the empty locker room?

Sunday's at the local swimming pool were always a bit dull, usually only old people bobbing around like a buoy at the seaside. But the quiet was always nice so...
I had just finished my normal swim that I did every Sunday and was about to hit the shower, the mens changing room was empty so I slipped of my shorts and went naked, it felt a bit naughty being naked in a mens changing room even though no one else was around, but after a while it was like walking around the house naked, you just forget about it, I was washing myself under the shower when I noticed I'd forgotten to bring my shampoo in with me so I went to grab it, I grabbed it out my locker and went back to the shower area I turned round the corner and saw that someone else was in there now, he was facing the wall and washing his hair I wasn't sure what to do coz i was naked and my swimming shorts were right next to the man, I was looking at my shorts and thinking how to get them back when I noticed he was naked too, I could see his ass dripping with water, it looked nice being all covered in water it looked all shiny and new, he was quite a big buff guy, looked like he worked out alot, I was trying to look away but I couldn't I was in my own little world just starting at his ass, suddenly after a few blinks I noticed that it wasn't his ass I was looking at anymore, it was his cock I looked up to see he was turned around and looking at me, I'm so sorry man, I said, I stuttered a bit and was about to apologise again when he said, are these your shorts? Yea, I said, sorry, he bent down to pick them up and he passed them to me, thanx man, I've not seen you around here before, I said, I usually come on a monday or Wednesday, we were talking for about 5 minutes when he asked, so are you gay? Nuh man I said, why are you? He didn't answer my question he just said, are you sure? You were looking at me for some time by the looks of it, I can appreciate the male body, I said, he laughed and then said, did you like what you saw? I looked at him and his body and said, its not bad, you have a nice little ass from what I saw, he looked at me and said, you ever been with another man before? A couple, I said, he was looking at my cock and I looked down at it to, you like it? I asked, its nice,he said, thanx, and a little laugh was my response, you look a bit nervous he said, I'm naked in changing room shower with a guy I barely know I said, he said me too, with a little laugh, I looked and said, you've got a towel rapped round your bottom half, he looked at me and took the towel off himself he put it ovet a hook, I looked at him and for the first time I actually noticed his cock, he was huge! And had real girth too, his cock head looked so tasty, it was so big but so nice, I had only been with a couple of other guys so I had not seen huge cocks in real life the ones Ihad seen in porn that were huge didn't all look nice, this one was perfect, he looked at me and said, touch it, it wasn't even semi hard and looked massive, I slowly put my hand out to grab it when he grabbed my hand and put it round his shaft, don't be scared, he said, and I had it in my hand I could only just get my tiny hand round it, I squeezed it a bit to get my finger to touch my thumb and I felt it harden a bit so I started to rub it slightly and I could feel it growing in my palm, he was semi hard by now and I was getting harder too, I wanted to suck it but was scared just how big it was going to get it was right in my face as I was sitting on a little bench just outside the showers he was in front of me just standing there, it was literally just inches away from my mouth, I could actually smell it, and I was totally hard now and just kept rubbing it till I saw it was full on hard, his helmet was huge and I opend my mouth and went to suck it, his hard cock head was in my mouth it was filling my mouth I could only get the head in and so was sucking his nice fat head pulling it out and putting it back in, his cock tasted so good so I started licking his long smooth shaft up and down and gently rubbing myself, I went to put it back in my mouth and suck it, just his head was going in though, its to big man, I said, and he said, lay down on your back so I did, I didn't know what was going to happen I was on my back on the little bench, he said move your head closer to the end, so I slid up, I put my towel under my head and liyed back down, when I looked back up I could see his cock looking down on me and I thought wow! He said put your head back a bit and open wide, so I did, then I saw I coming towards me then it was in my mouth, just his head at first then more and more bit by bit went in a down my throat, I was pretty much upside down by now and all I could see was his shaved ballsack hanging there it was pretty hot, then all of a sudden I gagged, he had gone to far, he pulled out and I had my saliva dripping down the side of my face and neck, I got my breath back and said, again, and opened wide, he slid back in and I was getting harder, I was lying there with him slowly fucking my mouth his balls hitting me on the top of my head, he pulled out after a while and told me to stand up, I did, he said, no, stand on the bench, so I got on the bench and stood there, he grabbed my cock and started licking my head, I moaned a bit and then he put his lips round the top and started going up and down, my cock was quite big, just not as big as his, he was taking more and more and it felt and look so good, suddenly I saw he had the whole length in, no one had ever taken my whole length before, it felt so goood I could feel the back of his throat with my head, he came back up and went straight back down again deep throating the whole thing, he made it look so easy and was getting so turned on, I think I'm gonna cum, I said, yea? He replied, oh yea, I said, he carried on sucking taking the whole of it, fill my mouth he said, I want to drink your cum, and that was all I needed to hear my legs went and I unleashed my fat load down his throat I could feel it squirting out, 4 separate squirts each one felt bigger than the last i was cumming harder than ever before, after the 3rd I felt like I my balls had been emptied but then the forth came out, and it went everywhere it was a massive load and it was filling his mouth I pulled out and he swallowed a bit and rest was dripping out of his mouth, over his lips and all down his chin, he whipped it away and said, I'm gonna fuck your ass, I bent over and said, do it! He got on his knees and licked my hole to get it wet, after that he got back up to his feet and stuck his cock in my ass I dont know how much was in but it hurt a bit, it felt nice though, so I just took it, I could feel it going deeper and deeper into my hole, it was amazing he was fucking my ass for about 10 minutes I was moaning and groaning, the pain had turned into full pleasure by now and I was loving it, harder, I said and harder he went, my ass was getting all tingly and was creaming at this point, where do you want my cum, he said, I wanted him to fill my hole but I also sorta wanted to taste it, fill my tight little arse hole, I said, I couldn't stop moaning and my cock was rock hard again, he pulled his cock out of my ass and I felt it close back up, come n taste your bum cum he said, so I turned round and got down on my knees, his cock was glistening with my ass juices, I could smell ass hole, but I wanted to taste it, I put my hands on his hips and my mouth round his head, I got what I wanted, I could taste ass I was licking up and down when he grabbed his cock and started jerking it, a few minutes later he shot his load all over my face and chest.
Fuck yea, he said, then I got back under the shower and washed his cum of my face, when I turned around he had gone, his towel and clothes gone to, I stood there like wow, coulda least said bye.
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2 months ago
mmmm that was bad he did not swap numbers so you could keep in touch..i would want more of that....mmmmm
3 months ago
bum, not even a thank you!
3 months ago
great story
5 months ago
Good story. I have met a number of men in the shower room, usually at the YMCA, but never had a conversation with them except to have them invite me to their room for some privacy which I always went and after they received as much sexual pleasure as I could give them, usually with my mouth and ass I would go back to the shower room hoping for another request to go back to a room.