My Homeboy’s Girlfriend (The Secret)
By Webb

He that has eyes to see and ears to hear may convince himself that no mortal can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips; betrayal oozes out of him at every pore. -Sigmond Freud

The very best part of a secret lies in the telling. -Stephen Pinto

I have contended for a long time that the best part of a secret is in the telling…yeah I’m Stephen Pinto, a.k.a. Big Webb. This story is an example of that. Enjoy.

The Secret (my Homeboy’s Girlfriend)

In 1999 my girl Talima and I lived in Virginia. She was still in the Army preparing to get out and make the transition from military life to civilian life. The whole Y2K scare was going and everyone was afraid that at the stroke of 12 midnight on the 1st of January 2000 everything would fall apart as all computers shut down including the important ones that run our lives and most important systems in government, industry and business. Talima and I decided to celebrate the New Year in my home town Tampa. So we jumped in the car and headed south as we always did when we would visit Florida. We got to town and got settled in looking forward for the Holiday, but not even sure of what we would do. We only knew two things…we wanted to get fucked up and we wanted to fuck.

We hung out at the usual spots the first couple of days, visiting friends and f****y, showing face and catching up on things we’d missed. It was the second day that T said she wanted to call Bun and Chloe. Bun was a homeboy of my b*****r’s. They handled street shit together and hung out fucking cum sluts together when they could. A couple of months before back in Virginia my phone rang and it was Bun. He was up in D.C. about an hour away from where we lived. I told him he should fall through for a visit before he went back to Tampa. He said cool.

A couple of night later he calls and asked for a strange favor. He says that Chloe was Bi-curious and did I think that T would be down to ‘turn Chloe out’. There was only one way to find out so I asked T. T returned with an emphatic ‘yes’. So they would arrive that night. When they got there we hung out and ate dinner and after dinner we talked over a couple games of spades laughing telling stories and just loosening up. No one ever really made mention to the girls fucking or anything. We ended up retiring to our different bedrooms; us in ours and them in the guest room. T and I lay in the bed talking about what may have happened. I explained that maybe when presented with the situation Chloe may have gotten cold feet. Just then there was a knock at our door. I reached up and opened it a crack. Bun was at the door asking to speak to me. I closed the door and got up to slip on my robe.

I stepped into the hall and led him downstairs to the kitchen where we couldn’t be heard. He said that Chloe wanted to go through with things but was a bit nervous. I explained that I understood and that T would be a great woman to guide her through without being pushy or intimidating. He produced a sack of cocaine and offered me a bump as we talked and ironed out a strategy. I took the sack and inhaled two small piles of coke off the corner of a business card. I felt the short familiar slight sting and waited for the ’ring’ to hit me. We kept talking. He had no interest in a full swap situation he just wanted to let the girls play and boys watch the fun. More or less it would be a warm up to separate fucking sessions for both couples. I was fine with that and I was sure T would be too. Things went smoothly. The girls got together and I got to see Chloe’s wonderful chocolate body. She was young and firm. She stood about 5’6” tall and was about 130lbs. Her skin was dark and she wore her hair short. Her face was very nice and she also had full lips. I watched as T sucked on her hot pink center….

So now we are in Tampa and T wanted to call Bun and Chloe to see if they had plans for New Year’s Eve. I made the call and they said that they were open to ideas. I was suggesting that maybe we make reservations at a nice club and reserve a table. My three partners in crime disagreed. They all wanted to get a hotel room and buy some beans (ecstasy pills). Finally I fell in with the group and the plans were set.

The next night at about 7:30 pm we all popped our beans. I think T and I had three each I don’t remember how many Bun and Chloe had. T and I took two apiece right off the bat swallowing the two pills with cold bottled water. About an hour later we were all feeling the strong effects of the pills and everyone was naked. We were smoking blunts and drinking Remy Martin on ice. Soon T was sucking my dick as we fell into our own little world almost forgetting that we shared the room with friends I laid back on the bed putting a bunched up pillow behind my head so I could watch as T ran her tongue up and down my shaft. She sucked me slow and deliberately almost as if my dick were made of hard candy. She would put it deep into her mouth and pull it back out sucking and licking on the long thick shaft. Soon I had my eyes closed enjoying the attention I was receiving. T must have worked my dick over for about 45 minutes before I raised back up off the bed. We switched places and I got down on my knees to taste T’s sweet pussy. As I spread her outer lips to expose that inner treasure I loved so much T relaxed and let the pleasure of the ecstasy and my tongue take her away. She was ‘blowing up’ as I ate her pussy sucking on the inner lips and fucking her with my stiff tongue as deeply as I could get it to go. I ran my tongue up and down her tangy crevice allowing my tongue to include her ass hole in the bathing. T pulled her knees back and exposed as much of her vulva as she could to me enjoying me sucking and licking her almost as much as I was. It was about then that I remembered we weren’t alone and I stole a glance to the bed across from us and saw the couple engaged in their own tangle of pleasure. I immediately got back to the sweetness of T’s nether regions.

