STREET STORIES: Sasha's s****r's pt II

Sasha’s s****rs
Part II

By Webb

Part II:Ne-Ne

Sasha Daniels was my cousin’s girlfriend. We started having sex behind my cousin’s back and we never looked back. We aren’t as close as we used to be but I love looking back at those days when we used lots of i*****l d**gs and explored our sexual needs and desires.

Sasha had three s****rs. There was Ne-Ne, Cevee, and Loddy. This is the story of how and when we met.


It was almost Valentine’s Day and I was racking my brain trying to think of something special to do for my girl Talima. I was trying to think outside the box. I wanted her to be completely surprised and happy. My mind was leaning toward the sexy aspect of things, but I wasn’t sure of what to do.

By this time Talima and I had been fucking around with Sasha for about two months and it was still exciting and fun. We would constantly have unexpected sex and different encounters in public and so on. I knew ‘T’ was happy about the situation and I was more than content. I decided to call Sasha and see if she had any ideas for a surprise for my ‘T’. I called and she picked up the phone. I explained my dilemma and asked her if she had any thoughts on the subject, but Sasha drew a blank as well. Then an idea struck me. I remembered a female friend of mine named Bina. Bina was young and sexy. She was an exotic dancer that was a customer (coke) and a friend as well, but the interesting thing was that when ‘T’ met her she was completely taken aback. She really thought Bina was super-hot. I could arrange for Bina to be ‘T’s’ V-Day present! I relayed the thought to Sasha and to my surprise, Sasha went off on me. She said: Webb I know you ain’t about to try me wit’ no fuck shit. What the fuck you tryna pull? You gonna invite some other bitch ova y’all house and I’m supposed to be cool wit’ that shit? Nigga you just tried me! How the fuck you gon’ say some shit like that?

I was confused because Sasha was my cousin’s girl. I mean she was cheating on him with us. She was staking her claim on ‘T’ and I plus she was with my cousin. It was very confusing to me, but I still tried to smooth the shit over. I apologized and assured her that it wouldn’t happen. I said it was just a thought and how silly I was being to even think it, let alone bring it up. We hung up the phone. Then I immediately called Bina.

Bina was about 20 years old. She was five foot four with an hour glass shape. She had a nice round booty firm small B cup tits and her honey brown complexion looked fabulous on her gorgeous face. Her eyes were green and she was of Jamaican heritage. On a scale of 1-10 she was a strong 8.5. Bina answered sounding pleasant. Bina and I never fucked before and I knew she had a thing for women so I figured I get to fuck her and give my ‘T’ a tasty treat at the same time. I explained my idea and she was actually excited to help me out. I told her the day and time, she agreed and that was that.

Valentine’s Day was on a Wednesday that year and ‘T’ would be home about 5:45pm or so. I picked Bina up at about four and stopped at the store for some things then went home to set everything up. While out I got several bouquets of roses. I took all the petals off each stem and made a trail of petals from the front door to the bedroom. Then I put petals all over the bed. I picked up a big round serving tray and got a bunch of fresh strawberries, bananas, g****s, whipped cream and chocolate syrup, and put everything on the tray. For Bina I got a big red ribbon with a big bow. I told her I wanted her in the ribbon and nothing else. She agreed with a big smile, exposing her pretty white teeth. I also picked up a black blind fold. I set everything up, Bina got naked, then we rolled up some White Widow I was able to get. White Widow is a potent strain of marijuana that is wonderful to smoke.

We heard ‘T’s’ car pull up outside. Bina went to the bedroom and stood right by the front door. The door opened and ‘T’ came in. She was surprised when she saw me right by the door. She smiled and I gave her a big kiss. I told her Happy Valentine’s Day. She smiled and said thank you. She quickly noticed the trail of flower petals and looked at me sideways. She asked what I was up to. I admitted nothing. Instead I produced the mask from behind my back and put in place over her eyes. I grabbed her arm and led her into the bedroom slowly. We entered the bedroom and Bina was there with her ribbon on and nothing else

