail is
I would love to feel you explore my inner cervix. kiss trude
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[Story] weirdo story

I meet you at the airport in only a sheer black catsuit and a fish nett
top over
and a short skirt, thats tigth around me. I have only a little bag
where I
have all
my money and passport. After we meet I give you a kiss and says its now
your turn
to run my life the next weeks. And gives you my little bag. I curl my
who is
long and blond and ask if you know a cheep hair cutter who can help us
take it of
and shave my head of all hair ?
You drive us to a filthy plase where and old man have his shop, and we
entered it
and you ask him, and I ask at the same time if its o... Continue»
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