Sex story ”Once in the subway”

This tale is based on an unquestionably right tale in August 2009 that occurred to me at the NY Metro. Honestly, I have long had a secret desire – to bring the girl to orgasm on the escalator, but men will know me, sometimes standing behind a girl in a small skirt, which is a few steps above do not arise unequivocal thought. As the object had to find a girl who does not bother the problems of high ethics in public places, confident, and surely not just whore Railway station. I would not say specifically looking for such, but on occasion tried to evaluate one or another pretender, who met in the subway. Well, okay – enough babble, you got me and so misunderstood. Was a typical summer day in moderation is hot, but the subway is always hot, than on the street. I noticed an angelic creature on the train. In appearance she was 22-24 years later, I will never know. The first thing that struck me is the fact that her panties were missing. It is also simple to see as a lack of bra. By type, it belonged to the middle class, not rich, but secure, it probably has a boyfriend, promising work in the city center and the lack of superfluous thoughts in my head. I realized straight away – my version … She had not even noticed me there. So stop all start to come out of the train. Trying to go strictly for her, not letting anyone linking us. Instep and here we are on an escalator. I stood close behind her. Left hand to hold a magazine – like something to read and generally do not pay any concentration to anyone, and his right hand gently run it under her skirt. I’m not mistaken – is really no panties! First, a small touch and stroked the ass, then proceed with his palm across her pussy. Those who ride the escalator to the top weird looking at her, seeing how it changes the look, but just standing behind a guy and his left hand holding a magazine. I stroked the inside of your thighs. The intimacy of the situation is that she does not know who stands behind her, but can feel my fragrance and … maximum estimate complexion of my body … On the one hand it needs to make a scandal, but on the other side of her insanely nice. Meanwhile, I take up again to caress the outer lips. She stands and tries not to submit the form. I quietly with an boost in body temperature know that we must renovate the job. I silently start to pull at the clitoris. Right – left – up – down … She yells.Doing the rotation with his fingers. Trying to describe the insane path. She is getting harder and harder to restrain themselves. With one finger I gently penetrate into the hole, while the rest take up again to massage the rest of her sweet heart. - Aahhh – heard of it.Start to penetrate deeper … and she would start to squat, sit down … I whispered in her ear: – Tsssss ….. From what he heard voices weirder her state is close to swoon … She says: – I do so I can not … I feel, in her mind already emerging thought to spit on everyone and everything and returns to the exciting feeling … BUT … Still around people … I whisper to her: – Silent, hold on a girl … Teasing fingers clit with reckless amplitude …She answers: – Enter me more … To the fingers, which is already in it, I add another one, and a sharp acceleration immediately covers it … Racing Stripes starts with that part of the weight she has translated into my hands … I myself like crazy to fuck her – but not …Dozen progressive schedule … And now the moment of climax … Escalator is nearly coming to an end … Covers the wave of orgasm … She just leans back on me … a miracle not to weep, because I questioned her with his hand covered her mouth with … The weight of her body is fully on me … legs did not keep … Slowly she starts to realize where she was and what happened to her … The last step of the escalator … She goes … pulls from her bag and hands me a napkin … in the eyes I see contentment … - Quit – smoke ?….. - Of course ….

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wtf it sounds like one of those confusing adverts. lol gotta like the end though.