I went to a house party with a few mates and what

I went to a house party with a few mates and what I was hoping for was completely different to what I got.

I had been at this party for a couple of hours when both my mates ditched me, I didn't know anyone else there but thought fuck it ill stay and have a few drinks, after a while I went out in to the garden to smoke a joint I had brought with me after I had finished I went to look for my mates I looked everywhere but couldn't find them so I thought fuck it I'll leave, before I left I went for a piss, the downstairs toilet was locked so I went upstairs, the door was unlocked so I walked in, but shit! Someone was in there taking a piss, fuck sorry man the door was unlocked I said, he just stood there like nothing had happened I could see his cock, it looked just like mine and I couldn't stop staring at it, which he noticed, he said its ok man don't be shy you can look, he said you like that don't you? I didn't know what to say, he asked if look was all I wanted to do? I looked at him and said, I don't know. (I had always wandered what it would be like to touch another cock other than mine) I couldn't take my eyes off it and was getting a semi from looking at it, he also had a semi by now, I said, can I touch it? He said, go for it, and I did I reached out and grabbed it, I held it in my hand and grew bigger, it felt weird but I started to rub it, he was rock hard at this point and I was getting harder, I kept thinking that this was weird but I don't want to stop, he then put his hand out and went for mine, is this ok he said? As he put his hand down my trousers, I couldn't say anything and looked at him and nodded, both our cocks were rock hard now and I was wondering where this was going, he went down and I got harder, my cock had never been harder I was scared and turned on at the same time, he was just about to put my big hard cock in his mouth when the bathroom door opened and I jumped, fucking hell I was so surprised and so in the moment I forgot where I was, I was just about to pull my trousers up and run when he said, its all right it only kyle, kyles my fuck buddy, Kyle then shut the door and locked it, I had no idea what was going to happen next, he looked at me and said, you mind if he gets in on this? I wasn't even sure what this was but for some reason I just said, ok, sure, he said great, where was I? And he went back down to my cock, it wasn't as hard as it was before but he grabbed it with both hands and licked the head , it got harder after that and he put it in his mouth and I let out a little moan, it felt good, kyle was behind him taking his clothes off, he was down to his boxer's when he said, Chris get your clothes off, Chris stood up and took his clothes off and so took mine off, can I suck one of you? I said, and kyle said as he took his boxer's off, you can suck both of us, I got down on my knees and grabbed both of them, they were both so big and so hard, I went slowly over to Chris s first and licked his head, it actually surprised me, it tasted nice, so I opened my mouth and BANG! it was in my mouth, the taste and the feeling of it filling my mouth was amazing I can't describe it, it was nothing like I had imagined I was in heaven, I moved my mouth up and down his cock the best I could trying to get it deeper and deeper each time, I still had kyles in my other hand and I started rubbing it up and down, I pulled away from chris's cock to catch my breath a bit, but before I could I had kyles stuck down my throat, it felt different but I carried on taking as much as I possibly could, it was so hot and my cock was so hard, then he pulled it out and said, how do you feel about some anal? I licked my lips still tasting there cocks on them and said, I want it, kyle then went and sat on the toilet and Chris said, were gonna spit roast you, bend over and get your mouth round his cock, so I did, I was sucking his cock when chris said, this is a tight little bum hole here, and he spat on it and started rubbing it around with his finger, then he asked, are you ready? I didn't want to stop sucking it was so hot so I just went mmhmm, kyle must of liked that coz his cock grew in my mouth, and it felt so goood I could now feel chris's head rubbing around my bum hole, and I moaned still with kyles cock in my mouth, the wait was killing me I just wanted it in me, then, I felt it, his hard cock pushing in my hole, and OH MY GOD! It was amazing, I could feel my arse stretching as he went in more and more my cock was so fucking hard and I was getting so turned on, I wanted to start rubbing my self but I was so sure if I just touched it I would of exploded