I should have taken a picture it was so perfect. I sat ‘T’ on the bed and started feeding her fruit from the big tray. First there was a huge juicy strawberry, and then some g****s and a bite of a banana went into her mouth. I fed them all to her in a slow sexy fashion and she was enjoying it thoroughly. Bina sat silently watching the whole scene as I seduced my girl. Bina and I made silly faces at one another as I built up to the reveal. I slowly took off T’s clothes down to her thong. Then I took her hand and put it on Bina’s breast. T was surprised and shocked at the same time. She paused then started exploring the body with both hands as her confusion and surprise turned to excitement. She bent down to taste one of the nipples on the firm small breasts that she was fondling. Bina let out a small moan in appreciation. Now I pulled T’s hands away and let Bina sample T’s breasts. Bina leaned forward and started to suck and squeeze T’s breasts until T was moaning while I held both her hands. I motioned for Bina to remove T’s thong. After it was off Bina went back to work on T’s tits I went down to her shaved pussy and started sucking and licking the familiar mound. I sucked her pretty pussy and licked her clit until the sticky gooey wetness started to come out of her hole. I flicked her clit with my tongue and at the same time Bina played with her titties and sucked and kissed her neck. T was almost at the edge of climax and I stopped. I sat up and sat T up. I reached up and removed her blind fold. Her eyes adjusted in a second and her face lit up with surprise when she saw sexy Bina sitting there wrapped like a huge pretty present. That moment was worth all the planning and setting up. Bina kissed T deeply and they began to make out. I stepped back and just watched as they went at it and maneuvered into a nice 69. Bina was sucking up all the pussy juices that I had already flowing out of T’s puffy sweet pussy. The whole thing was hot. I watched T suck Binas cute slit and tight little asshole. I got undressed as the ladies enjoyed each other and then I watched them bring each other to great climaxes. After they gathered themselves we moved to the couches in the living room to smoke and do some Cindy Brady(coke). We smoked the Dro (White Widow) and did some bumps and lines of coke. We chatted and laughed, and that’s about the time the phone rang the first time.

I picked up saying hello. The voice on the other end asked what we were doing. It was Sasha. I answered by saying nothing watching TV. She called me a liar and started screaming in my ear. She accused me of having ‘that little bitch’ I mentioned to her over to the house. She got irate and started making threats acting as if she’d caught her significant other in some kind of inappropriate trist. She ended up hanging up on me. I held the phone receiver and looked at it for a second. T asked who it was and I said she didn’t want to know. I did another line of blow and stood and put my dick in Bina’s face. She looked at my phallus for a second then leaned in to take it into her mouth. It was almost instantly hard and she was only getting about four inches of it in her mouth. This started to bore me so I turned her around so I could enter her tight little pussy from behind. At the same time T positioned herself in front of Bina to get her pussy sucked on. I pushed the head of my dick into her slow and it felt good as gripped me for a snug fit. I got about halfway in and started to pull back out slow. I could tell I was going to have to work it slow. Bina was gripping the couch cushions trying to concentrate on the pussy she was sucking, but was having difficulty doing so. This was some of the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked. I worked it back and forth for a while and then tried to go in deep. Bina cried out and asked me not to stop. She cursed over and over as I sunk into her tight pink hole. I reared back and slapped her ass with my right hand and she reached back and spread her pretty ass cheeks. She started saying how she had wanted my dick for so long and how she would be damned if she didn’t get to take it all. With every down stroke she cried out as if she might actually cry. I was enjoying it all immensely, but I did want to pound her pussy but couldn’t really do it the way I liked.

It was about this time that the phone rang a second time. T and I looked at each other and she shook her head saying not to pick it up then she was soon lost in pleasure as Bina got focused on sucking her pussy again. We went on for about an hour and a half and had to break things up because Bina had some things to take care of before she turned in for the evening. So we said our goodbyes and I took Bina home. That was the first and last time I had a taste of that wonderful Bina.

The next day when T was at work I called Sasha. She wouldn’t pick up for me. I called her three times over a three hour period and no luck. I decided to go over to her place. It wasn’t like me to pop up but I wanted to mend any damage in the fence if you know what I mean. I got to her place and knocked on the door. The door opened and a tall woman answered. She had pretty brown skin and a really cute face. I asked if Sasha was there and she said no, but that I could come in and wait.

I came in and sat on the couch and started looking at the girl. I introduced myself and she said her name was Ne-Ne. She had on a short skirt that showed off really nice long legs. Her tits were like DD cups and her feet were gorgeous!(I love pretty toes). She said she was Sasha’s s****r. She said Sasha went to West Tampa and should be back in a little while. The calculator in my mind started working. West Tampa was about twenty minutes away and twenty minutes back plus whatever she had to do there. I asked when she left and Ne-Ne said about ten minutes ago. I smiled cause there was something amiss.