It was about an hour later and T was riding me. We were knee deep in our love making and the effects of the ex can have you lost in your own private reality even when amongst many people. I happened to steal a glance to the other bed to my left and saw Bun and Chloe watching us fuck. T didn’t notice and I said nothing as the two voyeurs watch T ride up and down on my long dick. T was wrapped up in her rhythm and how it felt. I saw lust in the other couple’s eyes but remained silent as T bounced up and down, up and down. At that point Chloe was on top of Bud and she simply lay down on his chest still watching T fuck me slow and continuous. Finally I fell back into what I was doing, and took a more direct and active role in the fucking. At some point T noticed that Chloe was staring at us as we made love and T stopped and asked if everything was okay. Chloe said yes and started apologizing for her stare. She wasn’t intending on making anyone uncomfortable. T explained that nothing could be further from the truth. We didn’t mind being watched at all.

All of a sudden Bun piped up and asked if Chloe saw something she liked in our bed and to my surprise Chloe nodded her head indicating that she did see something that she desired in the other bed. She suddenly admitted that she was impressed with the size of my dick and how I was pleasing T. She said she wanted to see what it felt like to get fucked by me. Now I was high as hell on beans and when you’re on MDMA which is the active ingredient in ecstasy you just go with the flow. You feel pleasant and very sexual. You’re prone to feelings of affection and seemingly love at an instant. Had I been sober, I may have protested my objection…but I was NOT sober.

Bun said that if she saw something she was interested in that she could go and get it. Chloe immediately asked T if she minded and T said no problem, you should get some of this cause it is wonderful. T got up to switch beds and Chloe did the same. Bud and I didn’t move. I watched as T climbed on top of Bun and also as Chloe dropped her sexy frame on top of mine.

She looked in my eyes and without speaking told me that she had wanted to be in this very position for a long time. She glanced to her right at Bun and then back at me. She lowered her face to my own and kissed me. She was straddling me and my hard dick was pressing right against her pussy and large clit. She glanced to her right again and must’ve saw something in Bun’s face, cause she looked at me again and got up.

The evening continued and we fell asl**p before midnight waking up about 4am. Everything was quiet so we figured that the end of the world must have decided not to come. Soon we were back in Virginia back to work and T got out of the military.

Some time in I’d say late February I get a call from Bun. He said that he was having some issues with the ‘streets’ in Tampa and some guys were looking for him to kill him. There had already been a drive by shooting on his car (drive by’s are NOT common in Tampa at all) …luckily he wasn’t in it but a friend was. The friend was fine, but Bun took it as a sign that he needed to lay low for a while. I sensed where he was going with the whole thing and said sure he could come stay with us for a while.

About four days later Bun and Chloe were at our door from Tampa with bags in hand. We immediately popped beans that night which we arranged for Bun to bring with him. We hang out and had a good time. That Monday I took Bun with me to see if I could be of some help to him as far as a job was concerned. It was no problem and he was hired right away. On the way home Bun expressed some concerns to me.

He was telling me how he was torn between two women. Bun was actually married to a woman in Tampa. Chloe was what we like to refer to as: ‘a jump-off’ or side girl. I asked what was up with his wife and he went into a bunch of details. His marriage was complicated and he wasn’t happy in it. So I felt as if he should choose Chloe and move forward to a new stage in his life. Bun didn’t quite see it that way. Chloe was young and not only that she was free and used to being that way. She enjoyed being wild and clubbing, drinking, smoking and other things. All of that worried Bun. You know the saying: you can’t make a ho a housewife.

About three weeks passed and Bun alerted me that he was going to go back to Tampa because his wife was going to deliver his c***d. I knew nothing of a pregnancy but asked few questions. Bun asked me to do something for him while he was gone. He wanted to leave Chloe at my house and he wanted T and me to fuck her. My first reaction was protest. You see he wanted to set it up so he’d have an out and could go back to his wife clean. I didn’t agree. He painted a vivid picture trying to convince me to go along. He talked about how freaky Chloe was and that she REALLY wanted to fuck me and had told him so herself. He said imagine having two live ins with all the pussy you want Webb. I have to admit it all sounded good after a while. He pushed this issue for three days straight. Anytime we were alone he spoke of me setting up this betrayal.