right there and then, the deeper he went the better it was, and the harder I got the more I wanted to suck kyles cock, I was trying to take the whole thing in and nearly did when he grabbed my head and pulled out, your so good at that, he said and I went, really? Thanks, I really like it, I said, then he said, do you wanna lick my ass hole? And he knelt on the toilet seat and bent over leaning on the back of the toilet, his ass looked so sweet and was all shaven, it was like a woman's ass, so I did, I spread his cheeks apart and stuck my tongue out, his ass even smelt quite nice and I buried my tongue in it, I couldn't believe what I was doing, I was liking another guys arse, worse than that, I was fucking loving it, the taste, the thrill, every thing about it. My ass was still filled with cock and was getting wetter and wetter as he was going in and out, I was getting the whole length of his sweet cock inside me and loving evey second and every inch of it,and then he pulled out, you like the taste of ass do ya? He said, come taste your own ass, I turned around and fell to my knees then I opened wide and slid his cock in my mouth, it was soaking wet looked so nice and tasted so good, I just wanted to take it all, I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him towards me, I had it all in! Oh my god! It was touching the back of my throat, and I wasn't gagging! He was going mad moaning like crazy, then, oh fuck! He shouted, I'm gonna fucking cum! I pulled off and said, cum on his bum hole, I wanna lick it off, but it was to late, he let out a big groan and shot all over my face and In my mouth, his thick salty spunk was all I could taste, on my tongue and slowly sliding down my throat, I swallowed the lot and went back to his cock, slammed it in my mouth and sucked like mad, his legs were going all wobbly and he was moaning oh yea, you dirty fucking cunt, he said, give me your cock, I wanna suck it, he fell to his knees and I stood up, then kyle came over and went down too, they were both sharing my cock, sucking my head and licking the shaft, I felt like was gonna explode, but I didn't want to, I never wanted it to stop, I pulled away from them and said, fuck my arse again, and I bent over the toilet waiting for it, kyle got up behind me and stuck it in, oh yea, I said he was fucking me for about 5 minutes when I noticed chris sitting on the floor sliding under us, he grabbed my cock and started jerking it, I want your cum he said, oh shit, you keep doing that your gonna get it, I said, and then with my ass hole full and my cock harder than a rock, I let out the biggest moan ever! OH MY FUCKING GOD! Its coming! Fuuuck! And then....... BANG I exploded like fucking crazy my ass went all tingly and I was shooting my spunk everywhere, it wouldn't stop, then kyle let out a big groan and filled my fucking ass with his cum, after he pulled out I could feel it dripping down my legs, and arse felt like never before my cock was still rock hard and I was panting so bad. After we all got our breath back we stood up looked at each other and were speach less. I put my clothes back on and said, you two are fucking amazing, this bit of paper has my mobile number on it, I was hoping to give it to a girl but.... If you wanna do that again then call me I chucked it on the toilet seat and left. All the way home I could still taste them in my mouth and it was so hot, I could still feel cum dripping from my ass, I was still turned on when I was halfway home, what I did next was fucking wierd but so worth it, I found a little dark ally pulled my trousers down and farted his cum Into my hands to eat it all up.

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2 months ago
whoa boy ! that was hot as fuck.
got anymore stories ?
thanks for sharing.
2 months ago
good storey ;)
2 months ago
not bad my bold prose writer! I loved your tale. Words are action ... not one second goes lost. We are having a very well promising writer ... Tnx for sharing. G.
3 months ago
scene was hot, would need more lube and not into eating cum from the ass. great party though
4 months ago
Love this story man - makes me so fucking hard
5 months ago
you are so nasty
5 months ago
nice hot story mate
5 months ago
Great story. It made me want to be you. Have had plenty of 3somes but the best is when I am bent over sucking a cock and a person you didn't even know was there came up and slipped his cock into your ass. You can't say or do anything because the man you are sucking is holding your head tight. What a ride.
5 months ago
Nasty boy!
5 months ago
wow that was hot dude
5 months ago
5 months ago
I'm sure, that what you got is much better than your hope!