Tied and teased on a chair...

This is a story that happened a few months ago.

I'd been seeing this girl for a while, that was right into the 50 Shades books. I never really got into them myself, but did read one pretty good chapter and decided to partially recreate it.

I ran a bath for my girl, told her to relax and take her time as I had a surprise for her. I had been out and bought some new lace topped hold-up stockings, a nice thong to go with them and a mans white shirt. I laid them out on the bed for her, along with a pair of her knee high boots. I told her that when she came out the bath, she had to wear what was on her bed.

I sat through the lounge waiting on her coming down the stairs, candles lit, and just a chair from the dining table in the middle of the lounge. A few minutes later, she came in, wearing exactly what I told her, and looked amazing, the top of her stockings showing just under the shirt, and her had just buttoned up the shirt enough to see her incredible cleavage.

I told her to sit on the chair, I moved behind her, started to kiss and bite her neck and ears. I could see her nipples starting to poke out beneath the shirt.. I reached round and start to play with them, Her nipples had always been extra sensitive, and she loved getting them played with. This made her moan out, I slipped my hand in the shirt so I could play with them directly. I moved round in front of her again, and unbuttoned the shirt to show off her tits, and started to suck her nipples, biting them till she was crying out with the pain and pleasure. She was running her fingers through my hair, controlling my head with her hands, which nipple I was sucking, but I decided that I was going to be in charge tonight.

I moved my hands down, started stroking her thighs, I love the feel of nylon stockings, I reached up and found the top of her thong and pulled it down over her thighs and boots, I could see her pussy was all nice and wet already. I used her thong to tie her hands behind her on the chair. I moved her forward slightly, so her pussy was right at the edge of the chair. She had shaved her pussy in the bath, so it was really nice and smooth, and glistening wet, pushing her thighs apart opening up her wet cunt for me. I slid my tongue in, just for a brief minute, just to get a taste of it. Moving back up to her nipples, knowing I could squeeze, suck and bite them and there's nothing she could do, as her hands are tied behind her back. It wasn't long before she said she was going to cum...

Almost seconds later, she was cumming. I got down on my knees between her thighs. Her pussy was running with her juices, creating a small pool on the chair. I slid my tongue into her pussy, but it was still extra sensitive after her orgasm, so sensitive that she couldn't handle me touching her clit. I stood up and showed her my bulging cock, still in boxers. I took it out and started stroking it right in front of her face, just far enough away so she couldn't reach it with her mouth. I decided then that I would tease her with the tip of my cock. I pushed her thighs even further apart, and positioned myself between them. The tip of my cock just millimetres from her wet hole. She was begging me to fuck her...but no. I started rubbing my dick over her clit and entrance to her pussy, just pushing the tip in and no more, pulling it out again, covered in her sticky cunt juices.

Standing back up, I started rubbing the tip of my cock on her nipples, transferring her pussy juice from my cock to her nipples, making my cock slide over them with ease, her nipples standing out again. She told me she wanted to taste my cock, to taste her juices on the end of it. I knelt back don between her thighs, and pushed my cock into her wet pussy again, it was even wetter before, and her juices were clinging to the end of my cock as I pulled it out. standing back up I edged my cock closer to her mouth, this time letting her take it in, she started sucking and licking my cock like nothing I've experienced before, taking it all the way back her throat. Now it was my turn to tell her I was going to cum. She kept going, I could feel my balls tighten as seconds later I shot my load into her mouth, right down her throat, as she gulped it all down, not missing a drop. After a few seconds to compose myself, I reached round and untied her hands.

Before I had the chance to say or do anything, she had stood up and ordered me to lie down, as I was lying down, she had taken off the shirt, so she was just standing there in stockings and boots. She told me that her pussy had now recovered and was ready for my tongue again, she was standing above me, I could see her pussy was still running with her juices, down her thighs and soaking the top of her stockings. She lowered herself so her cunt was above my face, telling me to lick and suck her clit, I managed to slide two fingers inside her, and found her g-spot. It only took a matter of seconds before she was cumming again, this time she was squirting her juices all over my face, letting me gulp them down this time.

After a few moments she collapsed on the floor next to me, and told me she had never cum like that before, it was her first time she had squirted her love juices.

So here's to the 50 Shades trilogy, i'll to read the rest of the books and try to recreate some scenes, I'll keep you all posted.......

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