Old Girlfriend, new adventures.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and social networking sights, it doesn't take much to trace old friends. Heres one story after catching up with an old girlfriend.....

We had went out with each other for a couple of weeks over 20 years ago, never done nothing much but kiss and cuddle and a quick fumble in the back seat of the car. After high school finished, we both went our seperate ways and eventually lost contact. So I was pleasantly surprised to get an e-mail from her one day asking to catch up.

After a few nights mailing back and forward, they started getting hot and horny, we discussed everything from experiences to fantasies.

We arranged to meet up the next weekend for a night out to catch up, i drove through to meet her at the restaurant, walked into the bar to wait on her. When she walked in, I was gob smacked. She was good looking at school, but now she was stunning. A petite figure but well balanced, in a tight short black dress, black stockings and high heels, her long red hair swept to one side.

After our meal and a few drinks, it wasn't long before the conversation was turning towards sex again...and before i knew it, I felt her stockinged foot trace up the inside of my leg under the table, my cock was starting to grow by the time her foot found it, I was rock hard, she started massaging it with her foot. She knew I was wanting more, so we settled the bill, grabbed the first taxi and went back to her place.

Back at hers, she dragged my into the lounge, pushed me onto the sofa. She sat at the opposite end with her feet in my lap again, both her stockinged feet massaging my cock again through my trousers till it was solid. All the time, her dress was getting higher and higher eventually up to her lacey stocking tops, and I could see her lace panties on. She knew i was looking at her pussy, she asked if i wanted to see it, she said she had shaved it smooth and was starting to get nice and wet. She slipped a finger inside her panties and showed me how wet she was, before slowing licking her own pussy juice from her fingers...this made my cock throb even harder.

She told me to strip then sit back down. Soon she had both her feet round my cock again, teasing it and wanking it up and down, then she slipped her fingers down her pussy again, started rubbing her clit inside her panties... i couldn't take it anymore, there was already drops of pre-cum from my cock, i told her I was close to cumming. This made her finger herself quicker, telling me she wanted to see my hot cum spray over her feet. It wasn't long before streams of my hot sticky cum was covering her stocking feet.....

She lay back and opened her legs wide, still fingering herself...telling me she wanted to feel my tongue on het clit. She pulled her panties to one side showing me her shaved pussy, it was glistening with how wet she was. I didnt waste any time, started licking her and probing her wet cunt with my tongue, i could tell she was getting close to cumming, so i slipped two fingers inside her pussy while licking her clit..she was pulling my head hard onto her clit wanting my tongue harder and faster, i could feel her pussy juices running down my hand as she was cumming..

I sat back up, my cock was starting to get hard again, after she caught her breath, she told me she wanted to feel my cock inside her wet cunt...she stood up and took off her dress and soaking wet panties, then knelt down in front of me, taking my cock in her mouth, flicking the end of it with her tongue then taking it all in her mouth. It wasn't long before my cock was rock hard again...she lay back on the sofa and spread her pussy lips wide open for my cock, telling me she wanted to fuck her hard. I aimed my cock at her wet hole, and slowly pushed it in, sliding it in all in one go, taking her breath away, and mine..it felt so amazing. She started playing with her tits, pulling and squeezing her nipples, telling me to fuck her faster and harder. After a few minutes, i could feel myself getting ready to cum again. I asked if she wanted my cum inside her tight cunt, but no, she was wanting it over her tits. I pulled my cock out her pussy, knelt over her chest, she grabbed my cock and started wanking it...a few seconds later i shot mt load of cum all over her tits, she rubbed it all in, the took my cock in her mouth to catch the last few drops of my cum..

We both lay there exhausted for a bit, before heading to bed. In bed she said she wanted to try other new things, but thats another story for another time.........
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