The morning of his departure arrived and we all said our goodbyes. I helped him take his bags downstairs. Once he was strapped in his seatbelt he looked up at me and said: Webb…don’t do it. Don’t fuck my girl man. I think I love her. Please don’t fuck my girl man. Then he pulled out and drove off.

I went back upstairs and into the apartment. The two girls were sitting on the couch chatting. They looked up when I walked in. I stared at Chloe for a moment and went to the bedroom and closed the door. The next twenty –four hour were torture. I went to work and thought of nothing but laying pipe to Chloe. I remembered her laying on top of me on New Year’s without a stitch of clothing on. Her tits mashed into my chest and when she stole a kiss before getting back up. My dick was swollen with these thoughts running through my mind. Friday night we decided to take our last beans. We had six and decide to give Chloe two. So we had two each.

After we popped our beans and started feeling the effects any inhibitions faded with sobriety. After the massaging started Chloe got up and excused herself. She went into the bedroom. T and I started kissing and getting undressed. We had a strobe light that we used to further the effects of the d**g referred to as ‘blowing up’. As you look into the rapid blinking lights the immediate effects of the MDMA become extremely prevalent and overpowering. It’s hard to put into words. T then suggested that we ask Chloe to join us and I didn’t disagree. So she got up and went to the bedroom that Chloe was in. They both came back to the living room. We had a short discussion and she decide that she needed to take a bath so her and T went off to the bathroom to make it happen.

Once they came back to the living room Chloe sat on the couch, T sat beside he and I got on my knees between her legs. We kissed and I started sucking on her full round breasts. I’m not a breast man but a nice pair is rather hard to ignore. Hers were not only a nice size but they were also firm. She moaned as her excitement was heightened by the ecstasy in her bl**dstream. I moved down her torso slowly sucking, biting, and kissing my way down her chocolate firm tummy. Chloe adjusted her leg to allow me access to her pussy. I grabbed her under each thigh and jerked her forward and then pushed her legs back. I leaned forward pushing my face into her musky mound and inhaled. She smelled wonderful and I pulled back and looked at her pussy. Her lips were medium in size and would form a butterfly when spread open. I started sucking her lips and lubricating her hole with my tongue. At the same time T was kissing her mouth which muffled her moans and made them blend with the music that was playing. I sucked her pussy for quite some time. Then I switched and ate T’s pussy just as mercilessly. While I did that Chloe sucked on T’s breasts and kissed and bit her neck while she pinched and squeezed her nipples. T enjoyed being the focus of attention and moaned as I tongued her clit. The girls were kissing each other deeply again exploring each other’s mouth. Then Chloe mounted T’s face while bracing herself on the back of the couch. I could see Chloe’s body start to move in a rhythm as she humped T’s face. At the same time I sensed T’s climax building so to add to her excitement I inserted two fingers in her pussy and moved them in and out as I worked her clit. Both women moaned wildly and soon T was coming on my fingers.

We switched positions. Chloe sat on me face to face as T recuperated from her orgasm. We kissed for a few seconds then she reached down and guided me into her warm slick cunt. She felt wonderful on my lap and I wrapped my arms around her as she grinded her pelvis into my own. We stared at each other as we fucked remembering the last time we were this close and how it had only been for about thirty seconds. Now we were connected and with our mouths only inches apart. I reached up and pulled her short hair so that head went back and I bit her exposed neck and matched her movements. We went faster and Chloe’s grunts and moans let me know that she was almost there. I let her lean back a bit and started to suck on one of her nipples as we still humped each other at a rapid pace. I felt her body tense and her hips slowed dramatically as she came hard. She screamed ‘oh fuck’ a few times as the waves of pleasure took over. I pushed her up so I could get up. I told her to get on her knees while I stood in front of her, and I slid my dick into her mouth. I watched as all the white cream from her pussy disappeared. T came over beside her to get a taste so I went forth between their mouths. One sucked my dick and the other my balls and vice-versa. I started skull fucking Chloe while holding on to her short hair. I thrusted hard and deep in her throat gagging her and causing her to lurch and cough at times, but I wouldn’t stop as she braced herself with her hands on my thighs. I felt the nutt coming and pulled my dick out and started jacking it over the both of them. I came and the first stream of cum landed on Chloe’s cheek followed by two others that T greedily gulped up and T drained my dick squeezing every drop out of the shaft. We fucked for two days.

Bun returned about six days later, and after Chloe made us promise not to say a word about the two nights we all shared she told Bun the very first night he came back. What happened after that was another story in itself. It involves no sex so I’ll just leave it at that.

A secret told is no secret at all. -Stephen Pinto

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3 years ago
nice read and I can tell it's real
3 years ago
Good ass story brah