We small talked for a while and she asked if I wanted something to drink. I said yes and she brought me a tall lemonade with ice. When she came back she sat next to me on the couch. She said she had heard a lot about me which surprised me. Then she touched my leg with her foot.(she didn’t know but that shit gets me going) I asked why she was doing that and she asked was it against the law or something. We went back and forth a bit, and then I reached over under her skirt and started stroking her pussy. I could feel her lips through her underwear, they were big and she had a big clit as well. She stared at me and asked what I was doing. I ignored the question and pulled her underwear to the side to get more intimate with her pussy. She actually adjusted her leg to give me better access. Once I got a finger between her lips I could feel how wet she was. I easily slid my forefinger into her soaked gash and she leaned back and sucked air in through her clenched teeth.

While my finger was inside her I started working her big clit with my thumb. She started to moan telling me that was her spot. This continued for a little while longer, then she jumped up and started to open up my pants. She undid my belt and worked the fly. She reached into my boxer briefs and pulled out my dick. She eyed it for a second and said damn as she stroked it up and down a couple of times. She said she wasn’t sure if she could get it all in her mouth. I replied that there was really only one way to find out. She started sucking me. It was evident that she was determined to get it in her throat, and I wasn’t one to discourage one with such enthusiasm and determination. She sucked on it and moaned as I played with her clit. My dick was at the back of her throat and she struggled trying to swallow it. I had two fingers in her and was finger fucking her at a fast pace and I could tell that she was going to cum. She had to stop sucking me and bury her face in my pubes as she came the first time. She moaned and held on to my dick as if it were designed for balance rather than reproduction. I stood and took off my pants, then I grabbed a dining chair and sat in it and put on a condom. I motioned for Ne-Ne to mount me. She straddled my legs and reached down to insert my now pulsating erection in her pussy. It slid home with no problem as she let her weight bring our pelvises together. We sat still for a moment enjoying the connection and the newness of it. It felt good. She felt good and she was the right height. We started kissing and I rubbed her back as she started moving against me in a slow rhythm that she controlled. The penetration was deep and I could feel her cervix rubbing the head of my dick. I love that sensation and I had to focus as not to just succumb to the sensations. We kissed like old lover and held each other tightly and then her movements picked up. As she moved faster we separated a bit and I watched her go to that place. I love the position in the chair for that very reason. It’s up close and personal and there’s nowhere for her to retreat to as I’m so very deep in her pussy. By now she was using as much of her weight as she could to increase the f***e of our friction as our pelvic bones did what they were made to do. The chair was beginning to rock from the f***e and she moaned louder. She begged me to fuck her and asked if my dick could be hers as we fucked like we had been doing it for years. I sucked on her breast and squeezed the other as I sucked and bit her nipple she went plunging over that edge we all enjoy dancing on. Her body tensed in a strong orgasm her breathing stopped and she held her breath for what seemed like forever. She came back to me and had tears coming out of her eyes. She wiped at them and continued moving.

She told me that she wanted me to cum on her titties so she could see it happen so we switched to missionary on the floor. I re-inserted and proceeded to fuck her hard knowing she already came twice. There was no reason to delay my own pleasure any more. Loud smacks ensued as I drilled her pussy she pulled her knees back as far as they could go and I took over holding them by pressing her knees on either side of her head. Her pussy was pushed out towards me as I pounded it. She grunted with each thrust and as I picked up the pace it was becoming overwhelming for her. She started tossing her head back and forth in rhythm with the strokes. I felt the nut coming and pulled out ripping the condom off I stoked my dick in her face and she avoided sucking it to my surprise. I jacked it a couple more times and ribbons of semen leaped from my head onto her chest and stomach as I cried out from the relief. I leaned down and kissed her again sucking her bottom lip and then I went to the bathroom to clean up.

While I was in the bathroom I heard Sasha arrive. I wondered what she would say. It was obvious what happened. I came out the bathroom and Sasha was at the door waiting. She said I was crazy coming over and dicking down her s****r right after I fucked some bitch the night before. She said she knew we had called ‘that bitch’ over last night and that we disrespected her. She pushed me and I stumbled back into the bathroom. Sasha advanced and slammed the door home in its jam. Then she dropped to her knees and undid my jeans. She pulled out my soft member and buried her nose in my creases taking in the smell of her s****r. She looked up at me with her big eyes and said: ‘yeah you fucked her. I know how that bitch pussy smell.’ Then she started sucking my dick making it hard again. She didn’t stop until I came in her warm inviting throat. I was wondering what Ne-Ne was doing right then. Shit’s crazy.

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Can't wait for more! Great story!