first time with anal

So i'm a str8 guy (or so i thought). I was really horny one night and decided to look at craigs list. there were no women looking for any immediate action but there were many men. My f****y happened to be out of town this weekend too, leaving me alone in the house. I like to 420 so i smoked a big bowl before this happened.
I had always imagined fucking or (mainly) getting fucked by a guy. So i decided to click on m4m. I looked through the posts for several hours before i decided to just post for myself. I posted what i wanted, a st8 boy looking to be sucked and possibly fucked for the first time.
I jumped in the shower while the ad uploaded. When i got out i had several replys already. i answered to one guy and he decided to drive over to my house. He got here and we immediatly went to my room.
I said "we could watch some porn to get us ready" to which he just nodded. i turned on a gay porn and he slowly pulled my shorts down. He started sucking my dick like a pro. One of the best blowjobs ive ever gotten. I almost csame right there.
He told me to lay on the bed so i sat on the bed and he started sucking me again. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me and he said yes.
I bended over the bed doggystyle (remember i had never been fucked before) i was tense with anticipation not really knowing what to expect.
He slowly put a condom on and slid his dick up and down my ass crack, pouring lube on his dick and my ass.
he slowly felt him push in, at first it didnt hurt but when he finally got his head in my ass felt liek it was on fire. He started fucking me slowly but it hurt so much i almost thought about telling him to stop and i would just suck him off to end the pain.
Instead i grunted loudly several times and decided to try and weather it out. Soon it was hurting less and starteing to feel...good surprisingly!
I told him i wanted to get on my knees so he let me.
He fucked me doggystyle for a few more minutes to where the pain was almost nonexistant and it felt really good.
He pulled out and let me roll onto my back. I put my legs in the air ass he pushed his cock in (much easilyer this time). I moaned in ecstacy and grabbed his legs acctually pushing him deeper into me. he fucked me like that and kept at ti while i started jacking off while he fucked me.
I asked him to fuck me and jack me off and he started to. He jacked and fucked me for about 5 minutes until i felt one of the most powerful orgasms ive ever had. Between a dick in my ass, the 420 i smoked not 15 minutes ago and him jacking me off it was the best orgasm i think ive ever had.
he fucked me for another 10 minutes until he quickly pulled out and came all over my stomach and chest.
after that i took a shower and then got on xhamster to write what had just happened to me not 20 minutes ago ;)
89% (50/6)
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3 years ago
Hot story.
4 years ago
great story- you've done what I've always fantasized about! I've sucked a few cocks but have never been fucked. I can just picture it now,...
4 years ago
loved the story.had a wank while reading it.
4 years ago
nice story. i've thought about it many many times, however i've yet to go through w/it. some day...
4 years ago
That was good
4 years ago
thanks for sharing.
4 years ago
That brings back some great to read about. MUCH more fun to do...
4 years ago
Good story. Reminds me of a friend and me first time.
4 years ago
goooddddd ilove it
4 years ago
Good story. Always dream bout doing that but never follow thru